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5 Best Dog Car Seat Covers for Leather Seats

Best dog car seat covers for leather seats

It’s advisable to get the best dog car seat covers for leather seats if you need some tough covers for your pet. Generally, dogs don’t mix well with the vehicle leather seats, so you need something durable to meet the demand while giving your car interior a contemporary look and feel.

Your choice of best leather car seat cover for dogs should be waterproof and nonslip with side flaps. You need a universal size that is easy to clean but with tough material. If necessary, buy one you can convert to a trunk cargo liner.

A car seat cover will keep you from experiencing dirty or smelly seats for your passengers. If you take your dog hiking a lot, it can get messy, so waterproof or tough covers are important. After all, passengers appreciate rides in clean cars, Uber.

Best dog car seat covers for leather seats

Best dog car seat covers for leather seats

With tons of seat covers online that you can’t feel their material through your computer, we’ve made it a responsibility to test on your behalf and make recommendations. Our picks are based on durability, compatibility (sedans, SUVs, trucks, etc.), and comfy for your dog.

Below is the best dog car seat cover for leather seats to buy:

1. URPOWER Dog Seat Cover Car Seat Cover for Pets 100% Waterproof Pet Seat Cover Hammock 600D Heavy Duty Scratch Proof Nonslip Durable Soft Pet Back Seat Covers for Cars Trucks and SUVs

We tested this car leather seat cover on a 2017 Ford Escape. It fully covers the seats and is comfortable for large dogs. Tough quality and excellent thickness, so you don’t need to worry about dirt or any dampness going through it. You must know that it’s quite easy to put in as well, and you will like it.


a. Side flaps

This dog seat cover comes with side flaps, protecting the doors from getting scratched and also protecting the rear seats from dogs.

The side flaps have an up/down zipper if you have elderly dogs—the dogs get in and out of the car really easily, irrespective of their age.

b. Convertible

We like that this dog car seat cover is convertible from a dog bench seat cover to a trunk cargo liner.

c. Size

It measures 60 inches (W) x 64 inches (L)—the maximum open size.

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Large enough for the entire back seat, leaving no unprotected space. If you have a truck or SUV like ours, then this is what you’ve been looking for to protect your leather seats.

c. Waterproof

This dog car seat cover for leather seats comes with 4-layer fabrics, and we tested it to be 100% waterproof. So, if your dog returns with mud or sheds hair, you have nothing to worry about.

d. Nonslip and safe

Not the slippery pet dog seat cover you normally find. Its 4-level protections keep your fur friend from slipping whenever you match the brakes.

Our Hammock 600D dog seat cover has the following safety features:

  • Seat anchors
  • Nonslip backing
  • Adjustable headrest anchors, and
  • 2 seatbelts openings

e. Easy cleaning

Indeed easy to clean, despite being so tough. Removal takes us less than a minute. It also takes less than a minute to replace it after cleaning.

We recommend cleaning this product with a vacuum. If no vacuum, wipe it with a damp cloth.


We will be very honest about the cons:

Its small downfall is that the smell of the fabric is quite odd. To resolve this problem, apply a little air freshener.

Another con is that the sides and middle keep unzipping if the dogs don’t sit still, but the seat cover does perfect nevertheless. After all, you’re more concerned about protecting your leather seats, and it does just that.

