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5 Ways To Make a Fake Car Insurance Card 2023 [Tutorial]

Urgent situations demand urgent solutions. So, knowing how to make a fake car insurance card in dramatic cases is necessary. It could be to prank friends, loved ones, etc.

You can fake an insurance card online using any free/paid ID-making tool. However, faking car insurance papers is an illegal and punishable act. If you prefer a better option, you can Click Here to Get Super Cheap Insurance Quotes.

Nonetheless, it is legal to fake insurance papers if you do not use them for official purposes. Also, insurance cards are essential for teenagers’ cars; do not give fake auto insurance cards to teenage drivers.

This article will highlight how to make a fake car insurance paper that looks like the original. The sole difference is that you can’t use it officially, except to prank friends and for temporary displays such as drama. Below are the steps to make a fake car insurance card online/offline.

Steps to Create a Fake Car Insurance Card

how to make a fake auto insurance card

In this section, I will teach you the steps to make a fake auto insurance card that looks real.

Below are the steps regarding how to make a fake car insurance card:

Open Fake Insurance Maker Tool

Regarding how to make a fake car insurance card, the first thing to consider is the tool for making phony car insurance papers or cards. With the right insurance card maker, your chance of recovering a vehicle from an impound without insurance increases. But, do not present a fake insurance card because the impound lot in your state may verify from the database.

how to make a fake car insurance card free

Typically, a graphic designer will use photo-editing tools like Photoshop to create the car insurance paper from scratch. However, it is better to use online insurance paper maker tools for speed.

All you need do is find the site with the template that matches an insurance card in your state. But not to worry, we will disclose the appropriate sites/tools to use and make a perfect but fake insurance card.

After identifying a preferable fake car maker tool, launch the software. If you use a website, navigate to the Get Form or Fill Form page. If you can select an insurance card for your state, click the option to proceed. If there is none, browse the sample of an insurance card in your state or country.

Sign the Form

Another necessary step regarding how to make fake car insurance papers is the signature. Adding your signature to the synthetic insurance form can be challenging, especially if you do not have the autopen. Also, the people you intend to prank may notice the error if you sign wrongly.

If you have no autopen, you require either the trackpad or mouse to draw your signature on a computer. If you use a smartphone, preferably a tablet, it should be easier to remove your signature on the form.

Make sure to add your signature in the exact position similar to other insurance cards in your state.

Save the Form

Before you save the form, cross-check every piece of information. If you want to imitate your original insurance card, compare the card with what you have on the screen. The same action applies if you are imitating a friend’s or relative’s insurance card.

After verifying the details, click Save As for a list of available document formats. The recommended document formats, regarding how to create a fake car insurance card, for saving the mock insurance paper are PDF, PNG, JPEG, JPG, and JPEG. If you plan to edit further with a photo tool like Photoshop, save the fake insurance form as PSD. Similarly, if you have the CorelDRAW software, save the document as CR2, CRW, or any supported format on CorelDRAW.

Launch Photo Editing Tool

If the template for making a fake vehicle insurance paper is imperfect, you can perfect it using a photo editing tool.

Concerning how to make fake car insurance cards, ideally, you should refine/finetune the fake car insurance paper template in a photo format. The focus areas should be the document’s edges and the lighting.

The essential tools for editing a fake insurance template are the clone, lighting, and the eraser tool. You require these tools regardless of the document editor – Photoshop, CorelDRAW, PicsArt, etc.

Tip: We recommend PicsArt for editing fake car insurance papers for smartphone users.

Modify the Form

Of course, you must modify the fake vehicle insurance card to look exactly like the original. Otherwise, the prank will fail because people will quickly identify the fakeness of the insurance card.

As mentioned earlier, erasers, lighting, and clone tools are the powerful tools required to refine the fake car insurance card. If you are a beginner, below are the functions of these necessary editing tools.

Eraser: This tool erases applied mistakes while refining the form.

Lighting: The lighting tool will increase or decrease the brightness of the fake car insurance template/form.

Clone: The clone tool allows you to copy a part of the fake document/template and paste it into another area.

There are more tools to consider, but these are the essential tools you require, especially for beginners creating a fake car insurance paper. Consider hiring an expert to do the refining edits for a perfect fake car insurance card ready for a prank.

Save and Print

Printing the fake template is the final and decisive step regarding how to make fake auto insurance cards. Before you save the edited vehicle insurance paper, confirm the format the available card printer can read and print.

If you do not have an insurance card printer, visit the nearest service store to print for a token. You may request multiple copies of the card or settle with just one fake auto insurance paper, ensuring you realize at least one flawlessly created phony auto insurance card.

