7 Common Hisun UTV Problems [2023 Buyer’s Guide]

With over 25 years of experience in this field, HISUN MOTORS offers a full line-up of high-quality ATVs, UTVs, ATVs, and motorcycles. We will consider some common Hisun UTV problems to take note of before you make a buying decision.

If you are unfamiliar with UTVs, the Hisun UTV collections may be the best option because Hisun offers products at a reasonable price and of good quality, as well as all of the features that the majority of UTV buyers look for in a vehicle.

Customers, on the other hand, have been complaining about a few common problems with the Hisun UTV models that they have had to fix. So let’s consider some common Hisun UTV problems.

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7 Common Hisun UTV problems

Typically, the aim of listing these problems is to clearly define common issues with this Hisun UTV model. Once you are able to know the common problems of the Hisun UTV, then you can make a more informed buying decision. That way you can know if you can deal with the common Hisum UTV problems, or if you should go for another model.

Let’s start with the engine and exhaust system of the Hisun UTV.

Engine and exhaust overheating

Many Hisun UTV owners have listed engine and exhaust overheating as one of the common Hisun UTV problems they experience. This is also common even in the Massimo UTV.

Most of the complaints about this problem have been about the 2011 and 2012 models of the Hisun UTV.

A loaded engine or insufficient coolant levels may be the cause of overheating. It can also happen when an electrical problem, such as a blown fuse, prevents the motor-driven fan from turning.

Installing multiple fans will help cool the engine and surround the exhaust, which will keep it from overheating.

Dirty radiator and grille screens could sometimes make it more likely that your car will overheat.

Then clean up any trash or dirt in the area, make any needed changes to the space under the hood, and move the radiator front cooler slightly.

Difficulty starting the engine or no start issue

With some of the Hisun UTV models, some common Hisun UTV problems include hard starting, slow starting, or no start may also arise.

The engine starting problem is a relatively frequent problem that can affect any UTV model, regardless of the brand, and it may have a number of various causes.

When there is insufficient or no fuel flow at all, your car will fail to start since it will naturally starve for the necessary gasoline flow in the system.

If so, one should examine the complete fuel system right away and pay close attention to each of the major components, including the gasoline tank, filter, electric fuel pump, and injector.

Also, you should check the ECU motor scan and replace any broken or clogged parts that stop the fuel from flowing correctly and keep the engine from starting.

The weak, damaged, or broken battery is another major factor that stops the engine from turning over as soon as it could.

Because the water in the fuel system might also result in such issues, one should also check for its presence.

Many people have stated that they experience this more frequently in the winter. The fundamental reason for this is that while the engine revolution slows down in the winter, the oil viscosity increases dramatically.

This problem can be fixed by choosing oils with different viscosities based on the temperature of the environment.

Lack of dampeners on the suspension, a loose rear differential bolt, and a sticky transmission

A sticky transmission, loose rear differential nuts, or a lack of dampeners in the suspension are three more problems that many customers have already had.

When the transmission filters get clogged, the transmission fuel pump has to work harder to get the transmission fluid out, which can make the transmission stick.

Aggressive and extensive use of the UTV vehicle without regular maintenance can lead to other problems such as loose bolts on the rear differentials and suspensions lacking the necessary dampeners.

Insufficient Engine Power

This is listed among the common Hisun UTV problems because owners of this UTV brand often complain that the engines in their Hisun UTVs don’t work well or don’t have enough power.

The engine’s lack of power may be caused by a number of factors, including a lack of fuel in the tank, clogged filters, or injectors.

In that case, make sure you have adequate fuel in your tank, and if your injector or filters are blocked, clean or replace them as necessary.

It can also happen if the air cleaner becomes blocked or if the crankshaft sensor is damaged.

When you lose power in your car, you should check the ignition system and the condition of your spark plugs and ignition coil.

Replace the defective components if there is any potential problem.

Engine stalling or Dropping Suddenly

Additionally, you can experience engine stalling or discover that your engine has abruptly stopped without any prior warning. Aside from the fact that this is one of the common Hisun UTV problems, any car can suffer from these pretty frequently.

One Hisun 700 UTV owner said that he liked his first impression of the vehicle and was happy with how it worked overall.

But when he started using it again after the winter storage break, he discovered that the car was frequently dying and stalling, and that it would only start when it was in the prime stage. Then, every time, it would inevitably perish after a few seconds.

This issue may arise if there is insufficient gasoline or if the fuel can hold enough pressure.

Additionally, a malfunctioning fuel tank and injector may be to blame.

The harnesses should also be inspected because defective harnesses can sometimes lead to problems.

Faulty batteries or failed electrical components are further potential causes.

You should use the motor scan KF90121 to look into the sudden stops, and if necessary, replace the ECU.

Slipping rack and pinions

This is also one of the common Hisun UTV problems when you purchase the Hisun UTV. Your engine’s mechanical rack and pinion system control how it runs. The rack and pinion system as a whole enables the use of a power supply to generate rotational motion.

Your engine keeps running while you drive because of the rack and pinion. This causes your engine gear to rotate and makes it possible for the car to move.

The rack and pinions’ rotation lag as they become dry. They are unable to circulate normally, as they should, due to dehydration. Your engine won’t run normally as a result. Friction hurts the rack and pinion and stops them from doing what they are supposed to do.

Your only responsibility is to continually keep your rack and pinion lubricated in order to fend off the issue. To avoid any form of gear friction, use oil and/or another lubricant.

The Engines Overheating

It is normal for a machine or vehicle to become overheated after being operated for an extended period of time. The same is true with the Hisun UTV, but to an excessive degree.

The issue has angered a lot of users and testers. The engine gets hotter than intended after operating for an average of 10 miles at a time. When the environment’s temperature is warm, there is little coverage for achieving that degree of heat.

Most frequently, you must occasionally stop the car and allow the engine to cool. You can be somewhat hindered and slowed down during a crucial and urgent task.

The cabin of the car gets hotter as a result of the rising engine temperature. Both the driver and the passenger may occasionally feel the need to alter the system. Although serious, the issue is manageable.

It is advised to operate the car quietly, mostly at a low pace. This will benefit you because it will stop the engines from getting hotter. You can drive the car farther and farther with safe speed and accuracy.


It is ideal for novices or beginners

Most former and current Hisun UTV owners agree that these models are ideal for novices, especially those who are looking for a high-quality car that is also extremely reasonably priced.

It is of high value to users

I also learned that the majority of Hisun UTV customers and owners are pleased with their choice and believe Hisun UTV is valuable enough to test. Some people have even asserted that Hisun UTVs are well worth their affordable price.

High-quality engines brake

Some people have also noticed how well Hisun UTVs’ engines brake.

Acceleration quality is good

The majority of users have said that the Hisun UTV accelerates well even at low RPMs and that, when comfort is taken into account, it is clear that it is a better deal at a fair price.

Tends to push at higher revs

Some believe that some Hisun UTV engines have a little less substance and have a tendency to rev up more quickly. Some owners have also expressed dissatisfaction over the fact that these UTVs lack a park on the CVT.


Hisun Motors Corp asserts that to ensure the highest level of quality before a car leaves our facility, a fully committed staff is involved from the very raw stage to the final finishing stage. Despite we listed some of the common Hisun UTV problems, doesn’t mean that this brand of UTV isn’t awesome.

Additionally, each product line’s quality and performance level is always being improved by the company’s R&D and quality assurance teams, ensuring that customers only receive the best goods at their doorstep.

But there are still some limits, which means that any Hisun UTV could have the problems we’ve already talked about.


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