  • DOG HAMMOCK WITH SIDE FLAPS - URPOWER dog seat cover with side flaps can protect not only your backseat but also the car door from scratches. Side flaps with up/down zipper is easier to help elderly dogs get in and out of the car. It can also easily convert from dog car hammock, to dog bench seat cover, or trunk cargo liner.
  • EXCELLENT SIZE - 54" W x 58” L (Maximum open size) can cover the entire back seat for ultimate protection and hassle-free rides, Designed for most cars, trucks and SUVs. Now you can enjoy family excursions without damaging your car!
  • 100% WATERPROOF & WEARPROOF - Made of 4-layer fabrics, this dog car seat cover is 100% waterproof to protect your seat from mud, liquid, hair, or any mess, durable to avoid scratching your leather seats, and comfortable for long road trip. No more endless sweep.
  • Nonslip & SAFE - Our pet seat cover has 4 levels protections to prevent your dog from slipping every time you apply the brake. The dog cover is equipped with nonslip backing, adjustable headrest anchors, seat anchors, and 2 Velcro openings to keep your dog in place. Your dogs’ safety is always our priority.
  • No Smell Material: The dog seat cover without terrible smell is friendly for pets and children. In an enclosed car space, no terrible smell is also important to keep you focused and driving safely, something that others’ dog covers on the market ignore.
  • EASY TO INSTALL & CLEAN - It only takes seconds to remove or install the dog back seat cover. You can view the video to know how to install. Easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum. The pet car seat cover is great gifts for every pet lover.

2. Vailge Dog Seat Cover for Back Seat, 100% Waterproof Dog Car Seat Covers with Mesh Window, Scratch Prevent Antinslip Dog Car Hammock, Car Seat Covers for Dogs, Dog Backseat Cover for Cars,Standard

We bought this Vailge dog leather car seat cover due to the twenties of thousands of reviews with over 75% 5-star raters. So far, so good, impressive. This seat vehicle seat cover comes with a mesh breath window, giving your canine better ventilation in both winter and summer.


a. Waterproof

A uniquely quilted rear seat cover for a dog against damage. This hammock has dual waterproof layers. It resists water like no other, thanks to its special TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) coating, a modern waterproof material that keeps leather seats from stain or moisture.

b. Convertible side flaps

It comes with convertible side flaps, this makes it 100% convenient for your fur baby to step in or out of the vehicle without scratching the leather seats or doors.

c. Safety features

Vailge does well in prioritizing dog safety. This seat cover brings the following safety measures:

  • 4 headrest straps
  • Nonslip backing, and
  • 2 devices secured to the seat to keep doggo still when you match the brakes.
  • Dog seatbelt

You can insert 2 openings into the dog’s seatbelt to keep doggo from being injured when you make a sharp turn or sudden braking.

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d. Easy cleaning

100% easy to clean and replace. For convenience, you can machine-wash this product—make sure to use a gentle cycle.


It has its own disadvantage, but not enough to stop you from buying. The problem we have is that the seat belt openings are not in favorable spots if you intend to use a car seat. The openings are placed in a way that pulls tightly against the cover, making it bunch up on one side. Otherwise, no problem with this product.

  • Wonderful Size—There are two size dog seat cover: Standard (56”W x 60”L) and X-Large(60"W x 64"L) which are larger than other dog car seat covers. The dog backseat cover is easy to convert between dog car hammock and standard bench coverage which allows you share the backseat with your dog. Vailge car seat covers for dogs protects your entire back seat from dirty, hair, scratch and keep it clean, suitable for different vehicles like cars,trucks,SUVs.
  • Premium Mesh Visual Window--Vailge dog seat cover with mesh breath window provides your dog with a better air circulation in Summer and Winter. Ensure your dog feels cool and warm. This seat cover for dogs visual window allows dog to see you clearly through the window which helps your dog reduce anxiety and keep calm when traveling.
  • 100% Waterproof & Side Flaps Design--Vailge unique quilted dog backseat dog hammock has two waterproof layers. 600D oxford with water-resistant coating and tpu which is a new waterproof material can prevent your seats from getting stained or wet. The convertible side flaps on dog hammock for car help your dog to get in and out of car easily ,while preventing scratching the leather benches and doors.
  • Keep Safe--To ensure your dog’s safety, our dog back seat cover is held in place by four head rest straps, nonslip backing and two devices secured to the seat. So every time you step on the brakes, the cover could prevent your dog from slipping. Two openings can be inserted into the dog's seat belt to prevent the dog from being injured during an emergency barking or a sharp turn. Our car seat covers for dogs supply a dog seat belt for free.
  • Good Shopping Exeprience & Easy To Clean-Vailge dog cover for back seat is easy to clean - Machine Washable or Use Gentle Cycle.

