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Best CPA for Truck Drivers in 2023 [Top 12]

Thinking about doing taxes can be stressful for truck drivers. Moreover, the worry about finding the best CPA for truck drivers for your convenience can be tough.

In truth, a good CPA (someone who’s smart about taxes) is a smart investment. CPAs are professionals you can trust. They give you big-picture advice and help you understand your finances better, covering all the important details. It’s like they help you see how well you’re doing.

But not all CPAs are the same, so you should look into them before you pick one. It’s important to find an expert who is good or has a strong recommendation. That’s why we created this guide just for you.

Based on our experience, we’re going to be giving you a curated list of the best CPAs for truck drivers.

Best CPAs for truck drivers

Best CPA for Truck Drivers

When compiling this list, we focused on what services would be most important to trucker drivers when it comes to the financial aspect they don’t like to deal with. From taxes to P&L statements to emergency bookkeeping services, one of these CPAs will perfectly fit your needs. Also, we have no AFFILIATION with any of the CPAs on this list, so you can expect the best suggestions.

1. KSM Transport Advisors

Founded in 2006, KSM Transport Advisors (KSMTA) as a financial advisory services firm is exclusively dedicated to serving the trucking and logistics sectors of the transportation industry. And in 2008 they became part of Katz, Sapper & Miller, operating as the consulting extension of their transportation practice.

KSMTA offers special services to help trucking companies make more money. They do this by finding ways to increase profits, make things work better, and spend less money. They have special methods to find important information that can be used to solve problems.

The people at KSMTA have experience both as experts who offer services and as past leaders in transportation. They are all about trucking and know a lot about how to run a trucking company well. This friendly company understands all the small details of running a trucking business and handling the challenges of this industry which is why KSMTA comes highly recommended.

Get the KSM Transport Advisors (KSMTA) CPA.

2. Todd D Knapp, CPA P.C.

Todd D Knapp, CPA P.C. is a company that understands the trucking industry. Having had the opportunity to work closely with Todd D Knapp, CPA P.C., we’ve gained a firsthand understanding of their expertise.

With over 25 years of experience, they can help with taxes and money problems. If you owe money in taxes or haven’t done your tax returns, this firm can help you fix things quickly. They know how tough it can be when people face actions like wage garnishments, bank seizures, or tax liens.

These things can hurt your finances and impact your life for a long time. So Todd D Knapp, CPA P.C. works closely with clients to give them solutions. You can trust them to give you solid advice about taxes and money so we recommend you get in touch with Todd D Knapp, CPA P.C.

3. Rivero, Gordimer & Company

Another top-quality and reliable CPA on our list is Rivero, Gordimer & Company. This company was started in 1983 and has been working hard to give the best money help to the people in Tampa Bay. Many of the important people in the company have worked with big money firms before and they bring that knowledge to help local people.

This company is known for being different and liked by people who want to try new things. Rivero, Gordimer & Company believes in keeping a good relationship with their clients for a long time. This helps them see problems before they become big and offer solutions.

What makes them different is the fact that they are more streamlined in terms of the services they offer and that they also offer these services to other sectors and not just the trucking industry. Here’s a brief list of some of the things the experts at Rivero, Gordimer & Company can help you with:

  • Audit and assurance
  • Tax services
  • Accounting services
  • Valuation and Advisory and more.

So, they’re worth it in our own opinion, and easily the best CPA for truck drivers—get Rivero, Gordimer & Company CPA.

4. Moore Colson

You can also go with Moore Colson. Indeed, they are a company that understands the problems trucking companies face and can help your business get closer to your goals.

You can get Moore Colson CPA now. As a nationally-recognized and award-winning firm, Atlanta-based Moore Colson has the experience and know-how to help your trucking business grow.

Moore Colson’s team of experts knows all about the worries and money needs of transportation businesses, and how to help you. And it’s also worth mentioning that Moore Colson offers its clients the use of a ‘clients portal’ on its website.

This way clients can easily manage their progress and company details all at the click of a button.

You can reach out to Moore Colson to give you solutions that fit your business. This can save you money and help you make more. Moore Colson can help trucking companies with stuff like:

  • looking at financial statements (audits, reviews, and compilations);
  • advising about accounting and technical stuff;
  • helping when there are new accounting rules (like how to count the money you make and leases);
  • checking how well you control things inside your business; and
  • assisting with employee benefit plans.

5. Polk CPA Firm, PLLC

This company wants to help transportation businesses save money on taxes by providing accurate accounting services, proactive tax planning, and honest financial advice.

Some transportation businesses have a hard time because things like gas and running the business cost more money now. But if you join Polk CPA Firm, PLLC, they will help you reduce tax liabilities, cut expenses, and upgrade accounting efficiencies to reveal a business that’s more profitable and ready to grow.

