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Best Tire Dressing for UV Protection

Best tire dressing for UV protection

With the best tire dressing for UV protection, you’d notice that the tire dressing won’t wear off pretty fast. If you’re thinking of switching from your current brand or you would be using tire dressing for the first time, this review recommends the best that other people are using.

Most damage to tire sidewalls comes from UV rays—Endurance Warranty Services, LLC. Thus, to protect your tires, you want to keep them out of the sun with tire dressing. Note that tire protectants are not an all-purpose tire cleaner, so you have to clean your tires before applying them.

Best tire dressing for UV protection

Best tire dressing for UV protection

We understand your need for an effective tire protectant to give your car tires a darkening appearance and UV rays protection. As such, this compilation is based on real product tests and other consumer reviews for the best decision.

We are not one of those paid-to-post publishers. Instead, we pay attention to both positives and negatives and filter out really bad products from our list. That said, below are the best tire dressings for UV protection:

1. Chemical Guys TVD11364 Tire Kicker Sprayable Extra Glossy Tire Shine (Works on Rubber, Vinyl & Plastic) Safe for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, RVs & More, 64 fl oz (Half Gallon)

Chemical Guys have various variants of tire shine for UV protection. The TVD11364 is just of those 1tire kicker variants that make your tires look brand new.

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It’s a mild tire dressing and cleaner that won’t leave film leftovers. One thing we like about it is that the tires don’t come out looking unnecessarily shiny. Thus, no dust attraction, debris, or grass clippings.


a. UV protection

Protects against cracking, fading, and discoloration. Apart from your tires, you can apply it to other rubber and plastic trim pieces to protect against harmful rays from the sun, which causes cracks, discoloration, and fading.

b. Dry to the touch

This product won’t make your tire feel greasy and slimy like some bad tire dressing out there. It instead finishes dry to the touch and gives a non-slippery feel, which prevents the attraction of dirt and dust.

c. Easy to apply

It’s sprayable liquid, so you just spray it on the part of the tires exposed to sunlight. Also, the dressing sticks around for a long time.

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If you’re looking for tire shine, this doesn’t last more than a few days, but it does its job of protecting the tires against the UV rays. Make sure you clean the tires before application. We tested this in a fairly dry climate and can confirm that it doesn’t get washed off by the weather.

Another downside is the applicator pads that come with this product—they are “meh” at best.

2. CAR GUYS Tire Shine – Easy to Use Tire Dressing with Applicator Pad – Dry to The Touch with Long Lasting UV Protection – 18 Oz Kit

Gives a pretty decent shine without leaving overspray on the fenders, even after driving off right after applying.


a. Non-greasy

This product is non-greasy, despite giving your tires the needed shine—it uses a unique dry-to-the-touch formula.

b. UV protection

It makes the best tire dressing for UV protection due to its long-lasting UV protection on the tires we’ve tested.

It prevents fading, browning, and cracking. Thanks to its special boost, proprietary, long-lasting polymer additive, you get to enjoy extended longevity.

c. Easy to apply

When apply, you get that high gloss shine to a silky smooth satin finish. It’s a dry-to-the-touch dressing that leaves you with the perfect finish without a horrible run-off sling.


The tire shine tends to fade after a few days but the tires remain clean since this product keeps dirt off better than most others.

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3. Griot’s Garage 10981 Vinyl and Rubber Dressing 22oz

This product works and lasts for some weeks, even in the rain. Just apply this on your tires for a non-glossy finish.


a. Good dressing finish

It gives the tires a matte or satin finish and is non-slick.

b. UV protection

Apart from enhancing tire looks, it adds UV rays protection. It contains special UV blocking agents that leave a protective coating behind.

c. Even tire coating

The result is as expected—even coating. It doesn’t leave glossy residue behind.


The overall result looks professional, with no downsides. Just make sure to clean your tires before application. Otherwise, the finish will have an inconsistent appearance – natural and glossy. Secondly, you’d also have to wipe off the residue with detail product if it rains due to the stained tire appearance.

