How to Buy a Car for the First Time

Howdy, Sane Driver? Waking up one morning at a vehicle dealership without knowing how to buy a car for the first time is not a smart move. When the dealer finds out that you lack knowledge of the steps to buying your first car, he’ll milk you dry.

how to buy a car for the first time

To avoid being taken for granted, here are the first time car buyer deals you require as a newbie.

In this article, several things related to buying a new car are tackled. Our team has been able to gather the necessary areas of focus for this ‘buying first car guide’.

It promises also to be the best guide to buying first used car and identifies the things to check in a used car.

This article further contains the questions to ask when buying a new car for the first time. It also fixes the keyword “how to buy your first car teenager” as present on Google search. Read on because you may never find a better guide for buying a new car than this.

1. Why You Need the Car

While planning on how to buy a car for the first time, think first of why you need the car. There are several reasons why people own vehicles. And, when any of such reasons are not authentic, such car owners don’t last long. They don’t last long in the sense that they lose out on everything. If the basic reason for owning a car is to ‘show off’ like friends, it won’t work.

Many proven sources confirm that buying a car is not a big deal. The big deal is managing the car. The average maintenance cost of a car is estimated between $500 and $750 on a yearly basis. Moreover, depending on the sort of situation the car finds itself, this could add up. An extra cost of about $55 could add up as annual spending or car maintenance.

It does not include car documents renewal and several other charges like using roads with tollgates. In essence, know why you need the car and try to determine what your yearly or monthly cost would be like. This should be your first steps to buying your first car.

2. Spot what You Like or Dislike in a Car

The second stage of the first time car buyer deals is ‘choice’. Before planning on getting a car, you must have had some car experiences. Experiences that help to know what and what not to like in a car. For instance, cars come either with front-wheel drive type or rear-wheel drive type. Others come as an all-wheel drive and all of these have effects on the handling.

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There are car owners who praise manufacturers that provide them with front wheels. And, there are also those who detest front wheels. Another instance is the preference of transmissions type. There is the manual and automatic, however, drivers prefer the automatic as manual comes with a headache.

3. Make Your Budget

We recommend keeping the car budget at 40% of your annual income. If the budget exceeds this range, it will not be financially healthy. In this buying first car guide, we recommend setting a budget that you can cover within the first halves of the year.

Going beyond might slightly cause a problem to financial strength. If your income is $60,000 on an annual basis, the recommended car purchase power is $24,000. Do have in mind that on car arrival, several other expenses follow immediately to get it up.

During this phase on how to buy a car for the first time, consider getting a loan. It is more preferable than owning a car on lease. Owning a car on lease isn’t a great option for a first-time buyer due to the accompanying agreements.

4. Review Cars within Your Budget

After budgeting, do not make the mistake of admiring a car that exceeds the budget. This does not sit well with the first time car buyer deals. Attempting this means reviewing the budget and that could exceed your 40% annual income.

It will further hit down the entire plans and maintenance expenses will go down. You might even go bankrupt for deviating from the actual steps to buying your first car. Several persons find themselves in this situation because they needed cars for showoffs.

There are two ways you could review cars and pick the best within your budget. It is either you go online, for those good with the internet, or you meet a mechanic. Even after meeting a mechanic, you have to visit car forums to read at the latest.

Forums are ideal in the sense that persons with experiences of the car you have in mind will reveal the downside of the car. For instance, while budgeting a Nissan Pathfinder 2006, several reviews complained of the handling. The handling was reportedly poor and this possibly made Nissan improve on subsequent releases or later models.

5. Meet a Seller

Before you read this phase, see the checklist for buying a car. After going through the checklist, it means you are ready to withstand any car dealer or seller. During the meeting, do not allow the dealer to control the atmosphere, otherwise, you lose. We do not recommend buying cars online as a new time buyer.

