How to Drive a New Car Home Without Insurance

Howdy, Driver? It is smart that you seek to know how to drive a new car home without insurance. You do not want the authorities to flag down your new car and place a hefty fine on you. Of course, that’s quite a sane move because it is insane to drive home a new with no coverage.

how to drive a new car home without insurance

You can drive a new car home without insurance, however, it is illegal to drive a new car home without insurance. First, if the police flag you, you will be fined. Secondly, if the car crashes accidentally, you will bear the entire cost of repairs.

Various jurisdictions each have their policies on driving a new car home without insurance. In some states, there is no big deal in driving a new car home without protection. Nonetheless, some other countries are ever ready to impound the vehicle. If the police impound your new car, you can recover the car without insurance.

Can you drive a new car home without insurance? The answer is “yes” and “no”. It is illegal to drive home without insurance and it is also possible to drive a new car home without spending on getting the car covered. Nevertheless, I will disclose some of the tricks a sane driver employs to drive home an uninsured vehicle.

How to Drive a New Car Home Without Insurance

do i need insurance before i buy a used car

In this section, I will disclose the various ways to drive a new car away from the dealership without insurance coverage.

Below are the steps regarding how to drive a car home without insurance:

1.   Let the Dealership Drive the Car

If your home is not far from the dealership, this option will work for you. However, if you live quite far from the dealership, driving the car home without insurance is not advisable.

To drive your new car home without insurance, begin by discussing with the dealership. Disclose to the dealership that you have no active insurance and that you will insure after driving home.

The dealership is happy with you as a customer and would be willing to do anything, including being responsible for the vehicle liability. The dealership will then permit you to drive your car home under their insurance coverage with staff accompanying you.

How is it possible? Consider when you test drive without insurance. Would the dealership make it mandatory to use your insurance? No, they will not, because they have insured the car already. Nevertheless, it is not every dealership that would be willing which means you have to discuss the situation with them. The idea is simple; the dealership will aid drive the car home as if it is a test drive.

2.   The Private Seller Should Drive

Just like the dealership, a private seller should have an insurance policy that covers the car you are buying. Private sellers often have insurance policies that prevent them from taking responsibility for your vehicle insurance. Inquire from the seller whether the vehicle, whether your car is insured. If yes, ask the seller to drive the vehicle down to your home with you in the car.

Sincerely, it will be difficult for the private seller to give in, but you can convince him/her to do so. If you live within the town, it should be easy. When the police stop the car, inform them that the car is on a test drive.

When I purchased my first ever car, I had no insurance, and I did not fancy getting temporary insurance for the day. I simply convinced the private dealership to drive me home in the car. My request was not declined, and I am confident that your request would not be declined.

3.   Tow the Car Home

Can you tow a new car home without insurance? Yes, you can. The law can’t fine you because you are not driving the car. But then, you must ensure that all the necessary papers are on board to avoid inconveniences with road officials.

The only downside here is that you have to pay for towing, which may be enough to afford you temporary insurance. It will be a great idea if you live quite far from the dealership or private seller.

4.   Use Old Insurance Coverage

If your insurance includes the DOC (Drive Other Cars), you do not have to worry about insurance. Just inform the insurance company of the new car and they will include it in the current coverage. Once you confirm the addition, you are free to hit the road in your new car.

Are you unsure whether your current insurance permits you to drive other cars? Contact the insurance helpdesk and inquire from them. If the insurance company does not provide the service, it is unfortunate that you can’t drive your new car home.

Also, this coverage is usually temporary and offers protection for your new vehicle for up to 5 days.

5.   Pay the Police

Are you perplexed, but wish to drive your car from the dealership to the house without insurance? Consider paying the cops to protect you. If you have a cop friend, it is super-easy to talk them into becoming your convoy as you drive home.

Of course, no road official(s) will stop your car while you drive home with no insurance. Endeavor to drive safe and be on the lookout until you arrive home safely. After a day or two, do not hesitate to insure your new vehicle before hitting the road again.

How to Get Insurance to Drive New Car Home

If you would give in to the pressure of getting the car insured before driving home, then you need insurance. Below are the steps to get the new car insured before driving home:

Shop for Best Quotes

Usually, you should compare quotes from various insurance companies. Some insurers do not sell protection at cheap compared to several others. To opt for an affordable quote, shop, and compare multiple quotes from various insurance companies. Make sure to understand their policies before signing up.

Contact the Insurance company

Contact the insurance company and request an express coverage. If you do not want to buy full insurance, get temporary protection instead.

Get a Temporary Insurance

If you are unable to afford any of the alternatives above, buy temporary vehicle insurance. Usually, you need the drive away insurance, which lasts between 5 and 7 days. It is the best bet you require to drive your car anywhere, as long as you do not exceed the timeline. Interestingly, it is a legal way to drive your new car home.

If it tickles you to take the car home immediately, you do not have to visit any physical office. Apply for temporary insurance online and you are good to go. Do not put your new car on the road when the protection exceeds its timeline.

Is It Illegal to Drive a New Car Home without Insurance?

Yes, it is illegal to drive a new car home without insurance. Follow the measures in this article to be son a safe lane and avoid the hefty fines that accompany driving an uninsured car.


Some of these measures regarding how to drive a new car home without insurance, work for short distances. If you live far from the car assembly, it will be difficult to drive home.

Depending on your jurisdiction, you may mandatorily require car insurance to drive off the car lot. If the road officials halt your car while you have no insurance coverage, you would have to pay a fine. Moreover, it is not safe for you to drive a new car without insurance. Unexpected situations can leap in at any time and may result in spending so much on repairs.

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