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How to Make a Fake Car Title Online 2023 [Easy Tutorial]

Sometimes you might not be sure why someone who isn’t a government official is asking for your car title. So to err on the safe side, I usually have two car titles, the original and the fake. So should in case someone is asking for my information online and pose as a buyer, I usually send them the fake car title till I can confirm their identity. This article will show you how to make a fake car title online.

A car title is an essential document or paperwork; it proves that you legally own the car. Moreover, you can’t sell or transfer vehicle ownership to a buyer without the car title.

Jurisdictions each have a way of handling the car title; it could be to create a duplicate or an original car title. However, there is always an alternative when you need a car title but don’t have it around. An illegal but worthy option is to create a fake car title.

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How can I make a fake car title?

It is super-easy, and this article exposes how to create a fake car title for unofficial purposes.

Can You Forge a Car Title?

Yes, you can forge a car title for any purpose. It could be to prank a buyer or transfer a fake car title to a new buyer for a short term. However, moving about with a forged car title is not legal.


The purpose of this article is to educate. I strongly advise against forging a car title.

How to Make a Fake Car Title Online

If you don’t want to make a fake car title offline or download the templates, then here is how to make it online without storing it on your local host.

  1. Visit the Template Website

Several web services give access to templates of all kinds. Choose the fake vehicle template corresponding to your locale and click to proceed.


Some web services offer paid services regarding creating a fake car title. You may subscribe to the premium plans if you have several people to prank with fake car titles.

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Examples of car title template websites are:

  1. Read the Editor’s PDF

On the site, click on the editor guideline to download the PDF. It will guide you further on how to fake car title online correctly. Interestingly, you do not have to be a professional graphics designer to design an excellent fake car title.

  1. Complete the Template Form

On each template field, endeavour to enter the correct detail in the spaces provided. Please enter your contact details alongside your identification details; it is a requirement on SignNow.

  1. Apply the Check Mark and Confirm the Details

After applying the checkmark to indicate choices, crosscheck every field for accuracy.

  1. Add Signature

SignNow allows you to enter an electronic signature on the fake car title. Use the Sign Tool to create an electronic signature for certification. It will boost the chances of tricking the buyer into believing that the car title is genuine. You may also disclose the trick to him and have a good laugh.

  1. Hit Done

Confirm that you have correctly completed the fake title. Click Done and print the certificate. If you have a certificate printing machine, you may use it for optimal accuracy. Otherwise, visit a company that deals with printing services. Pay a few bucks and request three to four copies of the printed fake car title.

How to Create a Fake Car Title Offline

If you want to create a fake car title offline, you can use these steps to get one.

  1. Download the Template

If you are forging a fake car title offline, a professional tool like Corel Draw is required. You can download the template from the following websites:

Note: Templates on Pinterest are often seen a little blurry. So, you might not want to consider the Pinterest platform.

  1. Fill the Template

Depending on the professional tool, you need the lettering tool to form letters on the template. Use fonts that correspond with the title you find online, pointing to your jurisdiction. Resize the letters and place them in the spaces to fill.

  1. Print

Locate the nearest printing services and pay a token for a printout of your fake car title. You should prank the buyer quickly depending on how proper your design is.

fake drivers license template

Tips for Making a Fake Car Title

Before you forge a car title and transfer it to a buyer, do the following:

Leave No Space Blank

Correctly complete the information in the template spaces. The information to include in the template has the appropriate names, mileage, date, etc. Convince the person you are transferring the car title to by correctly including all of these details. This trick mainly tests whether the buyer is a good detective.

You win if they can’t distinguish between a fake and original car title from the look of the certificate. You may issue him with an original, then laugh it off with others in the scene.

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Sign the Right Place

Endeavour to sign the seller block in the template and not as a lienholder. If you make such mistakes, you may create a new fake car title. The buyer you intend to prank may sense that you are about to play a fast one on him, which kills the plot.

Make Copies of the Car Title

You should make three copies of the fake car title. One would be for the person you are transferring the car title to and another for yourself. An extra copy is necessary in case of a mistake on either of the two you are handling.

Provide the Bill of Sale

The bill of sale will complement the car title you are transferring to the new owner. It states the amount you receive and the terms of the title transfer.