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Most of the cars available online have gone through problems such that only a pro eye can detect. No matter how clean a ride appears, the story behind is often not likable.

how to buy a car for the first time

We recommend reaching a dealer with a trusted car professional. In cases where the car dealer is a trusted friend or a close relative, your luck. However, disclosing your budget might have you chiseled from behind.

6. Scrutinize the Contract

Dealers would certainly prefer having you as one of their leasing clients. For a start, it won’t be a great idea to opt for a car lease. Settle for the car you budgeted and do not deviate from it.

We believe that you must have read reviews and figured out the estimated cost of the vehicle before now. Buying a car is quite different from getting new Xmas wears as it is likely to be more tensed. This is so because of the amount of money involved.

Go through the contract, especially if you are leasing, and be sure you can meet up with the requirements. Avoid agreeing to exaggerated requirements simply because you’d be a car owner.

7. Beat the Price

If you think you are now good on how to buy a car for the first time, beat the price. Some dealers have fixed prices. On this note, consider verifying whether such price agrees with what “people are saying” online. If a trending Ford GT worth is $50,000, the dealership price would be too high at $53,000.

The only option left is to try out a new seller, especially ones with no fixed prices. You should be able to bargain until it agrees with your budget. While bargaining, be watchful too. Look out for the least possible scratch on the ride even before inspection agents take over.

8. Go for a Used Car

It is a norm in autos concerning how to buy a car for the first time to go for a used car. Professionals believe that the only difference between a brand-new car and a used car is the car condition. If the car condition is perfect, then opt for it.

It might do well to save costs if you are unable to beat down the price of a brand new. Do not worry about the used car is good or not as your inspection agents are standby to confirm.

9. Hire a Car Inspection Agent/Agency

This equally applies to old-timers. An inspection agency will do well to figure out faults on the vehicle.
Note: Do not hire car inspection agents proposed by the dealer. The reason is that they might not be very truthful so as to make their money continuously with the dealer.

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how to buy a car for the first time

Car inspection services vary between the region of $80.99 to $150. This depends on the agency and how sophisticated they’ll be while inspecting the vehicle. Moreover, we have moved the questions to ask when buying a new car for the first time in our checklist article. You will find it there presented elaborately.

Basic Mistakes to Avoid when Buying a Car

During these processes, there are things to avoid or get yourself messed up. Here is a simple rundown of the things to be careful about when buying your first car.

a. Exceeding Budget

Often times, situations could be tempting. However, it is not recommendable to spend beyond. Getting the car isn’t the problem, but maintenance is. Unless your financial strength is healthy enough, keep things low and within.

b. Failing to Test-Drive

Wondering what is test drive? This practice lets you determine the drivability of the car to be purchased. You may not be excellent at this and we thus recommend letting the inspection agent do such while you are in the car as well. Once in a while, switch seats and have a feel of the vehicle. Whatever it is you feel should not be, communicate it to the agent, and get explanations from the dealer.

c. Going for Appearance

It is not a great idea to buy looks. Some of the good-looking cars are salvage title cars and are not worth a thought. This mistake is rampant in online car purchases where people go for looks. If a car’s look attracts you, do not fail to run a history check. All of these are well stated in our buying first car checklist which the link has been embedded above.

d. No Vehicle Inspection

It is ideal to lose a few bucks than get yourself a ride that becomes faulty weekly. With about $80 or thereabout, depending on the agency, this should be sorted. Every guide to buying the first used car does contain this and it’s very necessary. Pay attention to this aspect as it matters most after agreeing to pay for the car you like.

There are several other things that are available in the checklist article.

Final Thought

Having seen exactly how to buy a car for the first time, do not deviate. These are the steps to buying your first car that will not only get the car but also prevent messes.

Determine what you want in a car, how you would love your car, and get one. Ensure also that your financial health is good enough for maintenance proper.

Some persons become car owners only for a few weeks and then sell-off. This is a case of deficient planning and should be avoided.

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