Can You Get a Car Insurance Without a License in California?

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Can you get a car insurance without a license in California? You can get a car license in California but that does not come easy like getting one with a driver’s license. It is not exactly easy to get insurance if you do not have a license but CL laws provide provision that lets you get one. In the case of a suspension, for instance, you may not qualify to drive the car.

Can you get a car insurance without a license in California

Typically, insurance companies also look at the availability of your valid driver’s license before they can consider your request. It gives the insurance company the needed information about your driving record. Of course, an insurance company does not want to become liable if they consider you high risk.

When Do You Need a Car Insurance Without a License?

Do you need insurance but have no drivers license in California? It appears you could be stuck in any of the situations below:

Suspended Drivers License. Perhaps, your driver’s license was suspended in California. If you have been convicted of multiple traffic violations in California, including driving with no insurance, driving under the influence, etc., you can still be able to get insurance when you submit the SR-22 form. This is a state-mandated form showing that you have purchased the absolute minimum of liability coverage. The CL law required an insurance company that sells the form SR-22 to notify the DMV if the policy expires. However, many insurance companies allow you to process the SR-22 form but some will not if you are considered high risk. This can be as a result of the reason for your driver’s license suspension.

You Have a Chauffeur. If you use a chauffeur’s service, it could mean you have not driven your car in a while. In this case, you require insurance to operate the car legally. Most seniors, handicapped or those not driving for some reason need insurance to operate the car even if they switch between chauffeurs. The car is registered in their name so they require insurance in their name.

Underage Driver. An underage is not allowed to drive until they come of age in California. In this case, they must obtain an insurance policy to operate the car legally.

Health Problems. If you have a disability that keeps you from driving, and you ride in your car, you need insurance. You can also add your driver to the insurance policy.

Can You Get a Car Insurance Without a License in California?

You can be able to get car insurance without a license in California. Nonetheless, you may not be allowed because many insurance companies require your car insurance to check your driving history and a bad history can prevent you from using the legal option provided by California law. Getting the license for your car will not be done directly, but in the end, it is yours. Somehow, you might want to consider purchasing your insurance from smaller companies if your drivers license was suspended. Below is how to get car insurance without a license:

  1. Do Not be Included as a Driver in the Policy

You can get insurance without a license in CL by excluding yourself from the insurance policy. When you are excluded from a vehicle insurance policy, it means that you do not have a driver’s license, and will not drive the car. You must remain true to this because it is against CL law to drive a car without a valid driver’s license or active insurance. If you drive a car with no insurance coverage, you are liable for damages should an accident occur. Also, an insurance company will reject your claim if you are involved in an accident, and have no driver’s license.

  1. Use Another as the Primary Driver

If you will not drive the car, you can list another person as your primary driver. The person or driver added to the policy must have active drivers license to be able to get the insurance in their name. Their driver’s license number will be used in the policy showing the person as the co-owner of your car.

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What Are Your Chances of Getting an Insurance with a Suspended License?

Since your insurance is suspended, it is eligible for the insurance company to consider. Already, a suspended California driver’s license means a bad driving record, and the insurance company considers you high risk. If the insurance should consider your request for insurance, you would be given at a higher rate. A suspended driver’s license can be due to severe driving violations, including driving under influence, or multiple driving infractions. Failure to pay child support can also result in a suspended driving license.

Moreover, the insurance company is more likely to apply a different rule to considering your request compared to someone who has never obtained insurance. The insurance company will also be required to inform the state with the SR-22 form to ensure compliance such that a driver with a suspended license carries the minimum liability coverage for the state.

In essence, getting insurance without a license in California depends on your violation or reason for not having a license. Suppose it is a violation, as already mentioned. It will be complicated, of course. The case is different with someone who lost their driver’s license, even though they will be advised to get a replacement driver’s license.

Can anyone be your primary driver in an insurance policy?

Yes, any qualified person can be your primary driver in an insurance policy. Depending on your coverage, you may be able to add a primary driver, or even occasionally drivers to extend the vehicle coverage to other drivers of your car. As mentioned earlier, ensure that the person you add as the primary driver possesses a valid driver’s license with a good driving record. Make sure that the person listed as the primary driver will drive the car often. If you use the services of chauffeurs or caregivers, you can add them as primary drivers. Your relatives can be added as occasional drivers.

Final Thoughts

With the steps above, you can have your insurance without an insurance policy. A good driving history makes it even easier for the insurance to approve your request while a bad driving record makes you a high risk. Nonetheless, you can get the license, especially if you find quotes from smaller insurance companies.

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