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6 Best Windshield Wiper Fluid for Bugs [Review]

Best windshield wiper fluid for bugs

When you go on a summer trip, you’d find the bugs all over the windshield. As such, you need the best windshield wiper fluid for bugs to get away for a clearer view and better driving experience.

A typical best windshield wiper fluid for the bugs will dramatically enhance drivability in any weather condition by ridding bugs, repelling rain, and reducing snow adhesion.

To use, just apply the fluid to a small, dry cloth and wipe your exterior glass with it or pour it into your reservoir. Wipe in a circular motion and let it dry or let your wipers do the job. If haze appears on the windshield, remove it with a dry cloth.

Best windshield wiper fluid for bugs

Best windshield wiper fluid for bugs

The products reviewed in this publication are based on personal experience. Thus, you’d be reading a consumer’s opinion before making your pick.

Below is our reviewed best windshield wiper fluid for bugs:

1. Prestone AS657 Bug Wash Windshield Washer Fluid, 128 Ounces (1 Gallon)

Like you, we’re finicky about clean windshields, so a windshield washer fluid is a go-to solution for clearer visibility. We first purchased the Prestone AS657 during lockdown (as a replacement for a traditional solution we could no longer access). And except for engine oil, sticking to a brand name does not expose you to experience. It turns out that the Prestone AS657 had the following to offer:


a. Bug stopper formula

Prestone AS657 comes with a bug stopper formula—this forms a barrier against bugs, keeping them from sticking to block your view.

Thanks to the advanced cleaning formula, we noticed that the AS657 easily penetrates grimes, dirt, and residue. Moreover, we’d rate the streak and glare repellent 9/10.

b. Perfect for summer

Its advanced windshield wash is made with a special formula for summer driving. Prestone AS657 repels not just grime but rain, thereby increasing windshield visibility.

c. Power Cleaner formula

We believe the Power Cleaner formula does a perfect job removing up to 99.99% of bugs.


The only con about Prestone AS657 is that the bottle is not wide-mouthed. Thus, to avoid spills, you need a cup to pour in the fluid.

Obviously, you may not have a precision pour to go without a cup or a small container.

2. HS 29.606 Bug Wash Windshield Washer Fluid, 1 Gal (3.78 Liters)

The HS 29.606 is good too, and we’d give it 4.8 stars. Just make sure your blades are in good condition or get new wiper blades for top bug removal performance.

Next, let the window wash be 25-30 percent (or as you like). If you don’t have good blades, the fluid won’t work well enough, so new blades, new experience.


a. Streak-free

Sure, this product offers a streak-free cleaning experience.

b. A good bug remover

If you’re a long-term Florida resident, you want the HS 29.606 for one reason—to remove bugs from the windshield. The removal speed is “instant”. It also removes road grime.

c. Visibility

HS claims the HS 29.606 is “formulated as a summer windshield washer”. This is true: we notice it keeps the windshields clear after application. Its powerful formula contains special detergents made to break down the dirt and grime for an easy wipe and a cleaner windshield.


Not the best if you live in a warm area, but still does great.

Also, for some people, it works well enough in snow but the truth is that it freezes  You’d have to thaw it in your garage to do its job—remove bugs, grime and dirt.

3. Rain-X Windshield Washer Fluid 0 Deg. 1 Gal.

Rain-X is the talk of the town. Ask the average person about removing bugs from your windshield, and they’d say “Rain-X, get it”. Rain-X is inarguably superior to your regular wiper fluid—apart from cleaning better, it makes the glass water-resistant.

Just cut this fluid 50:50 with water (an even value) and you won’t see the need to turn on your wipers in light rain. Of course, the road will remain crystal clear.


a. Streak-free

Nobody likes the streak. Well, Rain-X is aware, so they made this solution streak-free.

b. Visibility

Rain-X contains water beading technology added to your windshield for improved driving visibility.

c. Bug removal

Apart from salt, light snow, and frost, our Rain-X easily removes bugs from the windshield.


We can’t think of any con with the Rain-X. Just make sure to buy the orange wiper fluid over the blue. The orange tends to be better. Perhaps, it uses Different additives, but just better than the blue.

4. MWC 446863 Wash Windshield Washer Fluid, 1 Gal (3.78 Liters)

The MWC 446863 may not be so familiar but it gets the job done. So, if you’ve experienced the brands mentioned earlier and need to make a change, get the MWC 446863 windshield wiper fluid for bugs.


a. Streak-free

Streak-free? Yes, MWC 446863 is streak-free.

b. Water repellent

A good bug removal fluid for keeping your windshield water-free. It uses special beading technology to keep the rain from reducing visibility.

c. Grime and dirt fighter

This product can fight not just the bugs but also dirt and grime off your windshield. In our experience, it easily penetrates the tough residues, breaks down, and removes them with little aid from the wiper.


Our MWC 446863 tends to freeze in a mildly cold morning, nothing so bad though. Just quickly thaw it and you’re good to go.

5. Qwix Mix Windshield Washer Fluid Concentrate, 1 Bottle Makes 32 Gallons, 1/4 oz. Makes 1 Gallon 100% Biodegradable

Another best windshield wiper fluid for bugs we decided to try out is the Qwix Mix. When you receive your product, just pour a pre-measured amount of the concentrate into your reservoir with water, that’s it.


a. Compact size

You probably don’t like carrying a gallon with you on an expedition. It turns out the container of this wiper fluid is compact, despite the gallons. Moreover, the bottle makes it easy to measure your fluid by squeezing 1/4 ounce in the dosage reservoir to make 1 gallon of this bug removal windshield washer fluid.

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b. Consistent quality and streak-free

It belongs in the category you find brands like Rain-X and Prestone. The quality is also consistent and offers a streak-free result.

c. Mixing chart

On the back of this product label is a mixing chart you can follow to add methanol for wintertime blends.


It seems a bit like dye, perhaps, for some of the products. When this solution touches your hand or skin, it dyes it blue. If yours dyes blue, request a replacement.

6. Genuine Ford Fluid ZC-32-B Premium Windshield Washer Concentrate – 32 Ounce (ZC-32-B2)

Forget the name, it’s not just for Fords. It will wash the windshield of any car, getting rid of the bugs. Before using this product as windshield washer fluid to remove bugs, make sure to dilute it with water.


a. Dilution chart

Follow the product label’s dilution chart for the water and windshield washer fluid mix ratios.

b. Good for bugs

Apart from the grime, film, and dirt, it cleans bugs.

c. Wax removal

Powerful enough to remove wax build-up on your windshield wiper blades.


The package we received leaked during transportation. Even after re-tightening the cap, it still leaked due to a bad seal. Make sure to return the product if leaky.

Also, this windshield wiper fluid costs higher than some other similar products.

What can I add to washer fluid to remove bugs?

You can add water to your washer fluid to dilute it. Applying it without proper dilution can cause it to freeze on the windshield. In this case, you’d have to thaw to get clearer visibility.

Alternatives to keeping the bugs off windshield

a. Use windshield protection and covers

If it’s not possible to park the car in a garage at night, use a windshield cover to keep bugs off of the windshield the next morning.

You could also apply your bug repellent on the windshield to stave off bugs. Do not apply bug spray directly on the car paint—it can damage the paint, following a New York Post report. If you accidentally apply bug spray on the car, wipe it off immediately.

b. Have a proper maintenance culture

The idea is to treat your car like you just bought it. Your car is an extension of your home, so it deserves the treatment you give your bedroom to keep bugs away.

Finally, it’s generally important not to apply harsh chemicals to your windshields. One mild, recommended washer fluid should do the job of repelling bugs and improving visibility and general driving experience.

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