3. Active Pets Car Seat Cover for Dogs – Standard Dog Seat Cover for Back Seat Use – Waterproof & Scratch Proof Pet Covers for Travel – Black

Active is another best dog car seat cover for leather seats to buy if you’re after high-quality, reliable, and comfy for your dog. A perfect leather seat cover for your expedition vehicle, and memorable road trips.


a. Dual seat anchors

The sturdy dual seat anchors secure your seat cover in place when tucked into the crevices of your vehicle.

b. Hook-and-loop openings

What we really like about this feature is that it allows your seat belt buckles to fit through the cover so that passengers can ride with the dog conveniently.

c. 4 adjustable buckle straps

The straps are adjustable to fit around your headrests as you prefer to secure the leather seat cover for your dog.

d. Non-slip rubber backing

The seat cover does not slip, even after suddenly matching the brake pedals. Quite secure and perfect for bumpy offroad rides.

e. Waterproof

Worried about shedding and dreading? The material used (600D Oxford waterproof cotton) makes it even easier to vacuum or just wipe off dog hairs. If you’re just returning from hiking, no worries about your fur friend messing up the interior.

f. Compatibility

We thought you’d be interested in the compatibility too—this car leather seat cover is suitable for dogs of all sizes and cars of all sizes, including sedans, mini SUVs, SUVs, and trucks.


The cons we experienced, and that you might be interested in:

a. Not easy to clean

This dog car seat cover has more texture to the fabric and is a little tough to clean with wipes when your dog messes it.

b. No storage pockets

Unfortunately, this seat cover has no pockets for storage. However, the Amazon hammock features pockets for holding dog toys, leash, etc, on the side above the floorboard.

c. No zipper

It does not have a zipper, which is meant to let dogs put their heads on the center console and get closer to you. Also, you have to tuck it around someone to be able to ride comfortably.

  • WHICH SIZE SHOULD I GET: Reference our sizing guide found in the image set to the left or further down the page to determine which dog seat cover for back seat best fits your vehicle
  • COMFORTABLE & STURDY - Forget the cheap dog seat cover for cars that can't withstand your pet's paws and claws! This dog car hammock keeps your car clean and provides top-tier padding for years to come
  • UNIVERSAL FIT - We made these car seat covers for dogs of all shapes and sizes! From tiny smart cars to SUVs, our backseat cover for dogs in car is sure to fit like a glove.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Dreading the shedding? No worries - even if your furry friend gets hair everywhere, our back seat cover for dogs is made with 600D Oxford waterproof material for easy vacuuming and cleaning.
  • PET PROTECTION - Safety first! 4 heavy-duty headrest anchors and 2 seat anchors keep this dog car seat cover for back seat completely in place, so your pet doesn't slip and slide around (even on the bumpiest rides).
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - Have any questions, comments, or concerns about your back seat protector for dog? Our customer satisfaction team is purr-fectly happy to give you a helping hand (or paw)!

4. VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector – Waterproof, Heavy-Duty and Nonslip Pet Car Seat Cover for Dogs with Universal Size Fits for Cars, Trucks & SUVs(Black)

VIEWPETS is remarkable for one offering, and that is dog comfort. This seat cover does not only protect your interior leather seats from dog scratches but also hair and urine.

We picked this product after its convincing ratings on Amazon with over 85% positives.


a. Waterproof

This seat cover for dog is heavily quilted against dog scratch and water-resistant, keeping your leather seats from potential damage.

b. Nonslip design

Doggo won’t slip off when you match the breaks. Plus, this leather seat cover has seat anchors, side flaps, and non-slip mesh to keep your canine in place.

c. Passenger-friendly

Apart from protecting against dog scratches on the leather, it works well with passengers and keeps away mud, juice, and other messes.

d. Easy to clean

Easy to clean whenever and wherever. Just tuck in 2 seat anchors, put 2 straps over the back headrests, wrap 2 elastic straps around seat corners, and vacuum or clean your leather seat cover with a damp cloth. You can also wash with your machine, but make sure to use gentle settings.

e. Universal size

This dog leather car seat cover measures 49” L × 56” W, a universal size suitable for most vehicles.


