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Inside Car Lights Won’t Turn Off [Causes & Fixes]

inside car lights won't turn off

Your inside car lights won’t turn off? The solution could be simpler than you think, but sometimes you may need to spend a little more time on it.

In any case, keeping the light on while driving at night can be hazardous and distracting while attempting to see what’s ahead. The automated interior lighting in modern cars is more complex than those in previous models, but they are also more prone to various faults. Even the small dome lights can drain the car battery dramatically.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons inside car lights won’t turn off and the fixes.

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Inside car lights won’t turn off: causes and fixes

Most often, an open door prevents your inside vehicle lights from turning off. A switch might potentially be electrically malfunctioning. However, you shouldn’t rule out the chance that a user mistakenly put the switch in the incorrect location.

Below are possible reasons why inside car lights won’t turn off:

1. The door is not closed

All of the car’s interior lights are linked to the doors. Some people additionally include a connection between the lights and the trunk. The lights will switch on when the doors or trunk are opened. The lights need to be off when everything is shut.

Since this is the case, an open door or trunk is the most frequent cause of the lights being on. Fortunately, it’s not hard to determine which door is open, particularly in modern cars that will indicate which door has to be closed.

If you’re unfortunate, it can also be a malfunctioning door switch that tricks the vehicle into believing a door is open when it’s closed.

2. Incorrect Switch Setting

In certain car types, it is also possible to operate the lights from the headlight switch. Usually, you may manually switch on the inside lights using a setting on the left side of the steering wheel. It’s conceivable that the inside lights have been switched on without your permission if the setting has been changed.

Once again, this is an easy repair. It just requires resetting the setting to its proper location.

3. Faulty Switch

Your car’s dome light has a manual switch on it. It will switch off when the doors are closed and remain on while they are open when it is set to automatic.

However, a manual setting is also available. No matter what the doors are doing, the dome light won’t come on if you switch it to the off position. In contrast, the dome light may be turned to the on position, leaving the lights on at all times.

Another possibility is that the light’s internal switch is broken. There is always a chance that there will be a problem with the wire that goes to the switch.

How to when your interior car lights won’t turn off

Here are the fixes and solutions for interior car lights that won’t turn off:

a. Dome light switch adjustment

Look at the dome light switch as your initial move. Every model has a dome light switch of some kind. Make sure the switch is in the appropriate location if it is on the lamp itself.

To begin, try turning off the light and see if it helps. After that, return it to automatic to try to identify what could be the problem. No matter what you do, if it is left on setting, it will not turn off.

b. Check the doors

The light will stay on when it shouldn’t due to an open door. This crucial safety feature makes sure you don’t leave the house with an unlocked door. You should physically inspect each door to try to identify the problem. To make sure all the doors are closed correctly, circle the vehicle.

Check it out as well if your trunk also powers the inside lighting. You might try opening and closing the trunk to see if that helps. Some more recent vehicles will display which door is open. The time required to find the issue is reduced by this diagnostic function.

You can go a step further if the trunk is closed and all the doors are closed. To deceive the system into believing that the door is closed, open the door and manually depress the door switch. If the light turns off, the door may not be properly making contact. This component could be broken if the switch has too much play in it or if the click is absent.

After closing the doors, the inside light in certain cars will stay on for a moment. Run the car’s engine to turn the lights off to rule out this being a regular occurrence.

c. Check the headlight switch

You should also check these settings if the dome light may be controlled by the headlight switch. The same procedures would apply if the switch were situated directly on the dome light.

To make sure it can function, turn off the light. After that, turn it back to manual mode so you can identify the issue. Your issue is present if turning the knob makes no difference in the lighting show.

d. Check the wiring

You must take a deeper look at the wiring if there is no evident cause for the issue. You may be able to perform this yourself if you have access to a service manual.

The wiring must be followed from each door to the car’s frame. At the wire harness located behind the dashboard, each one should come to a stop. They will join together at a certain point to form a single wire run that will control the lights. Any wire that has visible physical damage has to be replaced.

To make sure there isn’t any damage, you should also examine the wire harness more closely. This repair may get quite pricey depending on how much wire has to be changed.

e. Ask a professional for assistance

Consult a qualified technician instead if you’re having problems figuring out the wiring on your own or if you don’t have a repair manual you feel confident with. You can relax knowing that it will be fixed appropriately since they have greater expertise in dealing with these electrical problems.

Consider removing the dome light bulb until you can get to the technician. The battery will be completely depleted if the light is left on continuously. The ideal approach isn’t usually to pull the fuse to turn on the light, although some individuals like to do it. This fuse may regulate several internal systems, which might cause further issues.


Will the inside lights delete the car battery when on?

Yes, keeping the interior lights on for an extended period will deplete the battery. But with a quick kickstart, you can simply revive the battery.

Do interior vehicle lights automatically turn off?

Yes, whether or not the auto headlight mode is turned on, the interior lights of cars turn out automatically.

How much does it cost to repair a vehicle whose inside car lights won’t turn off?

One of the most important aspects of a car is inside illumination, which increases passenger safety. However, if the lights won’t go off, it compromises the vehicle’s security and uses up your battery. Depending on the area and kind of vehicle, the price may vary, but a specialist workshop might run you $50 to $100.


If the dome inside car lights is having issues with turning off, any of the aforementioned problems is probably the cause and thankfully, there are solutions attached as well. The issue frequently arises when someone uses the inside lights and leaves the buttons in a condition you wouldn’t normally leave them in, or there is a flaw that needs to be properly checked.

You will need to attempt several button combinations depending on the vehicle type and electric setup to resolve your problem. The button in this instance is the dimmer, and by moving it around, you can discover a method to turn off the light.

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