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How to Make an Auto Repair Receipt [Step by Step]

Howdy, Driver? You can make a fake auto repair receipt to replace the original you misplaced. Of course, this guide also helps you to make an auto repair receipt for your client.

how to make a fake auto repair receipt

A car repair receipt is a written proof indicating that a car was repaired and that payments have been completed to the auto repair shop or the mechanic. Typically, if you are selling your vehicle, the buyer may request the vehicle repair invoice as a measure to detect an odometer rollback, inspect the vehicle history, or to ascertain whether the vehicle was stolen and made legal.

An auto repair receipt gives detailed information about the repair services on a vehicle and it also states the cost of repairs. It helps a vehicle owner to confirm the amount they are paying. If the vehicle is insured, it must also be entered in the car repair receipt. The owner may then use the receipt to file a claim with the insurance company expecting to write-off the repair cost.

Vehicle Repairs Receipt Format

A typical auto repair receipt discloses the following information:

  • Company Information

An auto repair receipt should include the name of the auto shop and contact information such as the address, phone number, email address, and website.

When you are selling the car, the buyer might want to trace it to the auto shop to confirm whether the receipt is authentic.

Note that most of the time, auto body shops record the current odometer mileage on a car to fight against changing odometer reading illegally.

  • Vehicle Information

The auto repair receipt should contain the name and contact information of a vehicle owner, vehicle make and model, license plate number, and sometimes, the color of the vehicle. When a new buyer is getting the car, they will not pay for it if the name of the seller, license plate number, vehicle make, and model does not match. If you are creating a fake auto repair receipt, you would want to ensure that your name or the name of the previous owner and the vehicle description on the receipt match with other documents such as the car title and bill of sale.

  • Insurance Details

The auto repair receipt should also contain the insurance information of the vehicle owner. For instance, if the car was involved in an accident, the vehicle owner would obtain a claim number from the insurance company, which would be used by the insurance company to track the repair information of the vehicle.

  • Repair Descriptions and Payments

You will also include a description of the repair services while creating the original or fake auto repair receipt. The description should indicate whether there is a replacement of car parts, paint job, etc. You will also include the cost of the repair services and the method of payment for the repairs.

How to Make an Auto Repair Receipt

  1. Get the Auto Repair Receipt Template

The first step is to download the auto repair receipt template online. As you read further for the steps to create a copy, you will find external links containing various repair receipts I have tested.

  1. Fill Out the Company Information

The first section is the company section that requires the company information. If you are creating a fake auto repair receipt, then you have to collect the company information such as company name, address, phone number, email address, fax, and website. Regarding the date and receipt number, you may use whatever details you prefer.

fillable auto repair receipt

If you are a mechanic, of course, you want to enter the company information as it corresponds with the company. Note that the date of the repairs must be correct and the receipt number is needed to trace the payment record easily.

The company section requires the following details:

  • Company Name
  • Street Address
  • City, State, and Zip
  • Email Address
  • Fax
  • Website
  • Date
  • Receipt Number

You may refer to the website of the repair shop (if you are a vehicle owner trying to fake an auto repair receipt) to collect the company details.

  1. Enter the Customer Information

The next section contains customer information. If you are a curbstoner attempting to create a fake auto repair receipt, you are supposed to enter your details or the details on the car title in this section.

Does Word have auto repair receipt template

As a mechanic, you are to supply the information of the owner of the vehicle correctly. The information to provide includes the following:

  • Name of the vehicle owner
  • City, State, and Zip
  • License plates
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number
  • Year, Make, and Model of Vehicle

Cross-check that the license plate number you enter is correct. Meanwhile, I have written an article that discloses how someone can make a fake license plate for fun.

  1. Supply the Insurance Information

Under the Insurance Information section, add the name of the insurance company and the insurance claim number. If you are the repairs mechanic, obtain the insurance company name and claim number from the owner of the car.

Auto repair receipt

However, if you are creating a fake auto repairs receipt for a used car, you could use the name of the company responsible for the active insurance coverage on the car. Note that it is not compulsory to complete the Insurance Information section.

Typically, the insurance section on a car repair receipt is completed if a car owner files a claim with the insurance company to cover the cost of repairs.

