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7 Best Led Light Strips for Car Interior Ambient Lighting

best led light strips for car interior

You need the best LED light strips for car interior to make it not only stand out but also give your car that modern appeal. It is an added beauty to your vehicle, no doubt, but getting the best car ambient lighting could be a little tasking given the numerous car interior lighting on the market.

So, you have decided to light your car’s interior up by fixing pretty lights in it. You discovered that your kids will be amazed by it and will like it.

Best LED light strips for car interior

best led light strips for car interior

I understand that spending huge bucks on lights that don’t work or suit your specification can be frustrating. That is why I have put up this list of the best LED light strips for car interiors based on intensive research, and I am pretty sure you’ll like them. The following reviews are based on first-hand experience, so you can as well trust my judgment to be authentic.

That said, now let’s check the best led light strips for car interior out below:

  1. Interior Car Lights, WEBUPAR Car Accessories 10 in 1 Car LED Strip Lights

I found this difficult to install, but when I got someone to help me fix it, it was the best thing I’d done this year. I almost did not recognize my car.


  • Brightly lit your car ambiance

I give it to this LED light when it comes to lighting up cars very brightly. Hey, no need to worry, you can adjust the brightness just as you deem it.

  • Adjustable brightness

I told you that you do not need to worry about the lights being very bright as you adjust the brightness to suit you. I personally don’t like too bright lights, so I always adjust them to be gentle on my eyes at night. 

  • Rhythmic music sync

It adjusts colors and speed following ambient music as well as sound. Now it’s as though my light already knows the music from my speakers before now because it gives just the same rhythm to the music on speakers. Not just music, but also my voice, thanks to its built-in high-sensitive mic.

  • Dual installation methods

This LED light gives you 2 installation options. A car cigarette lighter plug and a power cord. Now you can determine which connection method you want and opt for it.


The 4 wires could prove difficult to tuck into their lines. You kind of need to be handy to get this correctly. It took me hours too.

The difficulty in tucking the wires in their lines makes installation more difficult. I had to contact a handyperson to help out. It might not be the same case with you though if you are careful and pay attention to details.

  1. LED Lights for Car, Car Strip Lights

A light that can fit into any kind of vehicle you have. It didn’t just fit, it leaves your vehicle’s interior cozier than it’s ever been. 


  • Changes colors and syncs with music

I find it very cool that this LED light gives me the rhythm of my music when it’s on. The speed, color, and brightness change according to my favorite songs played on my smartphone. It also changes color while giving off rhythmic flashes. The light is so sensitive to my voice that when I talk, it flashes according to my voice. My kids find this fascinating and won’t stop talking just to watch the lights dim and brighten according to their voices.

  • USB port

I had always thought that USBs are safer than cigarette lighters and that’s just what this LED light comes with. It is powered by 5V DC, with short circuit protection inside, now I don’t have to worry about spark or fire accidents. 

  • Easy to install

One of the things that could be frustrating about strip LED lights is falling off after installation. With this LED light, I don’t have to worry about that. It has 4pcs LED car strips, with self-adhesive tape to stick strongly under 4 seats. In addition, it comes with long cables that fit big-size vehicles, such as cars, SUVs, jeeps, vans, etc. Here’s a little tip: stickiness will be stronger if the tape is warm before installation, and it will last longer. Therefore ensure the tapes are warm before installing them for a long-lasting result

  • Enhances your driving pleasure

It’s usually a great feeling when people turn their heads to see the glow in my car. It makes me confident when driving in my car to public places now. Generally, driving feels a lot easier and enjoyable with these lights on.


I observed that the adhesives started to curve at the edges and peel off after a short time of usage. This is probably the downside there is to this LED light.

  1. OPT7 Aura PRO Car Interior Lighting Kit Bluetooth Smart-Color LED Strip

I like that my phone is connected to my lights, it makes me in charge to do anything I please with it, including playing some music for pleasure. This LED light gives a wonderful experience.


  • Comes with Bluetooth

You can connect your smartphone to Bluetooth to play music. The app is written in English, nullifying any barriers that may come with an unfamiliar language.

