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Hacks to Get Gas with No Money on Debit Card

This article is about how to get gas with no money on debit card. However, if the bank account your debit card is linked to does not have a sufficient balance, you may not be able to or eligible to pay for gas with it, your payment will be declined.

how to get gas with no money on debit card

Generally, a debit card is not used to borrow and pay later. With your debit card, you are likely to only spend your money at the pump station.

However, if your account has an overdraft or somehow qualifies for it, your debit card payment will not be declined. Unfortunately, this means your bank will charge you an unarranged overdraft fee which is l higher than an arranged overdraft fee. An unarranged overdraft fee is also bad for your credit history if you overdraw on a current account.

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How to get gas with no money on debit card

In this section, I explain the various methods you can follow to get gas if you have no money in the bank account your debit card is linked to. Below are the ways to get gas with no money on debit card:

  1. Use PayPal debit card

You can get gas with no money if you have a PayPal debit card with at least $1 in your balance. You will use the Credit option in your account.

This feature will charge you a $1 preauthorization instead of the $40 Debit side charges. With this, you can get your full load of gas in various pump stations.

As expected, you will have a negative balance in your account. When you deposit money into the account, PayPal will deduct the amount that you owe. PayPal is not aggressive about the loan but you must repay it in not more than 30 days.

  1. Use your debit card as a credit card

You can convert your debit card into a credit to get gas if you have no money in your bank account. In this case, you insert your debit card in the pump slot at the gas station. Follow the instructions on the screen, including entering your debit card PIN when prompted.

In some cases, even when you have a positive balance like thousands in your bank account, you may still have to run your debit card as a credit card at the gas station.

The gas pump machine might even decline a $20 purchase on your card, so you have to contact the cashier to run your card as a credit card, then it goes through.

Meet the cashier inside and ask to run your debit card as a credit card only if you have difficulties using the pumps.

You also have to request a specific dollar amount the cashier needs to put as the dollar value. This may draft funds on your bank account.

  1. Prepay with the cashier

If you have trouble running your debit card, but you do not have sufficient funds in your account, you can prepay with the cashier.

You have to go inside and meet the cashier to prepay using their card machine.

  1. Withdraw cash before going to the pump

You can withdraw money before you go to the pump to get gas. See this article to determine if you can withdraw from your bank account with no money before you visit the pump station.

In this case, you are trying to overdraft your bank account outside the pump which reduces your time at the pump. If it works, you simply drive into the pump station to pay for gas in cash.

Note that an unarranged overdraft can be expensive. If you have an arranged overdraft, then it is cheaper when you have no money.

  1. Try getting free gas

Since you have no money on your debit card, you can try getting free gas at the pump. Here is a list of ways you can get free gas at the pump station.

Meanwhile, you can get free gas through the following ways:

  • Placing ads on your car
  • Obtain a free gas card
  • Take surveys on platforms such as Swagbucks to earn on the side
  • Contact your local charities and churches
  • Get a free gas card from a retailer
  • Use travel rebate
  • Apply cashback on your purchases to save for gas, etc.

Overdrafting at the gas pump may be worth it

Can you use a debit card with no money in your account for gas

If your debit card has a credit card on it such as MasterCard and Visa, and you have at least $1, you can fill your gas tank at many pump stations without money in your debit card-linked bank account. This works like a typical credit purchase, so you owe your bank, and sometimes the gas station.

A gas station may authorize your card for $1 when getting gas, it is a norm at many gas stations. The amount of money you owe will show in your bank account details within 2-3 business days.

Unfortunately, this overdraws your bank account, so you have a negative balance since you have no money in it.

This, therefore, may be worth it since you need the gas urgently. Ensure to repay the debt as fast you can to avoid any penalty.

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Check if your bank account has overdraft protection

You will get a $55 or even $150 hold on your bank account, depending on the gas station, if you make a fill-up request at the gas station. When the gas pumping is completed, you will be charged the actual amount of gas pumped, and the $55 hold is released.

If you have no money in your bank account, you want to be sure that you have overdraft protection. Otherwise, you cannot use your debit card with no money to pay for gas. You may consider a service like PayPal to help or even other online debit cards such as Dave that advance you up to $75 upon request. In return, you give a $5 tip.

The methods above could be better than taking a payday loan to cover the cost of getting gas for your car. Payday loans or even a car title loan can ruin your credit, and they are taken from your bank account. It may be better to get a mafia loan shark.

Final thoughts

Although being able to use your debit card with no money to get gas at the pump is great, you must not make it a habit.

The author and editor(s) of this article discourage you from always overdrawing your account to get gas, it ties you up in the long run.

If your bank account is not eligible for an overdraft, the gas station will decline your card.

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