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How to Cheat a Parking Meter [Experimental]

Howdy, Driver? In this research, you will discover how to cheat a parking meter. So, if you run a parking meter, you need this guide to be aware of how some persons can hack a parking meter.

how to hack a parking meter

If you do not intend to pay a few bucks to park your car, you may want to trick the parking meter. However, it is a federal offense to fool a parking mater in any state.

To cheat a parking meter, take a trip to a shop nearby, purchase a few needed materials such as cardboard, scissors, glue, stir stick, and nickel.

In the sections below, I highlight the various methods to trick a parking meter for more parking minutes or hours.

How to Hack a Parking Meter

In this section, I expose the various methods you may choose from to hack a parking meter and park for free.

Below are the ways to cheat a parking meter:

  • Use Starbucks Stick and Nickel
  • Place a Zip-Tied Dime
  • Insert a Thick Card
  • Alternative Ways to Park for Free

Method 1

Use Starbucks Stick and Nickel

The combination of a Starbucks stir stick and a nickel can hack a parking meter comfortably.


  • Sellotape (3-inches long)
  • Nickel
  • Scissors
  • Starbucks stir stick (you may use a similar stick)

Note: A nickel should cost a few cents, between $0.05 and $0.07.

Steps to Cheap Paring Meter with Starbucks Stick and Nickel

  • Place the 3-inches long sellotape on a flat surface.
  • Put the nickel right in the middle of the sellotape.
  • Place the Starbucks stir stick near one end of the nickel in the sellotape.
  • Fold the sellotape over carefully to glue the nickel and Starbucks stir stick.

After taping the nickel and Starbucks stir stick together, use the scissors to cut off the remaining edges of the sellotape

You should have something like in the picture below glued by sellotape:

how to cheat a parking meter

Next, locate an unfortunate parking meter and insert the DIY parking meter hacking tool right where you would drop a coin. Shake it for some seconds and make sure the nickel does not drop.

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If the parking meter eats the nickel, you have to remake the tool and try again.

The more you shake the DIY tool, the more hours you should secure to park your vehicle for extended minutes or hours.

Method 2

Place a Zip-Tied Dime

This method is similar to the first method, but it requires slightly different tools from the one above.


  • A dime
  • 1” X 1” strip of Clear box packing tape
  • Zip tie

Steps to Cheat Parking Meter with Zip Tie

  • Place the strip of Clear box packing tape on a flat surface.
  • Drop the dime in the middle of the packing tape.
  • Place the sharp end of the zip tie at one end of the dime in the packing tape as in the picture below.

how to fool parking meter

  • Cut another 1-inch clear tape wrap over the dime and zip tie.

Note: You need a smooth fold, so, avoid creating bubbles and creases while wrapping the clear tape.

Locate a parking meter and insert the zip-tied coin in the parking meter. Push the tool straight back horizontally and move it up and down slowly until the parking meter beeps to register the dime.

If you lose your dime to the parking meter, it is not tight on the zip tie and you need another zip tie coin.

If you can identify the spot that registers the dime and gives you credit while moving it up and down, keep the dime within that area tightly and keep moving the zip-tied coin up and down faster to get free time.

In Los Angeles, for instance, you could receive 15 minutes per 250 and about 2 hours at $2.

Method 3

Insert a Thick Card

If you have a thick card such as a business card or a matchbook, you can cheat a parking meter.

Steps to Hack a Parking Meter with a Thick Card

  • Cut the thick card to 1.5” by 2.5” size.
  • Fold the card twice to make it rigid. It should now measure 0.25” by 2.5”.
  • Insert the card into the parking mater slot until you cannot push it further.
  • Halfway into the quarter slot, turn the card and apply a bit of force until you see the yellow violation sign.

When the violation sign appears, you have cheated the parking meter successfully. But if you turn the card mistakenly in the other direction, the red ticket may appear and you must drive away immediately.

But if the yellow sign is all that is there, you will not receive a ticket. Sometimes, you may get up to 2 hours to park for free.

Note: If a part of the card is sticking out, cut it off; otherwise, the parking officer may spot it, and serve you a paring citation.

Method 4

Alternative Ways to Park for Free

Instead of hacking a parking meter, you could locate free parking meters. Typically, free parking meters can give up to 20 minutes of parking without charges.

If you are doing something that would not consume much of your time, like getting a doughnut, a free-minute parking meter is ideal.

When you find a free meter, hit the “OK” button for some free minutes, typically 20 minutes.

You may take advantage of free parking hours.

In the City of Minneapolis, for example, there is no parking meter space enforcement on several holidays. And in most areas of Chicago, parking is free usually between 10 pm and 8 am.

how to trick a parking meter
That feeling after you hack parking meter…😋

Final Thoughts

In this article, you have discovered the tricks to hack a parking meter. I am serving you this guide, regarding how to cheat a parking meter, for experimental purposes only.

If you cheat a paring meter and get caught, you will be fined because it is a federal offense. Note that it is illegal to fill someone else’s parking meter in some states. So, if you fool a parking meter for someone you do not know, depending on the state, you may be fined.

Meanwhile, if you receive an unfair parking ticket, you may dispute the parking ticket charges and win.

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