7 Common Honda Talon Problems [Buyer’s Guide]

Since Honda introduced its unique sports UTV series a few years ago, the Honda Talon has been one of the best-selling models. But no matter the best-selling features, there are still some common Honda Talon problems you should expect when you purchase this beast of a ride.

Honda will begin selling its revolutionary Talon range with six models that have been improved, enhanced, and given greater power, as well as two special editions. Customers may still encounter some typical troubleshooting challenges with this UTV variety despite the Hona Talon series’ attractive look, outstanding features, and robust build quality.

Before you get that Honda Talon, let’s check out some of the common Honda Talon Problems.

Honda Talon Problems

7 Common Honda Talon Problems You Need To Know

If you thinking of getting the Honda Talon UTV, then you should expect to get common problems like;

  1. Suddenly failing engine

The engine failure issue with several Talon UTV models is one of the most prevalent problems that many consumers often report.

One Honda Talon owner said that he had originally intended to take his new Talon to Moab. Unfortunately, the vehicle’s engine suddenly froze up after just 100 feet of his first-ever local trail ride with this new Talon.

He ultimately loaded the UTV and took it back to the store to fix the engine issue. The engine failure may be a classic instance of catastrophic failure.

However, this often occurs because, during the factory assembly of the car, a stray bolt was unintentionally left in the intake. The motor may suffer if the bolts shear off the cam gear and end up within the engine.

Even in this customer’s case, the dealer eventually verified that a broken bolt was the root of the engine failure.

  1. The Four-wheel Drive Does Not Properly Engage

One of many Honda Talon problems is that the four-wheel drive does not properly engage. Users may have this uncommon, unresolved problem with select Talon 1000X-4 Fox Live units.

One of the Talon 1000X-4 Fox reported that when he chose I4WD, the drive mode indicator light on his freshly acquired UTV began to alternately flicker between 2WD LOCK and I4WD.

Further investigation revealed that the drive indicator light only flashes when going back to 2WD after attempting I4WD whilst in 2WD LOCK. Additionally, it only becomes solid after stopping and starting the engine. He also saw that the Front wheels had no power when the incident began, and he even tested them to corroborate this.

Further inspection revealed that the front driveshaft does spin, the hill start assist does not react or function properly, and the I4WD error light only illuminates when the vehicle is started.

However, the automatic and manual transmission functions, as well as the launch mode, all operate as intended. He originally visited his dealer as planned, and the technician fixed the issue by replacing the front sensors, and the I4WD switch, unplugging the aftermarket turn signal kit and testing all of the internal wirings.

But sadly, it was unsuccessful. It was even attempted with a different Talon dash unit, but the issue persisted. When the dealer’s brand-new dash unit was reinstalled in his vehicle, the UTV had a similar problem.

Honda has thus asked the user to suspend the procedure out of concern that the dealer may unintentionally harm certain other Talon units through this process.

  1. A stiff rear suspension

In several Honda user forums, several owners have previously discussed the suspension problem with the Talon. One owner of a 2019 Talon 1000X has expressed his experience after riding his new Talon for 100 miles and discovering it is functioning well. Later, he noted a laughably rough ride, and upon closer inspection, he also discovered that every clicker was set to the softest (1) level.

A simple approach may also be used to solve this issue quickly. All you need to do is buy a set of rear tender springs and install them following the instructions in the service manual.

However, if you are not skilled in this kind of technical adjustment work, it would be best to consult your dealer first.

  1. The Front Prop Shaft U Joint Might Detach

Many Talon UTV riders claim that the issue is often brought up in the neighbourhood. One Talon R owner reported that the U joints on the front driveline and the rear Spicer joint would sometimes come apart on his car. He continued by saying that barely 630 miles into the trip on his brand-new Talon, it seemed as if the C clip had come loose and even the bearing cup had disappeared.

It seems to be a manufacturing fault or mechanical issue on the part of the manufacturer. The good news is that Honda has been providing completely new driveshafts and providing replacement free of charge for any Talon UTVs still covered by warranty.

  1. An Odd Spot on the Body of the Vehicle

The left-out stains on the vehicle body, even after the dealer has cleaned it up, are another frequent problem that some Talon UTV owners have previously voiced their complaints about.

However, the stains that appeared after the wash are difficult to remove and could not be removed with polishes or Maguire’s swirl remover, despite one owner’s assertion that he cleaned the car since it had been muddy following the ride. He reasoned that the stains don’t seem to be caused by harsh water or soap.

  1. Unable to move

The system voltage has a significant impact on Honda Talons. The clutches and shift mechanisms of the transmission are both powered by electricity. You will always see a mix of warning lights on the dash, including the power steering warning light if the battery voltage is too low to operate the car.

If this occurs, shut off the Talon and briefly attach a battery charger to it. Place the vehicle in park and then run the engine at 4000 to 5000 rpm for up to 10 minutes until the lights turn off if a battery charger is not accessible.

If the lights don’t turn off, your primary battery may be damaged. Having a second battery at this time is an excellent idea.

How to replace your primary battery with a secondary battery:

  • If your battery box is small, you may want to wrap the primary battery ground wire with electrical tape.


  • Take the second battery out of its terminal and attach it to the same terminal on your isolator as the main battery.

Stalling on take-off

Look over the following:

  • Air purifier (dirty air filter or clogged pre-filter can cause issues)
  • Intake horns for air (occasionally a rag gets left in there….)
  • Spark plug wires (clean and grease them)
  • Spark plugs
  • Electrical hookups on clutch covers (if these are an issue you will usually get a low oil pressure light).


  1. Front Axel Seal

The front axle seals on these bikes are, in fact, their biggest difficulty. You will be used to the dripping oil if you have had one for more than 50 miles. Don’t worry too much about it; the rate of leaking is really low and you’ll likely go 1,000 miles before you need to add extra fluid. There are several options:

  1. If it’s still covered under warranty, have the dealer replace it
  2. If it is not covered by warranty, you may repair the $10 item yourself in 45 minutes.
  3. If you allow it to leak, it may need numerous seals before sealing itself.

Rarely, after several seal replacements by the owners, the differential itself had to be changed. This may be a sign of a deformed lip in the seal’s seating area of the casing. The seal design has now been changed to assist eliminate the problem that certain early units experienced with the manufacturer folding the seal’s lips over.

A clogged vent tube has been found as another typical source of leaking. In addition to checking the nipple on the diff to ensure it is clean and free of dirt, remove the vent tube and blow through it.

How Do Most Users Feel About the Honda Talon?

Most Talon series owners agree that Honda packed a ton of cutting-edge technology into its fun-to-drive Talon UTV lineup.

According to several experts, the Honda Talon still has the most cutting-edge gearbox available. Numerous assessments assert that each Talon UTV performs remarkably well in every circumstance, even the challenging racing surfaces in adverse weather.

When compared to other brands, they are especially great for racing in tropical muck conditions because of their superior performance and handling.

Final Observation

Six incredible models and two special editions make up the Honda Talon sports UTV line for a smooth, comfortable, and exciting ride. Although the vehicle is exceptional, there are still some common Honda Talon problems that people complain about and you can find them in this article.

Additionally, there are some nice colour possibilities for the Honda Talon UTV vehicles, and buyers can choose between two- and four-seat variants. Additionally, customers have the option of Talon’s ground-breaking self-adjusting FOX Live Valve suspension or the manually adjustable FOX Q3S suspension. However, everyone should also consider the typical issues outlined previously and be ready.


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