Cars Banned in the US

Howdy, Sane Driver? The US roads miss some cars which you’d feel reluctant to find out. In this piece, you’ll briefly be drilled on the cars banned in the US and why. It is important to be knowledgeable about such banned or illegal cars in order not to lose money on any.

cars banned in the us

Recently, “what makes a car illegal in the US” became a trending question. It’s surprising how this has usurped to an extent whereby car owners and potential car owners begin to spark interest.

That aside, lets fiddle with this interesting discussion concerning the cars banned by the US and why the authorities deem it necessary to do so.

Cars Banned in the US

1. Nissan Skyline R34

why are some cars illegal in the us

Assembled in Japan, the Nissan Skyline R34 is a sports car amassing quite an insane performance. It is a coupe bodied ride with a twin-turbocharged engine.

Why Nissan Skyline R34 is Illegal in the US

The performance-insane car is illegal in the US largely for 2 reasons being its speed which is not in conformity with the US regulation and the 25-year rule. However, the car can still be imported into the US but not put on the roads.

2. Land Rover Defender

Initially called ‘Land Rover One Ten’, the vehicle is a 4-wheel drive vehicle assembled in the UK, Malaysia, and Slovakia. 4X4 aside, the Land Rover Defender is the road buster you would prefer at any day and any banned in the us

Why the Land Rover Defender is Illegal in the US

The 1990s model of this rock-solid vehicle did not conform with the regulations set up by the US authorities. One such is that the vehicle featured no airbag which is dangerous during emergency situations. Moreover, subsequent productions with features that agree with the US regulation and that are older than 25 years can legally be imported into the US.

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3. Saab 9-5 SportCombi

The 2012 edition of this crossover is one of the many unfortunate cars banned in the US. It is slightly overweight with 2.0T designed in a wagon form. You would bet that the car is doubtlessly slow but it can run up to 249 km/h top speed. Moreover, it is an auto 6-spd drive with the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100km in 6.9 seconds.

cars illegal in the us

Why Saab 9-5 SportCombi is Illegal in the US

The crossover was built as a prototype with no road legality attached to it. Moreover, it was neither properly certified nor documented as proof of conformity with the roads. Thus, it was declared illegal in the US.

4. Porsche Carrera 4 – 1990

Assembled in Germany, Porsche Carrera 4 was the first car to sport an all-wheel-drive option and the famous Porsche’s Tiptronic auto transmission.

why are some cars illegal in the us

“Porsche?” “Why Porsche?” These are the obvious questions bothering your mind right now. In truth, the US ban on cars does spare the company in question. Despite the ban, the loss was not deeply felt as there were only 20 of this car which must have been marketed in other regions.

Why Porsche Carrera was Banned from the US Market

You may think the physical nature of the car led to it being blacklisted in the US market. Absolutely, not the physicality but the tuning. The Porsche Carrera was banned from the US market because Porsche Cars North America sensed that the car had an aggressive tuning which, of course, would have been dangerous for the roads.

5. Audi RS 2 Avant

The RS 2 Avant was Audi’s first RS vehicle. ‘RS’ here was coined from the German initials of RennSport which means “Racing Sport”. Moreover, the RS 2 Avant is Audi’s first high-performance vehicle featuring Audi’s special inline-five cylinder turbocharged internal combustion engine. This powerful and special breed of a car is greatly missed in the US.

top cars banned from the us

Why Audi RS 2 Avant was Banned in the US

The car suffered a funny fate owing to the fact that only foreign cars older than 25 years were allowed into the US.

6. Toyota Supra 1994

Sadly, the US residents can only legally access the ’94 Supra on video games and movie cinemas. Maybe the ’94 Supra would have given the US big boys a run for their money if it succeeded in entering the US considering its insane specification.

us banned cars

Why ’94 Supra is Illegal in the US

The risk of putting the Supra on the road is quite high due to its insane specifications. Sincerely, the driver of the Supra will easily outrun the cops which aren’t great.

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7. Volkswagen Beetle (Ultima Edicion)

The 2004 turtle-shaped car is one of the humorous car illegal in the US. Apart from the likes of Bentley, Lamborghini, McLaren, etc. VW Beetle is another car that tempts road users to give it a gaze.

is beetle car illegal in the us

Why is Volkswagen Beetle Illegal in the US?

