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How to start a car after a long while
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How to Start a Car After a Long While [with Video]

You haven’t driven your car for an extended period, probably because you temporarily relocated to a different location for work or went on...

How to buy a car as a broke college student
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How to Buy a Car as a Broke College Student

Almost every college student dreams about owning a vehicle. The comfort that comes with having your own car is unrivaled; going for classes,...

What to do after changing spark plugs
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What to Do After Changing Spark Plugs [10 Things]

Spark plug changes should be carried out frequently because they have such a substantial impact on the car’s overall performance and condition. Even...

Can new spark plugs increase horsepower
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Will New Spark Plugs Improve Performance?

Will new spark plugs improve performance? It’s not a secret that the way a car performs depends on maintenance. Making ensure the engine...

signs you need new spark plugs
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9 Signs You Need New Spark Plugs

Old or defective spark plugs can cause car starting difficulties, this is because they are responsible for generating the energy that ignites the...

how much does a tune up cost
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How Much Does a Tune-Up Cost [2023 Prices & Guide]

How much does a tune-up cost? A basic tune up would cost between $40 and $150. Nevertheless, it can be higher, depending on...

signs you need a tune up for your car
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12 Signs You Need a Tune Up for Your Car

What are the signs you need a tune up for your car? A tune up for your car is when it undergoes preventative...

how to drive a new car home without plates
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How to Drive a Used Car Home Without Plates 2023 [All States]

You just bought a new car or a used car and wondering if it is possible to drive a used car home without...

Can you drive with a bad coolant temp sensor
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Can You Drive with a Bad Coolant Temp Sensor?

Can you drive with a bad coolant temp sensor? It’s been a long while since you got your coolant sensor fixed. Now, somewhere...

how much gas does a car use idling experiment
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How Much Gas Does a Car Use Idling [4, 6, and 8 Cylinders]

A lot of car owners idle their car knowingly or unknowingly. Imagine getting stuck in traffic on a hot summer afternoon. It is...