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Keyless Remote Battery Low – What to Do

Keyless remote battery low

Keyless remote battery low? One of the most recent technical innovations that car manufacturers have offered to the public is keyless vehicle access. This function allows you to lock or unlock the car doors even while the battery-operated remote control is in your pocket or backpack.

To begin, put the key fob near your vehicle to lock or unlock the door if your keyless remote’s battery is low. To start the engine, put it near the start button. Even if the battery on your keyless remote is low, you can still operate your car. However, it is advised that you change it right away before it ultimately drains.

Get a full grip on what to do when the keyless remote battery low below.

Keyless remote battery low

What to Do If Your Keyless remote battery is low

What happens when the battery in your key fob runs low? You will discover that your car contains a security chip within the remote key fob that allows you to enter your vehicle even if the battery dies or is critically low until you can obtain a replacement.

Put your key fob as near to your car as you can to allow the vehicle to restart if your battery is low and you can’t get in. The battery has to be replaced before this option stops working and you find yourself stuck without access to your car, even if it could temporarily operate.

Fortunately, the majority of keyless entry systems include a mechanism that guards against losing access to your car. Modern electronic setups monitor battery life and support the voltage of the keyless remote fob’s battery.

Additionally, it will cause your dashboard’s keyless remote battery low light to come on, and you’ll probably start having trouble using the keyless fobs’ features. When you run into these troubles, you should swap out the batteries as soon as you can to avoid future problems.

You could do the following:

1. Gain Access

You could end yourself locked out of your car and unable to start the engine if you unintentionally waited too long to change the batteries in your key fobs.

If you find yourself locked out of your car and need the means to get inside so you can start the engine, we’ve listed a few ideas for you.

2. Get a new battery

The first choice is more apparent, but you can address your access problem by replacing the key fob’s battery. Using a penny or a tiny screwdriver to pry off the battery cover will allow you to reach the battery in your fob key.

Your key fob’s battery will contain numbers that indicate the battery type and will resemble a silver button. To avoid any problems with your key fob, make sure you replace the battery with the same kind. some key fobs have the battery type printed on the outside—RD.

3. Unlocking Remote Applications

Many car models have an unlocking feature, so if you lose your key fob, you may still enter your vehicle using a PIN that has already been set up. Here are a few instances:

  • If your key fob dies, you may access remote unlocking services using the myAudi App from AUDI.
  • BMW provides remote unlocking via the Connected Drive Program.
  • Ford cars from 2017 and 2018 could have SYNC Connect, but models from that year forward will have FordPass application access, which enables you to access a variety of services for your car without the need for a key fob.
  • Honda’s HondaLink program, which offers keyless access and 24-hour roadside assistance from almost anywhere, will have a free trial period for newer cars.
  • Nissan provides remote access to owners via its online site or Nissan Connect app.
  • Several other car types provide comparable services and often have apps for these functions and more.

4. Use the Hidden Key

Your fob can contain a secret key if the preceding methods are not possible for you in this situation. If your keyless entry fob has a leather jacket on it, you can take it off, release a little catch, and pop out a mechanical key to physically open your driver’s door without using your keyless entry fob.

5. Start your car engine

The majority of the time, starting your car is quite simple once you get access to it. The system often includes backups built into the key fob to operate without a key and was designed to function with a non-working fob remote.

On the steering column, there are often concealed key slots that are covered by a plastic cap that may be removed simply to expose a key slot.

If your car has a push START technology, a backup system is often fitted to ensure trouble-free starting. This should work if you press the START button on your car with your key fob.

How to replace low battery keyless remote

a. Open the Key Fob

Opening the remote or key fob is the first thing to do after purchasing a fresh battery. The fob may be opened rather easily, however, you must be cautious and gentle while doing so. Otherwise, there’s a chance the case can crack and you’ll need to buy a new one.

Use a little screwdriver to remove any screws if there are any. If it lacks fasteners, you can probably use a small tool to force it open. It may not be practical to use only your hands.

b. Discard the previous battery

Once the remote or key fob has been unlocked, resist the urge to immediately remove the original batteries. Keep in mind the positioning and pay close attention to how everything is set up inside. You’ll find it simple to install the new battery if you do it that way.

You may now take out the original battery after paying attention to its placement. Verify that the battery is being held by clips. If there is, you must gently push them aside to effectively slip out the old battery.

c. Substitute a new battery for the old one

The original battery may be swapped out for a new one after removal. Once the new battery is inside, be sure you put everything back where it belongs. Make careful to reposition any clips if there are any.

d. Close the Key Fob

The key fob or remote must then be closed. This implies that if there are screws, you must use a screwdriver to reinstall them. If there aren’t any screws, you’ll probably need to gently but firmly push it.


How long do the batteries in key fobs last?

The battery on your fob keys may deplete more quickly if you leave them overnight close to your car. With regular, routine usage, the battery on your key fob should typically last 3 to 4 years.

What kind of battery do I need for my keyless remote?

The CR2032 is the most often used battery for automotive key fobs. The numbers represent the battery’s height and diameter.

Can a key fob’s low battery prevent your vehicle from starting?

Yes, a dead key fob battery might prevent your car from starting.

What is the price of a key fob battery?

You can often get a replacement battery for your key fob for roughly $5 if it uses a commonly found battery.

Do I need to reprogram my key fob after a battery change?

You won’t need to reconfigure your key fob after changing the battery.


It is simple to forget to change the batteries in your key fob, which often results in you being unable to start your car.

The most important knowledge to have is how to change your car key fob battery and how to unlock your car without using a wireless key fob. Typically, cars include backup safety measures that let you get back into your car if the key remote battery dies.


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