The problem with this seat cover: if your car has 3 shoulder seatbelts, you can’t use the middle seatbelt since this product covers it up. The manufacturer should have provided a central cut to allow routing of the middle shoulder seatbelt. Otherwise, this won’t be an issue if you only need it for your dogs or you don’t frequently carry 5 passengers.

  • GOOD FOR DOGS - Our bench car seat cover protector supplies your dog with comfort and keep your interior upholstery away from dog scratches, fur and urine. It works perfectly as a dog car seat cover
  • GOOD FOR PASSENGERS - Our pet car seat cover is also can be used for your passengers It protects your back seat from juice, mud or other messes as a daily use rear seat cover. Make your back seat clean
  • WATERPROOF & NONSLIP - We uses quilted heavy-duty, scratch proof and waterproof material on this dog seat cover. Plus the seat anchors, non-slip mesh and side flaps, it will stay in place well
  • EASY TO INSTALL & CLEAN - Tuck in 2 seat anchors. Put 2 straps over corresponding back headrests. Wrap 2 elastic straps around seat corners. Easy to clean with a damp cloth or just vacuum. Machine washable
  • UNIVERSAL SIZE - 49" L × 56" W universal size for most vehicles. You can measure your car seat's width first and compare to ours

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5. YesYees Waterproof Dog Car Seat Covers Pet Seat Cover Nonslip Bench Seat Cover Compatible for Middle Seat Belt and Armrest Fits Most Cars, Trucks and SUVs(Black)

At 56” wide x 49” long, the YesYees waterproof dog car seat covers are the sizable solution your dog and vehicle need against scratch and moisture damage. We recommend this product for most standard vehicles.


a. Compatible with the middle seat belt and armrest

It has 2 zippers that let you use it in the middle seat belt and armrest. Supports 3 passengers comfortably.

b. Has side flaps

Not only is this leather seat cover for dogs tear-resistant, but it also features side flaps.

c. Nonslip

Going on an overland expedition? Strap this cover in, sit the dog and focus on driving. Your dog will almost not feel the bumpy offroad ride or slip when you match the brake pedals due to the high-quality nonslip mesh, corner elastic straps, and seat anchors.

d. Waterproof

This product is waterproof. We recommend it for its durability and toughness for heavy-duty use.

e. Easy cleaning

Quite easy to remove, install, or clean. You can vacuum this seat cover or simply clean it with a damp cloth or vacuum. If you’re busy, you can wash with the machine in a gentle setting.


The only major issue is that the zip opening where you flip down the armrest is quite wide—just 10” will be okay. Now, its wideness exposes 1/3 of the rear seat.

  • MIDDLE SEAT BELT & ARMREST AVAILABLE - 2 zippers for middle seat belt and armrest. Can be used for 3 passengers. Un-zip the cover and pull the seat belt through and re-zip the cover. Un-zip 2 zipper to use the armrest
  • SPLIT SEAT COVERS WITH SIDE FLAPS - 56" Wide x 49" Length.It can easily fit in backseats of most standard vehicles. With side flaps, this tear resistant pet seat cover can protect your seat’s ends from scratching
  • NONSLIP & WATERPROOF - Waterproof. We use heavy duty, long-lasting and scratch proof material.Bottom material is high quality nonslip mesh, corner elastic straps and seat anchors at backing to prevent it from sliding around. Can be used for dogs or conveying groceries
  • EASY TO INSTALL & CLEAN - Easy to install with buckle straps. Snap them around back headrests and tuck in seat anchors. Secure side elastic straps around seat corners. Easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum. Machine wash in gentle cycle
  • BACK SEAT PROTECTOR – Provide full protection for your car bench seat. Bench style make it easier to drive pets or goods


Our picks are based on real user tests and reviews because we believe you deserve the best for doggo’s comfy.

If you receive your order with damage, make sure to request a replacement. Do not also have too-high hopes—the products may have their minor flaws, depending on your car type, but will do the job to your best expectations.

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