Have we mentioned that this CPA offers new clients free consultation services so you can get a taste of what you’re getting before you start spending any money?

The bottom line is Polk CPA Firm, PLLC knows a lot about transportation businesses and helps all types, like ships, trucks, and delivering people. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small family business or a big company in many places, Polk CPA Firm will adjust their strategy to help you achieve your goals. This firm will also help you to make a plan to pay fewer taxes and make more money for your business. Get Polk CPA Firm, PLLC CPA.

6. Warren Averett

You could always go with Warren Averett’s, the best CPA for truck drivers whose main goal is to make a place where truckers can do well. This is a company that wants truckers to be happy and give good things to their clients by helping people grow and be better.

Warren Averett offers trustworthy advice and has a big team of experts who are good at helping organizations with the things that are super important to them. They take away the stress of dealing with complicated plans, making sure things are safe, and following all the rules.

Warren Averett does a bunch of different things to help out, including the following:

  1. Handle all the regular money stuff that businesses need to take care of.
  2. Offer smart guidance to companies so they can make good decisions.
  3. Assist your businesses use technology in smart ways to make things easier.
  4. Handle employee-related stuff, like making sure everyone’s happy and things are fair.
  5. Take care of the financial aspect for businesses, so they can focus on what they do best.
  6. Warren Averett also helps with financial situations.

In short, Warren Averett is here to make sure organizations don’t need to worry about tricky planning, staying secure, or following the rules. They have a bunch of experts who are good at different things, and they’re all about helping businesses succeed.

One last thing we’ve noticed is; this coy likes to do things differently and not just follow the usual way. They have options for their employees to do things that might not be the usual way, like focusing on one kind of business or doing different kinds of work. This helps their employees reach their work and personal goals. You can reach out to Warren Averett to get started on Warren Averett CPA.

7. Holmes & Associates

Holmes & Associates, founded by Larry Holmes in 1986, is committed to helping businesses manage their finances and taxes effectively.

Unlike other firms that use complex language and charge high fees, Holmes & Associates focuses on practical solutions.

Holmes & Associates works closely with clients to plan their tax payments according to their unique needs. Every client receives personalized attention and advice that suits their situation. These guys have it all buttoned up for you; from bookkeeping to tax preparations and services, to even an online tax organizer—it could not get any easier

Plus the fact that they are particularly skilled at helping larger businesses and have a good track record in Downtown Long Beach makes them one of the best at what they do.

Get Holmes & Associates CPA.

8. DMJ & Co., PLLC

So, we have had some firsthand experience with a bunch of CPA firms, and we can tell you, DMJ & Co., PLLC is the real deal when it comes to helping big trucking companies with their money issues.

DMJPS PLLC is a company that helps with taxes, checks important things, and advises businesses. They have lots of different ways to help and can figure out tricky problems for people, businesses, groups that do good things, and big companies.

DMJ & Co., PLLC are in North Carolina and their team of accountants and advisors are happy to help clients nearby, around the area, or even far away. They have offices in different parts of North Carolina, like Greensboro, Asheville, Boone, Durham, Marion, Sanford, and Wilmington. So, no matter where you are in North Carolina, you can get help from them.

This agency has been at it for ages and really gets the ins and outs of the trucking world. They’re like the top dogs in this field and have been lending a hand to those big trucking businesses with all things money.

The game plan is all about making life easier for those huge trucking companies when it comes to cash. DMJ & Co. has some tricks up its sleeves that can smooth out operations, cut down on expenses, and even lower tax bills. Get DMJ & Co., PLLC CPA.


And gracing the list is BHT&D CPA, started in 1971 when Virgil Biggs began a financial office in Saranac, Michigan. Later, he partnered with Ron Hausserman in 1974, marking the firm’s true beginning. They expanded their team and now have operations in two locations: Saranac and Ada.

The main office, located in Saranac, is a beautifully renovated old house. The Ada office is closer to Grand Rapids and serves people in that area with financial matters. Their tax preparation and planning services include:

  1. Individual, corporate, partnership, trust, and estate tax return preparation
  2. Tax planning/reduction strategies
  3. Tax audit representation
  4. Choice of business entity and more.

Although this CPA started small, they now have clients not only in Michigan but also in other states. Get BHT&D CPAs—the best CPA for truck drivers interested in cooing the steam while focusing on the road.

10. Schneider Downs

How about an expert in money, taxes, technology, and management for your trucking business, Schneider Downs? This firm offers a bunch of different services that are helpful.