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4. Adam’s Silica Infused VRT Tire & Trim Dressing – Durable UV Protection and Water Repellent – Leaves a Crisp Freshly Detailed Look – Dress Tires or Trim Without Worry of Slinging (New 16 oz)

Does not look all greasy when dirt and debris stick to it. Moreover, rain doesn’t take it off. Even if you tried scrubbing it off, you’d face difficulties.


a. UV protection

It protects the tires from harmful UV rays, thanks to its durable SPF 35 layer and silica polymers.

b. Uses water-based formula

Lots of products in the market you use to dress your tires use silicones and waxes. However, this Adam’s Silica is water-based and formulated to give your tires the shine.

c. Water repellent

During the test, VRT creates a water repellent layer on the tire surface. Thus, water doesn’t get to stick around, which in turn provides a long-lasting coating against UV rays. When driving in wet, water beads up as if your tires are coated in wax.


This product lasts for several weeks on tires, especially if you park in relatively dry environments. When exposed to substantial rain and water puddles, it won’t last as long, which is understandable.

5. Tire Dressing, Tire Protectant, No Tire Shine, No Dirt Attracting Residue 16.9oz Natural Satin/Matte Finish, Aircraft Grade Rubber Tire Care Conditioner, Better Than Automotive Products

Just spray on it and allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes for maximum UV rays protection. You can then follow up with the washwax.


For this product to be the tire dressing for UV protection you need, use it as directed. Below are its upsides:

a. Gives black satin/matte finish

Use as directed for a dry to the touch black satin/matte finish. It does not attract debris or dirt, so your tires stay cleaner for a longer time and repellent against harmful UV rays.

b. UV protection

Made with triple nano polymer formula for the best UV protection.


This product is not your go-to tire dressing or tire protectant if you’re looking for a wet and shiny tire look. Note that products that wet your tires will attract dust.

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6. Chemical Guys TVD_107_16 VRP Vinyl, Rubber and Plastic Non-Greasy Dry-to-the-Touch Long Lasting Super Shine Dressing for Tires, Trim and More, Safe for Cars, Trucks, SUVs, RVs & More, 16 fl oz

Before you use this product, make sure to prepare your tire surface. Besides, in any application of sealant, wax, and surface enhancer, to mention a few, you always have to prepare the surface. Otherwise, the protectant won’t work as expected. No sling or mess noticed after application.


a. UV protection

This product restores the deep black look and enhances the shine on your tires as if you’re just leaving the showroom. Sunlight won’t also reach your exposed tire surfaces, thus, no cracking, discoloration, or quick fading.

b. Water-based tire dressing

Chemical Guys TVD_107_16 VRP Vinyl is completely water-based and designed to restore and protect the deep, black shine on your vehicle tires.

c. Non-greasy

Not the greasy type of tire dressing you find in the market. It’s water-based and non-greasy, so you don’t get the deep, wet finish on your tires that attract dirt and dust.

d. Dry to the touch formula

Made of premium dry-to-the-touch formula to keep your tires from attracting dirt or dust in all weather conditions.


Honestly, this is a great product with no downside. It does its job uniquely and perfectly—no slings on the tires.

General steps to apply tire dressing

Follow the steps below for the best result:

a. Prep your tires

Don’t apply the tire dressing without preparing your tires, especially the surface exposed to the sun. You want to work on a cool, clean, and dry tire.

b. Shake the solution

Shake the can containing the solution well enough before application. When your tires dry, apply the protectant for UV rays protection, and durable shine.

c. Spray on the tires

Hold your tire dressing can about 4-6 inches away from the tire and spray directly in a thin, uniform pattern. For narrow sidewalls, hold the can closer.

d. Wipe off excess residue

When done, wipe off any excess residue on the tire—use a microfiber towel. Finally, allow at least 5-10 minutes before adding additional layers as required.


No tire dressing/protectant for UV rays will last on a dirty tire, so ensure that the tires are clean and dry before application. Remember that your dressing is not a tire cleaner, but rather a protectant.

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