Car Repair and Maintenance

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Car Repair and Maintenance

Throttle Body Service (All You Need to Know)

The throttle body is a key part of your car’s fuel injection system. It controls how much air goes into the engine to...

Car running worse after new 02 sensor
Car Repair and Maintenance

6 Reasons Car Running Worse After New 02 Sensor Fixed

Car maintenance can sometimes lead to surprises. Unfortunately, one of these surprises is the car running worse after new 02 sensor. 02 sensors...

Car struggles to start in the morning
Car Repair and Maintenance

12 Reasons Car struggles to Start in the Morning [Fixed]

Starting your car in the morning should be a smooth and effortless experience, but if your car struggles to start in the morning,...

Car struggles to start but battery is fine
Car Repair and Maintenance

Car Struggles to Start but Battery is Fine

One of the most frustrating experiences a driver can face is getting into their car, turning the key, and finding that the car...

Tail lights not working but brake lights are
Car Repair and Maintenance

Tail Lights Not Working but Brake Lights Are [Fixed]

The longer you own your car, the more likely it is that you will encounter electrical issues such as tail lights not working...

Car Repair and Maintenance

Reasons Car Makes Humming Noise When Accelerating

If your car makes humming noise when accelerating, it can be a result of different reasons, including worn tires, wheel bearing problems, and...

Radiator or water pump
Car Repair and Maintenance

Radiator or Water Pump [How Do I Know Which is Bad]

How do I know if my radiator or water pump is bad? Generally, engine overheating, coolant leak/color change, hose problem, steam, and rust...

tell if your thermostat or water pump is bad
Car Repair and Maintenance

How to Tell if Your Thermostat or Water Pump is Bad

Car maintenance and safety are of utmost importance. With this article, you’ll know how to tell if your thermostat or water pump is...

Can a clutch master cylinder be bad without leaking
Car Repair and Maintenance

Can a Clutch Master Cylinder Be Bad Without Leaking?

Can a clutch master cylinder be bad without leaking? A clutch master cylinder can go bad without leaking because it has a piston...

Air in clutch master cylinder symptoms
Car Repair and Maintenance

5 Air in Clutch Master Cylinder Symptoms [Replacement Cost]

The clutch master cylinder is an essential component of a vehicle’s clutch system. It transmits hydraulic pressure from the clutch pedal to the...