  •  Door assist

If there’s one thing I find amazing about this LED light is that the lights come on every time I open my door. However, this only works using the in-app color section and on the Aura Pro

  • Easy installation

I’m not much of a handy person but I got this light installed easily in 5 minutes. It also has a plug-and-play car charger. I particularly like that it gives me music on the go while charging my smartphone simultaneously.

  • Sound sync

How do you like your lights? Static and boring or flashing to exclusive bass-activated technology? For me, the latter is more fascinating. This light flashes in sync with the music in your car and even your voice or any nearby sound.

  • Smartcolor

This LED light combines colors to provide something you probably haven’t even seen before. But you know what? It always ends up giving off beautiful colors, one you would love to see for a while due to its pleasing glow.


Just like the above, this LED light has the problem of sticking perfectly. The adhesive is weak. I had to add extra glue to make them stay put. You should do the same too if they turn out weak.

  1. Interior Car Lights, Abnija Car LED Strip Light

Be entertained with the ever-changing color mixture of these excellent LED lights. It combines different colors to produce beautiful colors. Good thing is that these colors are not distracting, I still drive with my full attention on the road.


  • Control with your phone

This LED light does not come with a physical remote control. All you have to do is just download the app by scanning its QR code. It makes things easier that you control the light from one channel (your phone).

Note that you have to turn on the Bluetooth first, connect to the light strips via Bluetooth, and then open the app to choose the modes you like. You will be amazed at the beautiful ambiance this LED light helps you achieve

  • Has multi and sync with sounds

Over 16 million DIY colors and different tones for selection. Your favorite is certainly among these colors you can choose from. It could also act as a strobe.

It gives your car an exquisite look when you combine the colors of your choice. These LED lights give off rhythmic flashes to your songs. It also has a microphone to capture nearby sounds and flashes accordingly.

  • Perfect car decoration

This LED light effortlessly beautifies my car. The mixture of colors turns an ugly object into an unrecognizably pretty one. Also, the lights increase the safety of driving in the daytime and nighttime

  • Easy installation & use

You have to map out the position you want your light installed as frequent sticking and removing will cause the edges to curve or even peel off after a while.

Finally, plug the connector into the 12V socket (there is a small car charger for you to connect). Next thing? Just sit back and watch how pretty your car had always been.

  • Safe to use

There is absolutely no chance of fire hazards with this LED light. The lights are waterproof, extremely low-heat, touchable, and safe for children. And these car interior lights are not only suitable for cars, but also compatible with SUVs, trucks, and vans.


You have to download the app for the microphone to be able to capture the sound in your car. And too, there’s no way you can control the lights without the app.

  1. PryEU Car Interior LED Strip Lights for Automotive

I am able to separate the strips to stick each one in the position where I especially want them. Cutting the strips does not damage them in any way.


  • Strong adhesive

Sticking your LED lights around your car interior only to see them fall off after a while is clearly disappointing. But that is not the case with this LED light that comes with a strong adhesive.

It even comes with zip ties in case you’ll need them. Now you don’t have to worry about your pretty light falling off.

  • Rhythmic music flashes

Having your car light flashing according to the song can be soothing, and that’s what this light does.

  • Easy installation 

Minimal effort is enough to get this light working. It only needs to connect all parts with existing wires and connectors to start working.

  • Has 3 segments

You might desire to place your LED light in some specific places. This car LED light can be cut into 3 segments to position in various parts of your car where you prefer.


It does not come with an instruction booklet on how to install it. You might have to find your way around it as I did. But do not attempt to install it if you completely do not have any idea how to go about it. Contact a handyman to help you fix it.

The adhesive is weak. You might need extra glue to get it perfectly in position.

  1. Car Led Strip Lights 32CM Waterproof Led Light Strips for Cars

The chances of getting your led lights damaged with liquid are eliminated with this LED light. However, you shouldn’t spill liquid on it voluntarily.


  • Sufficient wire length

The wire that comes with this LED light is long enough to go around the length of your car interior.

  • Waterproof and flexible

It can bend to a large extent to fit comfortably into corners of your car without breaking at corners. It can be installed into gaps without being visible if that’s how you want it, and that doesn’t stop the glow.

  • Easy installation

The strong adhesive makes it easy to install this LED light. The ends of the wires are black and red. The black is negative while the red is positive. All you have to do is fit each one onto the respective power supply ports in your car.

