Where to Park Car for Long Term

Howdy, Driver? It is crucial to figure out where to park car for long term storage before the journey.

where to park car for long term

A long time traveling means you have to leave your car unused for weeks or months. Moreover, it is unlikely that you will depart in the vehicle overseas which worsens the situation

Would worrying solve the problem? No, it can only tempt you to sell the car, which is off the plan. Not to worry; this article highlights the places where to park your car for long term Interestingly, you will worry less about rust, tires deflation, exposure of car parts to theft, etc.

Let’s find out the 8 most reliable places you can park for the long term without damages.

Where to Park Car for Long Term

In this section, I will disclose where you should consider parking your car for long term storage. Below are where to park the car for long term:

1.     Personal Garage/Shade

where to park car for long term

A private garage is a perfect place to park a car for long term. However, you have to employ the support services of a professional or an agency to keep checks on the vehicle. It is the most preferable of where to park the car for long term.

Let’s assume you are setting out for a five-month journey, and then there is grandpa/ma at home. For sure, they w­ill do too little or nothing to keep the car alive. While they are home, a professional or an agency could be checking up on the vehicle once a couple of days.

Alternatively, you could leave the car at the mercy of the eldest, but not an older adult in the family. It could be your child, or any person living with you. Teach the person to set up a car for storage and call in often to give instructions on what to do.

2.     The Neighbor’s Garage

Long term car storage near me

Most neighbors have extra storage spaces that can accommodate your vehicle for long term storage.

You cannot be so sure that the neighbor is not keeping the place for rent, so go ahead and inquire.

If a neighbor’s parking space is for rent, be rest assured you would pay little compared to a conventional storage unit.

Some neighbors may charge about $40 each month, but will not exceed $60.

You may ask the caretaker neighbor to run a couple of checkups, either daily or weekly on the car.

Be mindful of the neighbor you leave the car with for long term storage. You do not want to meet your vehicle damaged or worse still impounded or towed as a result of a neighbor’s maniac habit. Do not rule out the fact that he/she may be tempted to put your wheels on the road while you are away.

3.     The Airport Parking Lot

Where can I store my car near me

An airport is a good place where you can park a car for long term. The charges come daily and could be expensive depending on the airport and terminal.

In most cases, seven days is considered a long term airport parking. The daily parking charge falls between $8 and $12. For a suburban airport, you may pay as low as $3 daily. The airport may less likely permit parking your car for long months. In this case, you may have to rapport with the terminal management.

Explain the need to store your car for long term with them and the relevance of the journey. You will, of course, pay quite high for as long as the airport keeps the car.

4.     Rent Out the Car

place to park car near me

You can rent your car instead of selling while you are away in a long term.

You would be earning from your car while you are away.

With regards to shelter, the renter will park the car in the best possible places.

If he does not own a garage, there will be a parking shade for your car. Moreover, he will be responsible for vehicle maintenance while you are away. You do not have to worry about damages because the renter is responsible for the condition of the car.

You may be phoning in once in a while to inquire about the car and recommend maintenance tips to the renter. It reminds the renter of your consciousness and alertness towards your vehicle’s safety.

5.     Park with a Friend or Relative

where to park your car for long term

How about your relatives? If none lives around, a good friend of yours should maintain your car while you are away.

The advantage of this parking option for your car long term is that it is free. However, expect the relative or friend to cruise around with the car occasionally.

It is suitable for the car, nonetheless because it keeps the engine and other components heated.

Do not bar them from using the car, but encourage them to respect the car as your property. For sure, they would neither love to disappoint nor mess with your trust. You can further implore your friend or relative to invite a professional that will examine and fix emerging problems in the vehicle. When you return from the journey, do not forget to eat out with that caretaker during the eves of any day.

6.     Rent a Parking Space

Long term car parking near me

Some car parking services offer plans that permit car owners to park for long term.

The fastest way to contact these companies is to use the Google business search feature. Obtain the contact details of the agency and inquire about their car parking plans.

Most, but not all, offer long term parking services, and you can sign up for the service.

The price will be expensive, no doubt. But, if you do cherish your car, you should sign up for the plan to keep your car safe. The parking space company will not charge the same price as conventional hourly parking of $4. Since you are parking for a longer period, charges will be counted daily rather than hourly.

7.     Storage Facility

where do I park my car before traveling

The storage unit is a decent place to park a car for long term. However, it does not come cheap.

If you own a sedan, you may opt for a 10×15 unit, but most cars require 10×20 units.

The price of your vehicle storage varies by the car. In most cases, companies charge per parking unit. You will spend between $100 to $150 monthly in the outskirts. In bigger cities and city centers, you will pay as high as $300 per month. Nonetheless, it is worth the price because your car will receive the best maintenance possible to remain in good shape.

The bigger the unit, the larger the space to store other valuables. You may store your motorbike alongside, and do not leave your electronics out if need be.

8.     Hotel Parking Lot

where to store my car

Some hotels have strict policies that do not permit car owners to park in their parking lots.

However, you can bypass the system by lodging for a single night in the hotel. You can then travel out the next day leaving your car at the care of the hotel.

You can avoid the cost of parking by looking out for the hotels offering free parking promotions. The promotion often lasts for as long as two weeks and sometimes a month.

Final Thought

You now know where to park the car for long term with safety assurance. Do not think of selling off the car just yet as people would advise and opt for the alternatives in this article.

Endeavor to be in touch with the professional or company in charge of your vehicle. Implore the caretaker to always drive the car around for a couple of minutes weekly. The interiors should be washed to prevent the car from developing a stinking smell.

In a nutshell, these are the top alternatives for storing your vehicle for the long term with no defects. Although some options come with a price, they are worth the price.

Bonus Tips:

Inform your friend about the ways to save fuel for a petrol car while you are away.

A neighbor may complain of car battery not charging, click for fixes!

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