Crosscheck the Certificate

Savvy car buyers will take a photo of the VIN plate to ensure it corresponds with the information on the fake car title. You must ensure that every detail fits to convince the buyer that the vehicle title is authentic. Ensure the buyer does not leave your destination before revealing that you just pranked them with a fake car title.

Fill out all the Information on Car Title

The information in the title of a car includes the following:

  • MRV:
  • Vehicle Identification Number: (If available, mention the plate number and state of issue).
  • Make:
  • Title Issue Date:
  • Body Style:
  • Previous Title Number:
  • Odometer Reading:
  • Odometer Status:
  • Title Brands:
  • Owner(s) Name and Address:
  • Shipping Weight:
  • City:
  • State:
  • Date:
  • Zip:

The lower part of the car title will likely require the lien information. If you find any info beneath the paper to fill, do so. The lien can serve the remaining part of the certificate.

How to Apply for Duplicate Car Title Online

Instead of meandering how to make a fake car title, you can obtain a duplicate online. However, the application process may not finish online, as you may have to contact the motor vehicle authority for further documentation.

  1. Visit the Website

Pick up your mobile phone and use any search engine to identify the official website of the vehicle authority in your jurisdiction.

  1. Find the Car Title Menu

Somewhere on the website, you will find the car title menu. Click the Menu tab and look for an option like Replacement Certificate of Title. Click the option and complete the required information.

  1. Your Application Will Be Authenticated

Ensure that your mailing address and other information match with the information on the car title. If the process requires notarization, you may have to visit the agency’s office. Moreover, you may decline notarization if the agency provides such an option. The agency will, however, charge a fee of about $25. If the notarization is mandatory, you can forward the application to the vehicle agency through the mail or go in person.

How to Apply for Duplicate Car Title Via Mail

In a situation whereby you lose your car title, consider applying for a duplicate car title. It saves you the time to think about creating a fake car title.

  • Submit the appropriate information online for processing.
  • Confirm the required documents from the website, including means of identity, resident, etc.
  • Notarize your application.
  • Complete the required payments.
  • Mail the requirements to the address provided by the agency.

How to Apply for Duplicate Car Title in Person

  • Visit the nearest vehicle authority office.
  • Request and fill out the duplicate or replacement title form.
  • Provide the required documents.
  • Make the payments.

In a couple of days, your duplicate title should be ready. Obtaining the same title is even better than making a fake car.

FAQs on Making a Fake Car Title

What Can You Do with a Car that Has No Title?

It depends on your jurisdiction and the rules surrounding the validity of a car title. Please do not allow the buyer to go away with the fake identification, or they may get in trouble. A fake car title is not a certificate to mess with, as the person you are transferring to may end up spending here and there. Try not to take this prank to a new level to keep you and the buyer safe.

Can You Legally Drive a Car Without a Title?

Yes, you can legally drive a car without a title. However, some state laws do not recognize you as the vehicle’s legal owner. There are several situations where you do not get to hold the title of the car. For instance, if you acquire a vehicle through a loan, the lender will not give you the car title until payment is complete. The reason is that you may one day return the financed car with no penalty.

Can You Sell a Car for Parts Without a Title?

Yes, you can sell car parts without a title. Consider selling your car for scrap. The process will be more straightforward if your vehicle is an old car that won’t start. Also, if you have complete registration documents, the scrap yard will be willing to buy the vehicle as scrap from you. You must deregister your car in some countries before selling for scrap.

Can I Get a Copy of the Car Title Online?

Yes, you can get a copy of a car title online. However, it will be a duplicate of a car title.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Duplicate Title?

It takes between 15 and 30 days for the motor vehicle agency to complete the process. Some states offer urgent services, which come at extra cost.

Final Thoughts

With this article, you have less to worry about how to make a fake car title that works.

If you misplace the title of a car, do not hesitate to apply for a duplicate. Note that your jurisdiction’s authorized motor vehicle agency is the right place to get the duplicate car title. If you make fake car titles to prank friends, make sure they do not use such certificates for official purposes. They may get caught and penalized.

You may also be interested in how you can make a fake driving license and how you can create a fake auto insurance card for pranks.


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