Drivers Education

How to Ask a Judge to Reduce a Ticket

Did you earn yourself a ticket? Don’t worry, driver; this article discloses how to ask a judge to reduce a…

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How Long Can You Drive with Expired License?

How long can you drive with expired license? The simple answer is as long as you don’t get caught. Besides,…

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How to Buy Car Cash Without IRS

When you pay more than $10,000 for a car, the dealership reports the transaction to IRS. Fortunately, you will discover…

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Can the Police Commandeer Your Car?

Can the police commandeer your car? Forget the movies; real-life situations occur that demand emergency actions like giving one’s vehicle…

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What Happens When I Report My Car Stolen?

For the average driver, waking up or coming over to where you parked your car and not seeing it again…

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How to Be a Car Salesman with No Experience [Steps Included]

Howdy, Driver? Yes, you can be a car salesman with no experience and then learn to become skilled eventually if…

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