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How to Get a Title for a Stolen Car 2023 [Owner’s Guide]

Howdy, Driver? You should not be bothered regarding how to get a title for a stolen car. The process is simple, and you can easily bypass the processes and title a stolen car you can’t find. In this article, I will highlight a couple of steps to get a title for a stolen car. However, there is a tendency that after getting a new car title, the other title will still be available and used to give identity to another car.

When your car and the title is stolen, it makes it comfortable for a thief to make the car legal. It’s a one-procedure down and the thief will proceed to obtain the registration papers.

Since a car title is a piece of paper, it is relatively easy to reproduce. Depending on your jurisdiction, you may have to inquire about the measures involved. If a vehicle is stolen and you do not have the title, you can duplicate the title.

How do you get a title for a stolen car? This question bothers several car owners – the victims and crooks. We will discover the best route regarding how to title a stolen car in this article. These measures apply to residents in the U.S., the UK, and several other countries worldwide.

How to Get a Title for a Stolen Car

What can someone do with a stolen car title

In this section, I will drill you on the due processes to get a car title for a stolen vehicle. In some states, the process is simple while some other jurisdictions make the process complex.

Regardless, before are the steps regarding how to get a title for a stolen car:

  1. Contact the Court

You would want to get in touch with the court. If you have a lawyer friend, send a call through, and encourage him to hasten the process.

Make sure to secure yourself as a priority since this situation involves a stolen car. As you already know, the earlier you obtain a new and valid title, the better.

  1. Explain that You Misplaced the Title of the Car

If you have to explain through written format or in person, make sure to do so. Your message should be convincing enough for the court to consider granting the request and provide the necessary document(s).

  1. Fill the Title Application Form

Appropriately fill the title form with appropriate information. Be careful while filling the form because the same data will reflect on the final document. You do not want to waste time refilling the title application form amidst the situation of a stolen car or stolen car title.

  1. Provide a Bill of Sale or Sales Receipt

It is not advisable to forge the receipt unless you are an offender. Nonetheless, it is difficult for officials to detect that the papers are fake. Provide legit documents, and the clearance will be without any setback.

  1. Make Payment

Make the payment and provide your payment proof. The court will inform you of the amount to pay and how to pay.

  1. Get an Authenticated Affidavit.

The court may provide you with an affidavit which you will give to the Department of Motor Vehicles to process a duplicate car title.

  1. Apply for Duplicate Title

Contact any Department of Motor Vehicles and inquire about the requirements. Visit the office and request the duplicate title application form. Provide the required documents and make payments.

An Easy Way to Get Rid of a Stolen Car You Can’t Title

I understand how difficult it feels to surrender the stolen car to the police. If you do not want to lose your money on a stolen you bought unknowingly, you have a few illegal decisions to make.

Below are the ways to get rid of a stolen car you can’t title:

Sell It with Open Title

If you have a title for the vehicle already, but find it difficult to put the car in your name, because it carries a stolen brand, you have the option of selling the vehicle with an open title. First, you have to wash the title and sell it to another buyer without registering it in your name. Of course, you want to trade the vehicle with a buyer you can hide from because they will return to complain about the vehicle or lure you to the police. Like O mentioned earlier, it is illegal.

Sell the Car to Scrap

Fortunately, you can junk a vehicle without a title. However, you will not receive a fair value for the car. Is it worth it? Somehow, yes, and it saves you the challenges of facing legal sanctions when you get caught with a stolen vehicle.

Sell as Parts

If you can’t bear the thought of reporting the stolen car to the police and losing ownership of the vehicle with no compensation, then you should sell to parts, which is what criminals with stolen vehicles.

Requirements for Titling a Stolen Car

Someone stole my car title and put it in their name

  • A completed and signed MV-1 Title/Tag Application
  • A stipulated Replacement fee (about $8.00)
  • Security Interest still or lien
  • Form T-4 Lien or Security Interest (for each lien holder and Security Interest holder) – it must be recorded on the original title.
  • Photograph of the owner of the stolen (this has to be your photo in this case).
  • A valid driver’s license (forging the driver’s license may not be valid).
  • VIN

It is advisable to confirm the requirements of the Department of Motor Vehicles in your jurisdiction. There may be slight changes to the above requirements.

Note: The Security Interest still or lien must show the current title record

What You Should Do

  • Record unsatisfied or new security interest information while applying.

What You Should Not Do

  • Do not record paid lien or security interest information while filling the form.

What You Should Know

The security interest or lien will not be required if it was recorded 10 years from the issue date. The authority deems it as a satisfied lien or security interest. However, if the security interest is recorded for a stolen vehicle that weighs less than 10,000-pounds gross weight, the lien or security interest will be recorded.

Moreover, if the lien or security interest is recorded on the state’s record of titles, a new released will be required. It happens when the financial institution of the stolen vehicle owner releases interest in the title of the car, but there was no application for a clear title.

What Can Someone Do with a Stolen Car Title?

With a stolen car title, a car thief can lay claims of your vehicle. If he is yet to steal your car, he will plan to steal the car because the car title with him makes the process of legalizing the car more convenient. Another thing is that a crook can use a stolen title to give an identity to another stolen and scraped car. Of course, it means that there will be two vehicles of the same title plowing the road in your name.

Someone Stole My Car Title and Put it Their Name

It should not be surprising someone stole your car title and put their name because insincere chop shops consistently lookout for unguarded car titles. Once stolen, it helps to hasten the process of legalizing another stolen car similar to your car. Worst still, the crooks could be planning to steal your car.


Regarding how to get a title for a stolen car, it does not cost time. However, you just have to make some payments for a duplicate car title.

The duplicate car title fee is not outrageous, and you should be able to afford it. Bear in mind that the more time you waste increases the risk since it involves a stolen car.


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