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13 Simple Ways to Get Free Gas at the Pump in 2023 [Guide]

As a driver, gasoline would be one of your major expenses every month, so knowing some little tricks on how to save money at the pump can be a game changer for your budget. While it might seem impossible, getting free gas at the pump is a possibility with some little tricks and the right strategies. I will show you some little tips and tricks I get free gas at the pump most times including cashback, reward programs, gas station promotions, and others ways I use to save cost.

Cashbacks are some of the best ways to get free gas at the pump. GetUpside, for instance, allows you to enjoy up to 25 cents for every gallon you buy. You receive the rebates on your daily gas, which accumulates to more money for free gas. Your restaurant and grocery purchases are also rebated.

There are other ways to get free gas at the pump for your car. Whether you’re a student, a budget-conscious driver, or simply looking to save more money on gas, this guide will provide you with the information you need to start enjoying free fuel at the pump

get free gas at the pump

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How to get free gas at the pump

The average American uses 562 gallons of gas every year. When you divide 13,500 miles by the number of miles per gallon on an F-150, you get 562 gallons a year plus about $3.27 gas price, this means you spend $1,837 a year on gas in the US.

This list is coming after thoroughly checking what others have to share. We have also added new opportunities to help more people get free gas to save money.

Below are the steps regarding how to get free gas at the pump:

  1. Ask someone for assistance

If you are low on cash, Americans will gladly help but you must be polite. You really have to be in need to get the assistance since other people fear having encounters with scammers.

The average American will pay for your gas if they are convinced you are in dire need of it. Do not request money, you will not get it. You will only get free gas at the pump at their expense.

  1. Use your Swagbucks

You could earn free cash that takes care of the cost of your gas. In this case, you are distributing your gas expense to your Swagbucks earnings. Here is a guide for earning as much as 1,000 Swagbucks a day.

Swagbucks also lets you earn gas cards as your cash-out option, so you can refill your gas at the pump with it for free.

Swagbucks works by paying you to complete tasks online. The rewards you earn come from seeing paid videos, playing paid games, taking paid surveys, completing your daily challenge, and lots more.

  1. Free gas for vets

One of the ways vets are honored is with gas. If you are a vet or active military, many organizations and pump stations allow you to get free gas on Veterans Day.

Vehicle companies such as Honda also occasionally give free gas to vets at select pump stations in many locations, including Rowlett, Piano, Arlington, Richardson, and more.

  1. Use gas cashback

Specific gas apps allow you to enjoy rebates. GetUpside, for instance, allows you to enjoy up to 25 cents for every gallon you buy. You receive the rebates on your daily gas, which accumulates to more money for free gas. Your restaurant and grocery purchases are also rebated.

If you buy frequently from Walmart, then the Ibotta app can help you get Walmart cashback you accumulate for gas purchases. Here is a vivid explanation on how you can use Ibotta with Walmart for your cashback and other offers.

  1. Join a gas loyalty program

You can join a gas station loyalty program to boost your money savings at the pump. You will typically earn points or cashback as well which you can redeem for discounts on gas. Gathering more points means more discounts that let you buy gas for free at the pump station.

You can join the gas loyalty program offered by big grocery stores such as Price Chopper ($0.10 cents off per gallon of gas for every $100), Safeway ($0.10 cents off per gallon for every $100 you spend), Winn-Dixie, Hy-Vee ($.10 or $.20 per gallon on gas), Kroger (1 point for every dollar you spend for up to $0.10 cents off per gallon, maximum of 25 gallons), Fred Meyer (1 point for every dollar spent, get $0.10 cents off each gas gallon for every $100), and Giant Eagle. These stores let you earn points you can use to buy gas for free at the pump.

  1. Lodge in a hotel with free gas offers

You can earn free gas at the pump when you book a hotel directly with a chain offering rewards such as gas cards to customers, usually those that frequent the hotel.

Some of the hotels you should consider for free gas offers include Choice Hotels, and booking services such as and You get gas cards from these hotel booking services when you book a hotel stay with them.

Some individual hotels or smaller hotel chains also offer gas cards to their visitors. You can book a hotel with hotels like Personality Hotels and Kensington Hotels for a complimentary gas card up to $10 per night.

In some cases, free gas cards may be attached to premium plans you have to sign up for at the hotel to get your free gas offer.

  1. Charities have free gas for you

On some occasions, your local charitable organizations have free gas for you at the select pump. They also assist with gas cards to give you access to free gas. This is typically applicable to important driving including going to school, work, job interviews, important appointments, groceries, and other reasonable occasions.

Also, your local Health and Human Services Department may be able to help you out with gas. Of course, they do provide free gas cards to people who need them.

Meanwhile, charities can help you get a free car.

  1. Churches

Churches provide opportunities for you to get free gas at the pump or free transportation that substitutes for free gas. At the Midwest, for instance, the Salvation Army funds transportation for those in need.

Churches in other states provide free gas cards to people without cash who need to refill their gas. This comes at no special qualifications or eligibility.

So, if you need free gas, get in touch with your local church to see if there are free gas card opportunities you can leverage.

  1. Local retailers give free gas cards

Free gas offers from certain local retailers are not uncommon. At some retailer locations, specific purchasing specific products come with free gas card offers. The CVS, for example, often gives free gas cards for qualifying purchases through the ExtraCare Rewards card.

You can enjoy offers of up to $10 gas cards and many other benefits on specific items. Depending on the retailer you are buying from, you may enjoy even more cash rewards and other benefits.

Make sure to always check the retailer’s ads for available purchases that guarantee free gas cards.

  1. Carpooling

If you are a multiple-seater car, you can carpool with it for more money to cover gas expenses. Carpooling is also a way to save other people’s time. There are some carpooling apps such as Waze, which you can register with for your carpooling experience.

  1. Use alcohol

If you have no money to spend on gas, perhaps, you can substitute for alcohol. The question is, “can alcohol work on your car?” alcohol works on cars but this has to be specialty alcohol and not just any alcohol.

Here is a comprehensive guide on converting your gas car to alcohol. It is quite technical and requires a professional for the best result. You should only attempt this guide on an older car, newer cars may get damaged.

  1. Get a discounted credit card

Some credit cards are designed with gas rewards so that you can save more to get free gas for yourself at the pump. Some of the credit cards you can consider include Shell Credit Card, Bp credit card, Exxon gas card, and Chevron credit card.

It is advisable not to pay interest on purchases when using credit card rewards to get free fuel. You want to make sure that your reward card is used for only the items you want to buy, make a full card payment every month.

  1. Place ads on your car

What church helps with gas money
KFC car ad

Placing ads on your car is a passive income that allows you to make money just by driving your car. You can sign up on a platform like Wrapify to start earning money from your placed car adverts.

The distance traveled and ad coverage you select determines your earnings, this could be a banner or between full and partial full. There may be no minimum mile you can travel around with the ads on your car but covering longer miles means more money to cover for your gas expenses.

To be eligible, your car must be in good condition. Of course, you must have a good driving record, driver’s license, and your driving skills must be good. Your car must also be insured to qualify. The ad service you sign up for may have additional requirements you must meet.

Final thoughts

Above are decent ways you can get your free gas to save cash, and you just have to select the option that suits you the best. There are lots of stuff you need to spend on, so finding and embracing various options can permanently cover your gas cost. You would no longer have to bother about your gas cost since you have an income stream or a running offer that covers your gas expenses.



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