The reason for the ban of the Volkswagen Beetle is quite bearable. The turtle-shaped car sports its engine in the rear while the front houses the trunk. This does not conform with the US regulation which resulted in a ban.

8. Jaguar XJ220

The sports car was a British luxury amassing up to 212.3mph and the fastest production car in 1992. The Jaguar XJ220 is one of the sport-class cars banned by the US that would have graced the US today.

list of cars banned in the us

Why Jaguar XJ220 was Banned

Being the fastest production car in 1992, the XJ220 was deemed to be too fast for the roads. Thus, it was declared an illegal car in the US territory. In this sense, therefore, ‘speed’ is what makes a car illegal in the US.

9. TRV Tuscan

Virtually every car lover would be interested in owning the TRV Tuscan 2003. Unfortunately, it is one of the cars you can only access on video games in the US. The sports car was manufactured in the UK as a 2-door convertible and a 2-door Targa top.

what makes a car illegal in the us

Why TRV Tuscan 2003 is Illegal in the US

The specification of the car does not conform to the regulation set by the US authority. It accelerates insanely and the worst of it all, airbags are missing as well as the much-needed antilock brake system. This is not so cool for the safety of Americans.

10. Mazda Cosmo 1992 (3rd Generation)

Produced in Japan, the Mazda Cosmos is the birth of technology in cars. Featuring the Global Positioning System, the prominent car was the first-ever car with mobile communication support.

Illegal cars in the us

It sported the most efficient engine in Japan in its time occasioned by a 280hp and max torque of 41.0 kg-m. However, the luxurious car did not attend the spotlight as its design faulted the regulation of the Japanese Government. Mazda was forced to re-specify the luxurious ride and was sold out as Eunos Cosmo.

Why Mazda Cosmo was Banned

The production of the car was centered in Japan alone. Thus, it was blacklisted in the US.

11. Lamborghini Strosek Diablo

You would have loved the much adorned ’93 Lamborghini Strosek in your garage. Unfortunately, you can read about the car in moonlight tales as it is one of the many cars banned in the US.

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list of banned cars in the us

Why is Lamborghini Strosek Illegal in the US

If this car succeeded in getting into the US, the cops would never have been 5000 miles close to a running driver. The Lamborghini Strosek is so studded with high performance that it succeeded in marking its name in the NHTSA list of banned cars in the US.

12. Lotus 340R

A limited version of sports car rampant in the UK in the 2000s. The 340R is a sports car developed by Lotus Cars at the Hethel car factory. The design and entire concept of the car is something we all would want to see on the US roads. However, it is one of the illegal cars out there.

Cars banned in the us

Why Lotus 340R was Banned from the US

“Ban” is an overstatement. The Lotus 340R is awaiting the 25-year rule imposed by the US government that restricts cars below 25 years from entering the US. By 2025, the Lotus would have been a famous old car in the US.

13. VW BlueMotion

cars banned in the us

This is a rare hatchback and one of the cars banned in the US. It is Volkswagen’s first 1.4L vehicle. Many believe the BlueMotion was declared illega

l in the US.

However, such is not the case. The BlueMotion makers did not see the US market with the ability to

accommodate the vehicle owning to the fewer regards the US had for hatchbacks.

14. Mitsubishi lancer EVO 6

This vehicle was initially designed for the Japanese market. How

banned cars in the us

ever, high demands forced the Japanese manufacturers to ship the Evolution series to the UK.

Why EVO 6 is Illegal in the US

EVO 6 is one of the cars gracing the list of banned cars in the US. However, the car can be imported into the US but not eligible for the roads as it fails the inspection test.


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Why are Some Cars Illegal in the US?

This is more like asking what makes a car illegal in the US. Apparently, what makes a car illegal in the US is the failure of the manufacturers to design such a car in conformity with the regulations of the US.

An extended humorous reason is that cars affected by the US 25-year rule are illegal, thus, pronounced banned cars in the US.

Practically, these are not banned cars but cars awaiting the drain of 25 years before gaining entry into the country. It’s rather funny how you would be accessing a particular car only after it is 25 years old.

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