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Where Can I Park My Car Overnight?

Where can I park my car overnight? There are many places to park your car overnight but you want to be wary of theft, trespassing people’s properties, etc.

where to park car for long term

If you have traveled away from home to somewhere without parking space, there is always a walk-around. You do not necessarily need a parking lot to safely park your car overnight.

Not all places are good for parking your vehicle overnight. For example, a man was found shot, killed at a bar parking spot. This does not mean every bar is not a good place to park overnight. However, you just have to be careful where you park to rest for the night.

Where Can I Park My Car Overnight?

Parking somewhere that is not your home can be fun and at the same time discomforting. You may have to sleep out, especially if it is a foreign area. Park your car overnight in the following places:

  •  Someone’s garage/shade

where to park car for long term

A private garage is a perfect place to park your car overnight. However, you must get in touch with the owner. Establish some level of trust and have them inspect your vehicle.

It is their property and they would not want to get into trouble with the state due to helping a stranger.

If you are forced to leave your vehicle with the helping citizen for some reason, ensure to know how to set up a car for storage. It helps to call in often for them to know you would be returning to pick your car soon.

If nobody wants to help, it is okay. It only means you have to explore other available options.

  • The neighbor’s garage

Long term car storage near me

Most neighbors have extra storage spaces that can accommodate your vehicle overnight. Suppose you visited a friend but they have no parking space; their neighbor’s garage makes a perfect option.

In some cases, the neighbor could be charging a fee to park the car overnight. If the fee or garage rent is affordable, then go ahead of pay for it.

It also means your car is safe from burglary. You get a night of good sleep, forgetting about your car being safe or unsafe.

Your friend is in the position of making inquiries about the garage. Follow them to meet the owner and explain why you need to use their garage for parking your car overnight.

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You want to make sure the garage owner trusts you. Allow them to check your car for items that could otherwise get them into trouble.

  • Casino

The casino is another place where you can park your car overnight. You will be safe there, and with the patrolling police officers not disturbing, you get to have a good night’s rest. Moreover, there are security cameras in the parking lot.

Some casinos might not be okay with you sleeping inside the car overnight. Also, if you park your car for too long, it becomes odd and questionable.

The idea is that if the staff think you are inside spending money, they have no problem.

If sleeping in your car for the night at the casino, you want to be stealth with it. That is, no loud music, going out and getting inside often, cooking, etc.

Apart from the security, you enjoy parking at the casino, you can access the bathroom facilities at your convenience.

In the morning, you can easily access food, tea, or coffee to start your morning. Casino foods are reasonably priced, so you get to eat at an affordable price.

  • Airport parking lot

Where can I store my car near me

An airport is a good place where you can park a car overnight. The charges come daily and could be expensive depending on the airport and terminal.

The typical daily parking charge falls between $8 and $12. For a suburban airport, you may pay as low as $3 daily. The airport may less likely permit parking your car for long months, so overnight is perfect for you. In this case, you may have to rapport with the terminal management.

Explain the need to park your car with them, and give a little information journey. You will, of course, pay quite high for as long as the airport keeps the car.

The terminal management might have to inspect your vehicle. Before then, keep a record of the items in your car. Make sure to lock it before you leave.

  • Walmart

You can park your car at any Walmart park overnight. It is perfectly legal, even RVs and campervans are set up at some Walmart stores.

Walmart is also easy to locate and park your far. You will also not be told to remove your vehicle or be fined for illegal parking in the middle of the night.

Walmart lights stay on overnight, so you feel even safer. Unfortunately, you might not have a nice sleep with the lights on.

  • Rent your car

place to park car near me

You can rent your car overnight while out somewhere away from home. Perhaps, there is a friend who needs it for Uber to earn a living or some random fellow you can trust.

This option is a risky one though, but you get to be earning from your car overnight.

With regards to shelter, the renter will park the car in the best possible places.

If he does not own a garage, there will be a parking shade for your car. Moreover, he will be responsible for vehicle maintenance while you are away. You do not have to worry about damages because the renter is responsible for the condition of the car.

You may be phoning in once in a while to find out about the car and how the driver is doing.

  • Rest stops

You can stop by a rest stop to spend the night in your car. Moreover, there are just enough rest stops and is likely that you passed many rest stops already.

A rest stop is a reliable place to park overnight. You can extend your nights in another rest stop or remain at the same spot. It is also a legal and safe place to park while waiting for a new dawn.

Depending on the location, you might be able to access bathroom facilities and even picnic tables to start the morning.

  • Park with a friend or relative

where to park your car for long term

How about your relatives? If none lives around, a good friend of yours could be living around. Get in touch with them to allow you to park your car overnight in their home.

The advantage of this option is that it is free. You can keep a record of your items.

Make sure it is a safe area, otherwise, you have to consider other alternative ways to park your car overnight.

  • Rent a parking space

Long term car parking near me

Some car parking services offer plans that permit car owners to park their cars overnight. You can search online for the nearest parking lot.

The fastest way to contact these companies is to use any business search engine like Google, Bing, etc.

Obtain the contact details of the agency and inquire about their car parking plans for a night.

Most, but not all, offer long-term parking services, and you can sign up for the service.

The price will be expensive, no doubt. But, if you want a night without worrying about the safety of your car, you should sign up for the plan to keep your car safe.

The parking space service may not charge the same price as long-term parking. Since you are parking for a night, charges could be counted be hourly.

  • Storage facility

where do I park my car before traveling

The storage unit is a decent place to park a car overnight. However, it does not come cheap.

If you own a sedan, you may opt for a 10×15 unit, but most cars require 10×20 units.

The price of your vehicle storage varies by car. In most cases, companies charge per parking unit.

The bigger the unit, the larger the space to store other valuables. You may store your motorbike alongside, and do not leave your electronics out if need be.

  • Hotel parking lot

where to store my car

Some hotels have strict policies that do not permit car owners to park in their parking lots.

However, you can bypass the system by lodging for a single night in the hotel. You can even travel the next day leaving your car in the care of the hotel.

You can avoid the cost of parking by looking out for the hotels offering free parking promotions. The promotion often lasts for as long as two weeks and sometimes a month.

  • City street

You can park on the street to save hotel costs if you are on a budget. However, you must be careful what street you are parking your car on overnight.

You can perform a simple online search about the neighborhood. Is it safe or unsafe? Find out the most recent incidents in the area. You can ask the residents to advise you on where you can park your car overnight.

If parking on the street, it is best to sleep inside the car. Do not park and sleep elsewhere to keep off thieves.

Bonus Tips:

Inform your friend about the ways to save fuel for a petrol car while you are away.

A neighbor may complain of car battery not charging, click for fixes!

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