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How to Pass Smog Check Illegally [Avoid Them]

Howdy, Driver? Expecting a smog test soon? Then, you should learn how to pass smog check illegally and legally. I beat emission tests legally and can tell that there is not much to worry about; just get your vehicle in shape.

how to pass smog check illegally

You don’t need voodoo to pass a smog test; just make sure your car’s emission is in line with environmental standards.

To cheat a smog test, prepare your car prior to the test; get rid of the engine light, inflate car tires, pre-inspect the car, and do not drive on rainy days.

An illegal smog test costs $100, however, the test administrator may charge higher or lower, depending on the number of test facilities in the area. Meanwhile, your chance of cheating a smog test is higher because smog test facilities with nearby competition would be willing to cheat.

An illegal smog check is unlawful and it attracts a fine for both the vehicle owner and test facility. In this article, you will discover the tips to pass smog check legally and illegally.

How to Pass Smog Check Illegally

In this section, we will assess the illegal methods sane drivers use to pass a smog check. Like I mentioned earlier, smog-checking illegally attracts a fine, and in the region of $150 to $1,000 and up to $5,000 for the test station. And if an investigation reveals that a test station has been involved in smog test fraud, they could be fined up to $250,000.

Below are the ways regarding how to pass smog check illegally:

Clean Plugging Smog Test

Regarding how to pass smog check illegally, you can employ the clean plugging trick. It involves substituting the OBD 11 Data (engine computer data) of a vehicle that passes the test for your vehicle.

When you follow this method, you receive the compliance certificate of another vehicle for your car. Thus, it makes your failed vehicle pass the smog test and comply with the environmental standards.

Note that clean plugging is not just fraudulent undermining smog stations and technicians performing accurate inspections but it also threatens the quality of air we all breathe.

Clean Pipping Test

Like clean plugging, clean pipping is a trick whereby a clean exhaust sample for a car that passes emission is switched to a car that fails the smog check. What happens is that the exhaust sample for a passing car will be entered for a car that requires smog check certification.

It is more like a data-switch that gives the smog result of a car that passes the test to a car that fails or that is not tested at all.

Using Ethanol

Ethanol is another illegal method for passing an emission test, and like other smog test tricks, you can be fined up to $1,000. In this emission-passing trick, you will mix ethanol or methanol with gasoline to enhance combustion and overall vehicle performance.

Note, however, that regular use of ethanol or methanol will damage the rubber and plastic components of your vehicle. Though, regarding, how to pass emissions test tricks, I do not advise that you employ this illegal measure long before the smog check. You can make the combination 2 weeks to the check.

Also, using ethanol as additives for your vehicle is not illegal unless the purpose is to trick the smog check.

Tach Simulator Check

Some drivers use tach simulator tricks to pass emission tests illegally. This method uses a pulse simulator for ignition to cheat the smog machine that thinks the RPM of a car is standard.

Under the Table Test Manipulation
It is illegal to manipulate a smog check under the table. But in cases where your vehicle is too rickety to pass the check, you may go under the table. It should cost between $80 and $100 to convince the test administrator to falsify the test data. In highly competitive smog test areas, the cost of an illegal smog check can be as high as $70, especially if you are a regular.

Regarding how to pass smog check illegally, some of the smog test tricks the administrator will use are overheating, fluctuating driver speeds, falsifying dyno speeds, etc.

Find a Smog Test Facility that will Pass Your Car

If your vehicle is too rickety to pass a smog test, you could settle with a smog test facility that will pass the vehicle.

The problem, however, is finding the right smog test facility. If I must provide you a solution, you will find facilities that will pass your car in smog test-clustered areas, especially around the DMV. Of course, the competition is stiff, and the facilities hope to outperform each other for money.

Fine for Illegal Smog Pass

The fine for illegal smog pass applies to both the vehicle owner and the test station or facility. A vehicle owner may be charged within the region of $250 and $1,000 while the test facility can suffer up to $5,000 to $250,000, depending on what the investigation reveals.

Tips to Pass Smog Check

Instead of the illegal ways to pass a smog check, you could tune up your vehicle to pass a smog check in flying colors.

how to pass smog test tricks

In this section, I will show you the tips to pass the smog test legally. It works, so far you do not neglect the tips. Below are the tips to pass smog check:

Get Rid of the Engine Light

The first thing you want to do is to get rid of the warning light from your car. Of course, you can’t go for a smog test with the light on; the test administrator will fail your car on sight.

The “check engine” light could come up for various reasons including failed catalytic converter, loose gas cap, ignition coil problems, faulty alternator, vacuum leak, faulty spark plugs, alarm issue, bad oxygen sensor, EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) failure, and dead battery. I advise you to inspect every one of these common causes of engine light coming up and have them fixed. Besides, it does not only help to beat a smog check but prevents your car from For example, a faulty oxygen sensor can result in spending up to $1,000 to repair the catalytic converter.

Change the Oil

A vehicle can fail a smog test if the oil is dirty because it contains pollutants that thwart the performance of the car. Of course, the oil loses its viscosity; thus making way for dirt, metal, and other debris to infest the engine.

Note, also, that you should only change the oil if it is necessary. And while changing the oil, inspect for oil leakages, and fix to improve the performance of the car during the emission test.

Drive at Highway Speed

Towards the date of the smog check, take your vehicle for a highway speed of up to 70 mph. It is a good way to heat up the catalytic converter and burn oil debris and gas residues in the car.

Inflate Your Tires Properly

Inflating the tires of your vehicle properly will do you a world of good to enhance the performance of your car during the smog test.

You do not have to over-inflate the tires; the manufacturer’s recommendation is enough to guide you. I typically inflate the tires of my vehicle three days to a smog check.

TuneUp Prior to the Check

Some mechanics prefer to disconnect the battery during a tune-up. The importance is that it resets the onboard computer of the vehicle, meaning that the system is refreshed ahead of the test.

An additional two-week driving is also advisable for the vehicle to perform the diagnostic tests you require to beat a smog check. Technically, a tune-up should take place about 2 weeks to a smog check. I recommend a tune-up test 3 weeks to the D-Day, at least, that works for me.

Don’t Drive Always

The greatest secret is that it is about time you become frugal with how often you put your wheels on the road. Regarding how to pass the smog check, you ought not to drive the car on certain days such as the rainy days. The moist condition stimulates the tires to slip on the dynamometer, which gives an incorrect reading. Moreover, you will likely accumulate dirt and debris that could stick to sensitive parts of the car resulting in poor emissions.

Use Additives

You need additives to reduce the emission levels of your car to pass a smog check. However, it may be needless for residents in states such as California because they have excellent fuel.

The additives will help to clean up carbon fragments in your engine and enhance airflow, which improves combustion, and lowers the emission levels of your car. Overall, it enhances the performance of your vehicle. Additives will be poured into the gas tank of your car while refueling and it is mixed with the fuel.

how to pass emissions test tricks

Ultimately, it is smarter to prepare your car against the emission check, rather than wait until the D-Day.

I also advise you against attempting to cheat a smog test because it is illegal. And, of course, you can only hope you do not get caught since illegal smog check attracts a fine within the region of $150 and $1,000.

The smog test station is aware that they can be fined for passing your vehicle, and they would not want to risk an unnecessary fine.

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