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Do You Need a License to Register a Car in Your Name?

Do you need a license to register a car in your name? perhaps, you need a driver’s license to get a car in your name. but what if you can register a car with no driver’s license? Let us find out.

Do you need a license to register a car in your name

A driver’s license is not mandatory when putting a car in your name. You need important paperwork such as car title, proof of insurance, and, sometimes the bill of sale to put a car in your name.

To legally own a car, you must have it put in your name. Otherwise, you cannot legally drive it. You cannot also drive your car if you have no valid license. Besides, here is a report of a Savannah man arrested for driving without a license.

How is a Driver’s License Important in Vehicle Registration?

A driver’s license is a document that shows you fit and eligible to drive a car. It may contain additional information about you but it all depends on your state.

It typically has an expiry date, meaning you must have it renewed periodically.

To get a valid driver’s license, you must pass a written and road test. A first-timer is also required to sign up with any authorized driving school or program before the license application process.

Now, how important is your driver’s license with your vehicle ownership. When registering a car, the department of motor vehicles requires you to submit specified paperwork and a fee. Do you also need a license? Well, let us find out.

Do You Need a License to Register a Car in Your Name?

A driver’s license is not mandatory to register a car in your name. If you buy a car from a dealership, for instance, they can issue you temporary tags or plates. You could also contact the local vehicle department to have a temporary tag.

Temporary tags allow you to legally drive the car while you apply for the permanent plates to put the car in your name.

The permanent plates are mailed to the address you provide. You are also able to pick them up from the office after about 2 weeks of processing.

When you buy a car from a private seller, the private seller cannot issue temporary tags, it must be in your name. You cannot also legally drive with their plates unless you let them drive you to the nearest registration office.

The documents you submit for temporary tags typically include the bill of sale, a valid photo ID, proof of insurance, and a title certificate. You can apply for any of the temporary tags, including the single trip, 14-day, 30-day, 60-day, and even 90-day permit depending on the state.

Without a driver’s license, you do not drive your car even with the temporary tags. You can have your car towed and impounded at the nearest DMV or have a licensed driver take it there for you.

In some states, you can use any authorized agency to register instead of the DMV. You will pay the surcharge which compensates for the time you save from going to the DMV.

Can Someone Below 18 Register a Car Without a License?

Anyone can have a car registered in their name even without a license. There is no age limitation for owning a car. An under 18 can.

In essence, a minor can own a car and also register it without a license. Besides, a minor cannot obtain a driver’s license since they are not of the legal age.

When a car title is signed to a minor, they automatically become the owner. A minor only requires a valid photo ID in the place of a driver’s license to put a car in their name. Also, a teenager can apply for a government-issued ID at any age.

Lots of teens own cars registered in their name. Of course, they submitted no license since they cannot legally drive them without a license.

Does the DMV Register a Car in Your Name with Suspended License?

Do you need a license to put a car in your name

If you can register a car without a license, then you can register a car in your name without a suspended license. However, there is no point in registering a car in your name if your license was suspended because you cannot legally drive it.

Perhaps, you need a new license plate to bypass the suspension. This will not work; most states can pull your data regardless of how many plates are registered in your name. If you are unfortunate and the cops pull you over and run your plate, they can tell your driver’s license is suspended.

If you are planning to register a new car in your name to drive it with a suspended license, you should have a rethink. The road belongs to everyone and you may have been suspended to protect every road user.

You cannot beat the rules except you want to do so the illegal way. But is it worth it? Always not because it is expensive if you get caught.

When your driver’s license is suspended, it does not mean the end of your driving life. You can always appeal the suspension, and perhaps, have it lifted before you register another car in your name. In the meantime, you can use the train, bus, or even ride a bicycle. You can also have a licensed driver get you to your desired locations.

Think about what could happen if you get involved in an auto accident with a suspended license. First, your insurance company will reject your claims, so you are responsible for the damages. You will also get into trouble with the law for possessing a suspended license.

In your case, it is needless to register a new car in your name, except you are not going to drive it. But then, it is perfectly acceptable to register a car in your name with a suspended license.

Can you get tags without a license?

You can also get temporary tags or plates without a driver’s license. If your state refuses to issue you temporary tags without a valid license, you can have the dealership complete the process for you. If you buy a car from a private seller, then you have to tow the car home.

Final Thoughts

A driver’s license is always needed to show that you can legally drive. It is not a yardstick for vehicle ownership, so you do not mandatorily require it to register a car in your name.

If a driver’s license was so important, you will not be able to drive another person’s car. But as it stands, you can drive most cars with a valid license even if you do not own them.

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