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Get Car Out of Impound with Suspended License 2023 [Guide]

Having your car impounded with a suspended license is not as serious as it appears. Thus, this article explains how to get car out of impound with suspended license. It is not a walk-over sort of thing though but it can be handled almost like any other impound case.

how to get car out of impound with suspended license

You can get your car out of impound with a suspended license if you are the registered owner. Visit the impounding police agency for a release slip and pay the impound fees to the impound lot or towing company.

Since you have a suspended license, you need an attorney with experience.

The attorney has to lift the hold off your license for your license to be reissued. Finally, you file papers as the registered owner with the impounding police agency and towing facility.

How to get car out of impound with suspended license

We have summarized the steps above. In this section, however, we take a broader look at the solution. Below are the steps to get car out of impound with a suspended license:

  1. Find your car

It is easier if you witnessed your car being towed. However, if you were not present at the time your car was towed, it can be a long process locating where it is impounded.

Suppose you were pulled over for a traffic violation and finds out you have a suspended license, the officer can tell you where your car is being towed.

A car towed in your absence may be difficult to tell the location. In extreme cases, you have to confirm that your car is not stolen. You can ask the people around or the parking authority if they witnessed a car being towed.

Your next go-to is the police, you will be asked for the VIN and license registration numbers. They may not give accurate information immediately since the impounded car needs to go into the records first. In this case, you wait a couple of hours before you contact them again for the impound information.

  1. Locate the impound lot

When the impounding authorities confirm the impound company and location of your car, contact them. Of course, your next step will be gathering the paperwork but you have a problem—a suspended license.

You may be able to retrieve certain items such as luggage or a baby car seat but you cannot retrieve car parts, including, tires, radios, batteries, and more depending on your state laws. You may also need your registration paperwork to submit to your local police when you begin the retrieval process.

  1. Contact an experienced attorney

How to get car out of impound without license

Like some serious impound cases such as not having a title, insurance, etc., getting your car out of impound with a suspended license can be complicated. An attorney will be able to help release the vehicle.

If the car does not belong to you, the registered owner may be able to recover it from the impound without issues of a suspended license. Nonetheless, the individual caught driving with a suspended license may have to face the consequence.

An attorney can help to remove the hold on your driver’s license. Every state has strict regulations against driving with a suspended license or driving without a license at all.

When the suspension of your driver’s license is lifted, you may then be able to get your vehicle out of the impound following the traditional process, including submitting the required forms to the authorities and the impound company.

  1. Know the documents to submit

You will need documents including proof of ownership, registration, and insurance. However, since you have no valid driver’s license, you want to clear it with your attorney. You may also be required to submit your photo ID.

  1. Pay the impound fees

First, know the total fee you have to pay. You will pay the police and the impound company. You can speak with your local clerk to know what you owe. You may have to pay initial fees (if you owe any) such as tickets, insurance violation, etc.

The impound company will also give you the total cost you have to pay for them to release your car. You may be able to negotiate if you have no money, some impound lots provide retrieval options you can choose from. Note that the impound fee increases by the day.

Find out the accepted methods of payment. The police may accept cash, credit, and even money order. You also need to know the preferred payment method of the impound lot.

  1. Contact the police and impound lot to retrieve your car

You have to report to the police first to submit the needed paperwork for clearance and make payment. Of course, you have to be cleared of the suspended license, or at least cleared to be able to retrieve your car. This will be handled by your attorney, so get in touch with an experienced attorney.

The attorney will need to know the reason you drove with an expired license so that they can design a defense for you.

You will get a report from the police which you submit to the impound lot, pay the necessary fees and retrieve your car.

Before you drive out, confirm that everything is intact in the car. Do not hesitate to report any missing item to the impound lot.

Note: The impound fee is different according to your jurisdiction, therefore, there is no accurate estimate. The impound lot charges daily, so the fees add up every day.

Do not leave your car in the impound for long

It is not okay to abandon your car with the impound lot. Make sure you get it out by exploring any available option. As mentioned above, the longer your car remains with the impound lot, the money you have to pay to recover it.

If your car sits at the impound lot for too long, they can legally auction it off. In some states, there is a time limit, typically after 30 days. After the grace period, the impound company begins the auction process. They will place a lien on the car before they can sell it to recover the storage cost in their lot.

After auctioning your car, if the impound lot does not recoup the debt you owe for storage, you are liable for it. They can file a case at the court against you to complete the payment, the effect can extend to your credit history.

If you have no money to recover your car from the impound, this article may be helpful. In the case where you have no insurance, you may be able to retrieve your car from the impound without insurance.

Remember that the cost adds up daily, so you really must react quickly to pay less.

How much does it cost to get car out of impound?

There is no accurate cost estimate for getting your car out of impound if you have a suspended license. You can ask the impound company for the daily cost. Multiply the daily cost by the number of days your car sat in the storage lot. If your car was not drivable, you may have to also pay the flatbed cost. Of course, your first fee will be to sort yourself for driving with an expired license. You will also pay to hire an attorney to resolve your problem.


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