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How to Remove Bird Poop from Car Without Damaging Paint

How to remove bird poop from car without damaging paint

You want to remove bird poop from car without damaging paint. Bird poop, scat, dookie, and whatever you prefer to call it is one annoying drop on your vehicle you don’t want to experience. However, when it happens, you can’t find the bird to get rid of the mess but work on yourself.

According to InterNACHI®, bed dropping is at a pH of 3 to 4.5, which will easily eat through most materials like your car exterior. Moreover, birds are drawn to the scent of their dropping, which means they are likely to return if you don’t get rid of it.

Considering the high cost of a paint job, you don’t want the bird poop to stay for too long on the body of your car to avoid etching or bleaching the paint.

How to remove bird poop from car without damaging paint

How to remove bird poop from car without damaging paint

If you have bird poop on the roof or hood or window of your car, do the following to get rid of it without damaging the paint:

1. Use a soaked microfiber cloth

This is one of the best ways to remove bird poop from car without damaging paint. Traditionally you clean bird poop using a soft microfiber cloth, alongside a mild cleaning solution to keep the paint safe.

Just leave the soaked cloth on the area for at least 10 minutes. No rob it away gently and repeat the process if necessary depending on the level of the poop stain.

After removing the bird droppings from the vehicle paint, smooth it out with a small amount of Polish or clay bar. Bluff it gently to match the other parts of the car.

2. Clean with club soda or seltzer water solution

Another way to remove bird poop from car without damaging paint is with seltzer water solution. If the bird poop is still fresh, use a microfiber cloth and some seltzer water to wipe it off. Seltzer water works by carbonating and breaking down the natural acid in the droppings.

Just apply the solution to the poop area and allow up to 5 minutes before wiping it off with a paper towel or microfiber cloth.

Sugary sodas and carbonated cola can eat through the metal of your vehicle, so never use it to remove bird poop. Moreover, soda and cola can leave a sticky residue that damage your wax, paint job, and sealants.

3. Apply detailer spray on the area

A detailer spray is one of the simplest ways to remove bird poop from car without damaging paint. Consider using a specialty car detailer spray if you have it in mind to protect your car paint—these are typically mild solutions with effective stain removal ratings for both interior and exterior.

Just apply a few spritzes to dissolve the bird poop within seconds. Use a soft, moist cloth or paper towel to get rid of the etchings and stains. You should get a detailer spray and we recommend what most car owners prefer—the Meguiar’s A3332 Quik Detailer.

Rinse your car before using this. Even though there are lubricants in it, you still have to look out for sandy properties that can scratch your clear coat. Also, after rinsing down your car, use this detailer to clay bar without any scratches. The scent is similar to porter potty toilet water and it does the job correctly.

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The primary benefit of car detailing spray is that it protects your wax coating and restores its shine.

4. Buy a specialty poop wipe

If you commonly park your car in a location where bird poop is rampant, you should have a specialized bird-dropping remover in your car. It will help you remove bird poop from car without damaging paint.

Get this Poop-Off Bird Poop Remover.

It’s made of biodegradable, composite bamboo materials that won’t damage your car paint, leaves a great scent, and makes cleaning a breeze.

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Make sure to get this now if you frequently park under trees or near ponds. It should store well in your glove compartment.

5. Get an unscented laundry detergent

An unscented detergent will also help to remove bird poop from car without damaging paint. It removes dried bird scat within seconds. To remove bird poo with an unscented detergent without damaging your paint, you’d have to allow the bird poo to dry to avoid smearing and spreading it.

When the poop aerates, pick most of it with a plastic scraper or anything that won’t scratch your vehicle paint.

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Now, apply a few drops of the unscented, liquid detergent to the leftover, chalky residue or white stain. Pat the area gently with a damp cloth to remove the droppings. Rinse the cloth and scrub gently until the stain goes off. Allow to air dry. You can use a paper towel as well.

6. Apply baking soda/dish soap mixture

Apart from deodorizing your fridges, baking can help to get rid of that irritating bird dropping. You only need a mixture of baking soda (2 tablespoons), warm water, and dish soap. Add the mixture in a spray bottle and spritz it onto the poop area.

Allow up to 10 minutes for the DIY remedy to soak in the bird crud before rinsing with a hose. Repeat the steps if necessary to restore the shine of your car.

7. Use WD-40

We use this WD-40 spray to wipe off bird scat in seconds.

If you don’t already have one in your car, you better order it now to feel undisturbed whenever you meet those irky drops on your hood or roof.

After a single wipe, rinse with a hose. It comes in a spray bottle, so the convenience is superb and it takes only a matter of seconds to get rid of the poop.

How to protect your car from bird poop

While removing the etching poop is important, prevention is more reasonable. Do the following to stop or at least reduce how often or the damaging effect of bird poop on your car:

a. Protect your paint

Apply sealant or wax to protect your car’s paint from bird poop. This form of protection is limited but will make cleaning bird droppings easier and reduces potential paint damage. A ceramic coating is sm advisable for most paint protection.

b. Park in shelters

When you park in an exposed area, birds are more likely to drop poops on the roof or side of the car. Thus, you want to park in covered areas, including covered garages or buildings.

If you decide to park outdoors, pick a location away from buildings or trees. Avoid light posts, lamps, or telephone wires.

c. Get a car cover

Get a car cover to protect the paint of your car from bird scat. Obviously, a car cover provides a barrier when you park in a vulnerable area.


In conclusion, bird droppings on your car can be annoying, but it’s essential to clean them off as soon as possible to keep the paint from getting damaged. There are a number of safe ways to get rid of bird poop that won’t hurt the finish on your car.

Whether you use soap and water or a special bird poop remover, each method has its own benefits and can work, depending on how bad the problem is. But you should avoid using harsh chemicals or rough materials because they can damage the paint and cause more problems.

By following the steps in this guide and taking care to protect your car’s paint, you can safely and effectively remove bird poop from your car without doing any damage. Cleaning your car often and getting rid of bird droppings as soon as you see them can help stop more damage and keep your car looking good for years to come.


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