Schneider Downs offers audit and assurance services, tax services, consulting services, private client services, wealth management, retirement solutions, and more. Schneider Downs has offices in Pittsburgh PA, Columbus, OH, and Metropolitan Washington.

The gurus who work here have the expertise to support all kinds of transportation and logistics businesses, from small local ones to big national ones. This covers various types of trucking, such as:

  • Regular trucks, flatbeds, and large trucks
  • Moving things both short and long distances
  • Transporting liquids and other goods
  • Managing transportation arrangements

The people in this group meet often to talk about what’s happening in the transportation and logistics world. This way, they know the newest rules and ideas.

Schneider Downs don’t just help the transportation business. They help lots of different types of businesses like cars, building things, new technology, energy, money stuff, government, healthcare, schools, other countries, making things, groups that do good things, private investors, people with special skills, and real estate. Get Schneider Downs CPA.

11. Haynie & Company

Haynie & Company’s experts are trucking CPAs, and – take our word for it; this company really knows its stuff. Unlike other CPA specialists who might focus on just a few things, they’re different.

Haynie & Company CPAs are skilled and can handle any service your trucking business requires such as:

  • taxes and bookkeeping;
  • audits and preparing financial statements;
  • helping with how your business is structured financially and planning for it;
  • investigating, preventing, and finding fraud;
  • figuring out how much your business is worth;
  • handling payroll processing;
  • managing your cash flow and budget;
  • assisting with QuickBooks(R), from setting it up to training; and
  • guiding through mergers and acquisitions.

Get Haynie & Company CPA.

Now, here’s something we haven’t talked about yet, but you probably already know: running a trucking company is really tough.

The hours are long and the work is hard, which can make it tough to keep drivers. But Haynie & Company’s dedicated team of trucking CPAs can help ease a big burden off your shoulders and add a lot of value to your business.

12. Truckers Tax Returns

Since 2008, David R. Dilley CPA has been helping truckers save money on taxes. The CEO, David Dilley, became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in 1998. He’s been involved in the trucking industry since 2002.

He first worked for a company with 45 trucks and then went on to help owner operators with their taxes on his own.

David has seen the trucking industry from both sides – as a company worker and as an owner operator.

This means he really understands the life of owner operators and knows what makes their tax needs special, making this CPA the perfect fit for almost any trucker. Get David R. Dilley CPA.

What Would Be an Affordable CPA for a Small Over the Road Trucking Company?

First things first before you go to a CPA. Connect with successful truckers or business owners you know. Ask about their experiences with CPAs and bookkeepers.

You can learn from their wins and mistakes. Figure out who they trust and use. It’s important to have a CPA who knows your trucking industry.

When you find a potential CPA, meet with them. See if you get along well and feel comfortable. Talk about what you need for your books. Ask if they can help you hire a part-time bookkeeper.

Make sure you handle payroll and payroll taxes correctly. If you mess this up, you could get into big trouble. You might not need a CPA for this part – a good bookkeeper or payroll service can help.

With most CPAs, you might only see them during tax time. But they should be open to your questions. They might want you to send your financials every few months to work on your Estimated Taxes. They could also guide you on forming a business entity like an LLC or S Corporation.

If you’re thinking of adding another truck, they’ll want to see your monthly financials and projections. They’ll sit down with you and explain everything.

Why Get a CPA?

As previously mentioned, filing taxes can be a real headache for truckers. That’s why finding a tax expert who knows about trucking taxes is so important. They should really understand how the trucking industry works.

Trucking taxes are tricky, and you might miss out on deductions if you try to do them yourself. With the challenges in the trucking industry, having an experienced CPA can really make a difference.

You want a CPA or tax preparer who will be there for you whenever you have questions, not just during tax season.

When it’s time to pick a CPA, you need to make sure the tax preparer you pick is regulated and has a good record. You can check with the IRS Office of Enrolment for EAS and the state board of Accountancy for CPAs. Some preparers without proper training can’t really help you much with IRS problems.

Just in case you’re wondering why CPAs are so reliable and almost infallible when it comes to the financial aspect of your business. What you must understand is that CPAs have to pass a tough test and get a lot of education. The American Institute of CPAs makes sure they know what they’re doing and can do their job well.

Trust us, these guys are professionals who are really good at looking at all the details of your money and giving you smart advice for the long term. That’s why if you have a trucking business, it’s a good idea to hire CPA who knows a lot about trucking taxes.

Conclusion on the Best CPA for Truck Drivers

The best CPA for truck drivers you need is one whose objectives are promising for your business. Such must be a reliable CPA ready to assist you or your drivers with trucking taxes. The options this list has provided you offer various strengths and approaches to help you manage your finances and taxes more efficiently.

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