  1. Describe the Vehicle Repairs

How do I invoice a car repair

The description section contains the following information:

  • Services rendered
  • Cost
  • Parts
  • Quantity/Price
  • Total Amount

Under the Services column, describe the service(s) rendered in the car. It could be brake work, oil filter change, tire replacements, paint job, etc.

Under the Cost column, add the cost of the service(s) rendered. For example, the cost of an oil filter change would between $35 and $75.

Under the Parts column, specify the part(s) of the vehicle replaced or fixed.

On the Quantity/Price column, add the number of the parts and the price for each part (if applicable).

The final column is labeled Total, sum up the cost for each row and write it out on the corresponding rows.

  1. Fill the Payment Details

The next section of an auto repairs receipt contains the payment details including the payment method, the amount paid, amount due, subtotal, tax rate, total tax, and total.

How can I get an auto repair receipt

First, you will fill the section labeled Subtotal, Tax Rate, Total Tax, and Total.

Subtotal: The total of all the repair costs and parts in the repair description section.

Tax Rate: According to the Tax Policy Center, the federal income tax rates range from 10-37 percent. In this regard, you may charge a 10% tax rate.

Total Tax: The total tax is the tax rate of the subtotal. For example, if the subtotal is $375, the total tax would be $37.5.

Total: The total is the sum of the subtotal and total tax. For example, if the subtotal is $375 and the total tax is $37.5, the total is $412.5.

  1. Provide the name of service person(s)

mechanic - car service & repair workshop template free download

The next section is the name of the service person. A service person or personnel is the mechanic responsible for the repairs. If you are selling a used car, but the buyer needs a repairs receipt, then you must include the service person. If you lost the original car repairs receipt, ask the mechanic to enter their name in the new one as the service person or you enter a random name.

If you are a mechanic, simply enter your name or the name of the personnel that serviced the vehicle.

  1. Sign the Receipt

car repair template free download

In the last section, add your signature and printed name. A printed name is like a signature, but it is different because you will not connect the letters as in your signature. The reason for a printed name is to show how your name would be spelled instead of the unclear signature.

Note: You can create an additional field to include the number of hours for labor.

Auto Repair Templates Download

In this section, I disclose the sites that offer free downloadable auto repair templates if you do not want to edit the template yourself. I have selected the best sites to ease the burden of finding more vehicle repair templates for your clients or the buyer of your used car.

Below are the best places to get your auto repairs receipt:

Printable Cash Receipts

Printable Cash Receipts offers both paid and free auto repair receipt template. Visit Printable Cash Receipt to access the customizable templates. Note that the customizable auto repair receipt costs $7 while the free template is not customizable like what I have given you for no fee in this article.

Online Invoices

Online Invoices offers you free customizable auto repair receipts. Visit Online Invoices to customize an auto repair receipt. Note that it is a fillable auto repair receipt template.

Below are the simple steps to customize an auto repair receipt via Online Invoice:

  • Click Invoice Logo to select a logo for the site (the company’s logo).
  • Edit the field labeled Invoice (edit it to Auto Repairs Receipt).
  • Under Your Business Info field, enter your business name, address, city, state, postal code, phone number, and email address in the brackets.
  • Under Bill To, enter client name, client’s address, city, state, and postal code.
  • Edit the Invoice Number
  • Edit the Date
  • Select your currency by clicking the Currency
  • Under the Description field, describe the repair job, enter the quantity, and price (click Add Another Line to Invoice if you want to enter another service description done on the vehicle).
  • If you are taxing for the repairs, edit the value under Tax (you can include the discount if you have discounted).
  • Enter a short note under Notes (optional).

Download Free Auto Repair Templates

The sites below offer free multiple templates to select from and use to make a fake auto repair receipt or an original if you are a mechanic.

For auto repair templates only, visit the sites above for a variety of templates to select from. I have tested and confirmed each template to be

Final Thoughts

An auto repair receipt is useful for vehicle owners to know the description and costs of what they are paying for and keep it as proof.

Most of the time, used car buyers request the repair receipts to determine the level of repairs before paying for a car.

A car repair invoice is also proof that you pay taxes and it helps to track tax-deductible expenses. If you are selling your vehicle, but the buyer requests valid repair receipts, it is illegal to issue them a fake auto repair receipt. Nonetheless, it is not illegal to recreate (duplicate) a repair receipt for a car if the original is missing.


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