  • Warranty

If you are looking for a car interior LED light that comes with a one-year warranty, then this LED light is your best bet. Aside from the fact that the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty, they are also ready to refund your money if you don’t think the light is worth it.

In addition, they have a standby customer support team to help provide solutions to any problems you may encounter.


The wire is too short It’ll barely go around your car interior. If you must add an extra wire, ensure it is compatible with its wire.

  1. Geeon RGB Interior Car LED Strip Lights

It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you have, this light will perfectly on it. Yes, it’s for car interiors but it works on the exterior of your vehicle too.


  • Blinks with music

This LED strip light can beautify your car’s ambiance with beautiful colors which you can change from a 21-key remote without pointing at any sensor to work.

Need I mention that the light blinks in sync with the music in your car? Interesting. 

  • Strong adhesive

The strip light does not fall off easily during or after installation, it sticks perfectly to the position you want it, thanks to its strong adhesive. 

  • Easy to install

Besides that this light is easy to install, and it comes with a wireless remote controller.

  • Multi-purpose

You can conveniently fit this light into any space in your car such as beneath your car seat, under the front seats which will provide a glow on your foot mat, or just how you deem okay. Though it is designed for interiors, this light can be lined outside your car to give your car that perfect glow at night. 

  • Cuttable and waterproof

You can cut your LED strip light into segments and fit it into any specific position in your car. In addition, you do not have to worry about getting it damaged when you spilled liquid on it because it is waterproof.


Wire is too short

Doesn’t shine very brightly. This is relative though as the shine might be just the right amount of brightness some persons want.

Is it legal to have LED lights inside your car?

Besides that interior light makes your car look trendy and cool It is completely legal to have LED light strips in your car. However, there are a few restrictive laws you should bear in mind if you are considering lining your car with a LED light strip.

  • No red color may be visible from the front of the car – This is perhaps to help differentiate your car’s front from its rear and not confuse other drivers who might mistake a red LED light from the front of your car for the rear
  • No flashing lights are permitted
  • Blue colors are not allowed
  • The only color that should be visible on the rear is red
  • The license plate should be illuminated with white lights

We strongly advise that you familiarise yourself with laws that guide the use of car interior LED lights in your state to ensure you are not breaking any law.

Generally, however, and contrary to popular belief, it’s not illegal to drive with your interior lights on—Policygenius. Nevertheless, driving with interior lights on can make it difficult to see while driving.

What are the major disadvantages of car LED lights?

Everything that has a good side also have a bad side and car light LED light have their share of bad sides, let’s see them below.

a. Sensitive to temperature

The ambiance where the LED lights are fixed could greatly affect them. If the temperature of the ambient where these lights are fixed is pretty high, the bulb or lamps are subjected to this unfriendly temperature and could cause the LED light to develop a fault or even become catastrophic in some cases. 

b. Compromised vision

LED lights have more blue or white lights than what is safe for the human eyes to look at. This could have an adverse effect on human eyes by causing what is known as the blue hazard.

Studies have also shown that increased blue light can be responsible for age-related macular degeneration and can as well damage photoreceptor cells.

c. Voltage sensitive

LED lights only flourish when the voltage and current are optimal. A little change in current (whether becomes very high or very low) can adversely affect the lifespan of the LED lights, or at best cause flickering

Are interior car LED lights worth it?

Yes. Car LED lights are worth your money, energy, and time for many reasons.

One, LED lights consume less energy than conventional bulbs. Studies have shown that LED lights are 80% more efficient than conventional bulbs. This low energy consumption helps your car operate at a greater efficiency. Not only that, but they also help you save your battery from dying faster consequently extending its lifespan.

Two, LED lights have a higher lifespan than incandescent bulbs. They last 25 times more than conventional bulbs.

Some people believe that LED lights don’t go dim after some time of usage like other bulbs. The truth is they do, but that happens much longer from the time of purchase. It’ll take decades before LED lights go dim.


Car interior LED lights are a sight to behold. Not only do they give your car’s interior a pretty look but also enhance your driving experience without distracting you.

You can’t go wrong in choosing any of the above-mentioned car LED lights.

Although, if you want to opt for affordable ones, endeavor to check the downside to avoid unpleasant occurrences. That said good luck with lighting up your car. 

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