Everything about UTVs – care, maintenance, and repairs.

Do UTV Have Titles in My State?

Do UTV have titles? The titling law is different in many states. While some states mandate titling UTV, others do…

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Do ATVs Have Alternators? [How they are Charged]

Do ATVs have alternators? No, the ATV stator or magneto system powers the equipment of the vehicle. When the vehicle…

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Do UTVs Need License Plates in Your State?

Do UTVs need license plates? So many individuals purchase a UTV without considering the legal obligations associated with UTV ownership.…

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ATV Battery Not Charging While Running Fixed

It’s difficult heading out for a fun day of quad-riding only to discover the ATV battery not charging while running.…

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10 Reasons Why UTVs Are so Expensive Right Now

These are common reasons UTVs are so expensive right now. There have been performance improvements in UTVs, an increase in…

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How Fast Does a Yamaha Raptor 700 Go?

how fast does a Yamaha Raptor 700 go? The Yamaha Raptor has a high-speed factory of about 75 MPH on…

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7 Common Hisun UTV Problems [2023 Buyer’s Guide]

With over 25 years of experience in this field, HISUN MOTORS offers a full line-up of high-quality ATVs, UTVs, ATVs,…

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7 Common Honda Talon Problems [Buyer’s Guide]

Since Honda introduced its unique sports UTV series a few years ago, the Honda Talon has been one of the…

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7 Common Massimo UTV Problems and Solutions

Its powerful engine, generous cargo space, and comfortable interior design make a utility terrain vehicle (UTV) suitable for farm work…

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