Ways to Get and Print Fake Vehicle Insurance Cards

This section will disclose the various platforms you can use to get free vehicle insurance templates. Make sure to pick the format that suits your insurance company or state if necessary.


Below are the steps you should follow:

  • Visit the official website of SignNow.
  • Click Get Form.
  • Select the fake auto insurance form and click Done.
  • On the new webpage, scroll down to SAVE DOCUMENT AS and select PDF.


Mae sure to have an authentic insurance card by the side, which you will use to edit the fake template.

Below are the steps to download a fake car insurance card from PDFFiller:

  • Visit the PDFFiller webpage.
  • Click Get Form.
  • Click Start.
  • Fill in your details (Policy number, effective date, expiration date, year, make/model, VIN, etc.) in the provided fields, click OK, and click Done.
  • On the new page, select SendToSign, or you save the template as PDF. Other options are available, but it is better to keep them as PDFs.

When done, if you have to make changes, you will have to screenshot the document and save it as PNG or JPG to edit.


Below are the steps for setting up a fake car insurance card on WikiDownload.

The document contains the following templates for vehicle insurance identification cards:

Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama, Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, State of Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine Motor vehicle, State of Michigan Certificate of No-Fault, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska Auto Liability, New Hampshire, State of New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, New York State, Oklahoma Owners Security Verification Form, Oregon, Pennsylvania Financial Responsibility ID, PR, Rhode Island Automobile Insurance ID, South Carolina Insurance ID, South Dakota Automobile Insurance ID, Tennessee Insurance ID, Texas Liability Insurance Card, Utah, Virginia, VI, Vermont Automobile Insurance ID, Washington Car Insurance ID, Wisconsin Auto Insurance ID, West Virginia Certificate of Insurance, Wyoming, and California Evidence of Liability Insurance.

How to Sign a Fake Auto Insurance Card Online

Sign and make a fake car insurance card free

Some tools/sites allow you to easily add e-signature to the car insurance template. However, this article will consider how to e-sign the fake insurance card/paper using PDFFiller.

  • Visit the official site of PDFFiller.
  • Navigate to the insurance maker page.
  • Click the drop-down option at the top-right and select Sign.

There are six options available for adding your e-signature. You can either type, draw, upload/capture, scan the QR code, text, or email to add your signature. Simply select the most convenient option and proceed.

Alternatively, you can use SignNow to complete your signature. Below are the steps:

  • Sign up for SignNow.
  • Navigate to your account and click Upload to upload the fake vehicle insurance form.
  • Select My Signature.
  • There are three options for the e-signature – typed, drawn, or uploaded if you have an e-signature to upload, select Upload.
  • Now, apply the e-signature and click Ok.
  • Click Done and save the auto insurance card.

The steps above are all you must do to e-sign your auto insurance for pranks.

Why You Should Not Use a Fake Auto Insurance Card Officially

Do not drive about with fake auto insurance proof. Below are why you should not use phony auto insurance proof in your car.

  • It is illegal; you are cheating the system, and you will be fined.
  • Fake auto insurance will not pay for the claims in cases of accidents.
  • The DMV database knows that it is fake.
  • You risk getting your driving license suspended.

Try not to use a fake car insurance card on the road; you never know what will happen next. So, let it end with pranks and pranks alone.


Below are answers to common questions from people who print fake car insurance papers.

Do You Need Proof of Insurance in Your Car?

Although you need proof of auto insurance, sincerely, you should avoid using a fake auto insurance card. As we keep emphasizing in this article, fake car insurance is best for pranks or temporary shows such as movies.

You need proof of auto insurance in your car, but it must not be fake. The police will not thoroughly inspect the phony auto insurance card while requesting your papers. This, of course, is one of the reasons drivers move about with fake auto insurance papers.

Can You Fake Car Insurance?

Of course, you can fake car insurance, but it is illegal and might be fined heftily. In a worse scenario, you risk having your driver’s license suspended.

Final Thought

This article covered how to make a fake car insurance card that works. If you are determined to use mock insurance papers for official activities such as driving around, you can do so. But “be prepared to dance to the rhythm of your drumbeats,” which would be the penalty for using a fake insurance card.

If you want to make a fake car insurance card to test drive without insurance or drive a new car home without insurance, cancel the plan. Instead of possibly running into a problem with the cops, get temporary auto coverage.

Finally, never drive with fake car insurance papers. In the meantime, you may be interested in creating a phony car title and a fake driving license for pranks.


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