Is Volkswagen Passat a Good Car to Buy

Howdy, Driver? Don’t write off a Passat no matter what you hear people say. But, is Volkswagen Passat a good car?. Before we get deeper into the subject, VW Passat is indeed a good car although it suffers a few setbacks.

is Volkswagen Passat a good car to buy

After Passat’s release, questions such as “should I buy used Volkswagen Passat” have been flooding the web.

Read on and get your most honest answer from this article.

In the 2020 VW Passat, there are notable changes in the interior crafting. The torque has also witnessed a change which makes it even better. Let’s explore the VW Passat and see the reasons why you should get one today.

Is Volkswagen Passat a Good Car?

Nobody may willingly tell you this, but yes, Passat models make good rides and they are good cars. Unlike some modern cars with refined touches and superb finishes, the VW Passat is not one of them though. It does not give you a luxurious feel but it does offer comfort.

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One of the few things that attract you to a Passat is the large trunk. Passat does have a spacy trunk and it’s excellent for travelers.

The materials used aren’t quite the best but do not be deceived, they are very appealing. In the ¬†Volkswagen Passat, there is an upgrade in the engine which is something drivers also expected from Passat.

  • Smooth ride
  • Larger trunk
  • Subpar fuel economy
  • Refined interior and exterior styling
  • Reshuffled features for comfort
  • Enhanced engine torque

  • Low-quality cabin materials
  • Subpar fuel economy
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Seating: 5

Drivetrain: FWD

Horsepower: 174

MPG City: 23 MPG

Highway: 34

US News Scorecard

Based on the US News scorecard, the Passat ranks 8 with a score of 7.4/10.

Should I Buy Used Volkswagen Passat

Should you buy a used Passat or should you buy a Passat car on its own? If you’re referring to a used Passat, chances are that the car may have greatly depreciated. thus, only a close and thorough car inspection would answer if a used Volkswagen Passat is a good car to buy.

In general, however, the VW Passat is a good car to buy and is very recommended.
Moreover, because you would be going for a used VW Passat, between the older model and the newer model is greatly recommended. Models released later than this feature a few lags you may not be quite interested in.

A Look at Passat

Let’s assess this car from a broader angle for you to decide excellently. Hopefully, the question, “is Volkswagen Passat a good car?” would be better answered in this section.

The Interiors of Passat

Talking of space, Passat is quite spacious. Apart from its 5-seater support, both driver and passenger feel some sort of space-liberty in the car. If you think you’re tall and that the Passat won’t let you stretch your legs, you’re wrong. From the look of things, 7ft-person would comfortably sit in the car.

Overall Decision on the Interior

The finishing, structure, and quality of materials used for furnishing aren’t bad. However, compared to its counterparts, the interior isn’t the most elegant. Is the interior ‘good’, as in, ‘good?’ Oh yes, it makes a happy inside for the car.


The FWD car sports a horsepower of 174 and torque of 206 lbs clocked @1700 rpm.


The suspension is not great once your car smacks on something below. We tried getting over a speed bump thrice and thrice the suspension went stiff.


VW Passat offers a swift handling experience. The power steering of this 17″ wheel car can sense speed which means using the steering becomes more flexible as you add more speed.

Should I buy a passat

It sports a 4-wheel independent suspension as well as rear and front coil springs to absorb shock and maintain balance while driving. You know the sort of shock a car features affects its mileage, right? VW Passat offers front and rear gas-pressurized shocks and this sits better than the hydraulic shock counterpart.

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Safety and Security Features

It looks like the VW Passat isn’t messing around with driver and passenger lives this time around. VW Passat is studded with 6 airbags including a dual-front impact airbag, side-mounted airbags, passenger side-impact, occupant sensing, and overhead airbags.

The car is remote active and features head restraints – manual adjustable, adjustable front head, and 3 read head restraints.

Assuming there’s an emergency cause for halting the car, the autonomous emergency braking feature would certainly see off-road difficulties. The seatbelts are intact and adjustable enough to pin down a 25+ BMI passenger.

Traction Control

Passat ensures that there’ll be no loss of traction while your Passat wheels are busy on the road.

Power Door Lock

Every driver hates to go round a car just to lock the doors. The VW Passat cuts this stress. You can lock all doors with just one button click and unlock as well at liberty. Moreover, the rear child safety locks would prevent passengers from accidentally opening the car while in motion.

The Braking System

Let’s give it an 80/100. Passat engineers the ride with an anti-lock braking system (ABS) to prevent your vehicle wheels from running stiff while you match the brake. You’ll equally get to enjoy the brake assist feature of the braking system in the case of an emergency for an added pressure when braking.

Windscreen Wiper

One of the VW Passat common problems is the screen wipe. Heavy rain is not friendly with the wiper. Volkswagen Passat should do a bit of improvement on the wipers to aid driver’s visibility while on the road under heavy rainfall.

Other Features of VW Passat

Still on whether the Passat is a good car to buy, here are a few more features to look out for.

  • 6-spd automatic/manual transmission
  • Front-wheel drive
  • It spots a 5-seater support
  • The transmission type is automatic
  • MPG records up to 23 City/34 Hwy

The Good Side of Volkswagen Passat

It offers a smooth ride (prevalent in several models).

The car features a large trunk (a good reason why a traveler should buy a used Volkswagen Passat or a new VW Passat is the trunk).

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The Downside of a Volkswagen Passat

The quality of the cabin materials isn’t the best.

The fuel economy is a bit low below average.

The leather seat of the Passat is vulnerable to a quick cut.

Stiff Suspension (One of the VW Passat common problems).

Cost of a VW Passat

The average cost of the VW Passat is between $17,000 and $22,000. The newer model falls in the range of $30,000. Looking at the cost, you’d probably wonder “should I buy a used Volkswagen Passat?” On an honest basis, it’s recommended. However, a used VW Passat, as you already know, would not go half as high as the new model.

Is Passat a Reliable Car?

Honestly, we placed the Volkswagen Passat side by side with the Honda Accord and the result was massive.

What is the Weight and Dimensions of VW Passat?

The estimated dimensions for a VW Passat are 16.1 ft long and it weighs a curb weight of about 3,325 pounds and gross weight of about 4,475 pounds.

Where is the 2020 VW Passat Built?

The VW Passat is built in Tennessee.

What is the cost of a Volkswagen Passat

The starting price of a Volkswagen Passat is $23, 995, which is less than the average cost for a midsize vehicle.

Is Passat Costly to Maintain?

VW Passat cars aren’t costly to maintain. Aside from being a mid-range ride, the Passat is definitely what you need in terms of affordable maintenance. This is a sincere answer to the question, “is Volkswagen expensive to maintain?”

VW Passat from the 2000s should be your most reliable year Passat. Do you have a good old car that won’t drive? Make money from that car today.

What is the Cost of Insurance for VW Passat

The cost of obtaining insurance for a VW Passat depends on several factors including the level of coverage, your deductible, and the type of auto insurance.

Note, however, that the rate of your insurance could be affected by tour credit history, age, location, gender, and record in driving.

Before you obtain insurance for a Volkswagen Passat, do well to compare quotes from different insurance companies for the best deal.

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