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6 Ways to Clean Bird Poop Off Car Window

How to clean bird poop off car window

You’re just out of Whole Foods or Walmart and there is that irky bird poop! You now want to clean bird poop off car window as the deed is done and birdies can’t be traced to clean up their mess.

Bird droppings on your car window contain acidic properties (—Eustis Body Shop), which can etch and scratch the glass if not cleaned correctly. Secondly, you need a disposable paper towel (instead of a microfiber towel) so you don’t have to throw the towel in a washer or get rid of it.

How to clean bird poop off car window

How to clean bird poop off the car window

You don’t want the bird poo sitting on your car window for too long—have it cleaned off in the following ways:

1. Use mild, unscented laundry soap

Get an unscented laundry detergent to scrub off the poop on your window—this won’t ruin your fabric if you decide to use a microfiber instead of a paper towel.

Meanwhile, wet bird scat can be tougher to clean off the window. And when you attempt to, it’ll roll onto the car paint. You don’t want this to happen, or at least only minimal poop should get on the paint. The solution is to let the poop dry.

Now, use a plastic scraper or any available alternative to gently scrape the dry poop off the window, this way, it doesn’t extend to the car body.

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You should now be left with chalk-like, white residue, which is easier to clean. Apply drops of your liquid laundry detergent and pat down the poop with a clean, dampened cloth. You can also use a paper towel to pat the area until it’s saturated.

Make sure to wear gloves when cleaning. If using microfiber material, you’d have to rinse it and wring it out. Finally, allow the poop area of the window to air dry.

If you’d like an unscented detergent delivered to your doorstep, we recommend you get this all Laundry Detergent Liquid.

This product does even more than the job for the money. It doesn’t affect the window glass or your car paint. One issue we had with this product is that the liquid caps were not properly tightened, so our bottle leaked an ounce all over the shipment. We reported this and hope it was fixed.

2. Apply WD-40

WD-40 is made to get rid of not just gunk and grease from fenders, windows, and car interiors but also to remove bird poop from windows without damaging the car. It won’t also damage your car paint.

Just spray the solution on the bird crud and allow up to 30 seconds before wiping the area with a clean damp sponge or microfiber cloth.

Here’s the WD40 490057 we use for car detailing.

You can use this cleaner for so many other things, apart from just removing that sticky bird crud. It’s even advisable to have this handy in your car all the time, especially if you’re going on an expedition.

3. Remove poop with baking soda

Baking soda is generally a leavening agent used in baked goods such as cakes, muffins, and cookies but can also clean bird poop off car window. Just mix a solution of baking soda (about 4 spoons) and warm water in a spray bottle and spray it on the bird droppings.

Shake the mixture well enough before application. It is advisable to use this DIY method while the bird poop is still fresh on the glass. After cleaning, Rinse the area with clean water to get rid of the etched-on poop on your car window.

4. Apply a detailer spray

Get a detailer spray specifically designed for cleaning contaminants such as bird poop on vehicle components like a car window. A detailer spray can be kept handy in your car after the clean-up, so it’s not a one-time buy.

You can use the detailer for other purposes such as removing dried bugs, finger smudges, grease, and water spots, to mention a few.

Regarding the correct detailer spray to use, we strongly recommend Griot’s Garage 10980.

Normally, you should be using this spray detailer right after you wash your car. In this event, it handles bird poop professionally and it’s also like a speed wax. After removing the poop from the window, this solution also gives that extra shine to your car. It’s a good solution to have in your car, and decent for the price.

5. Use seltzer water

Seltzer water works well to remove bird cruds from any car window. Its carbonation is what acts to break up the dry bird droppings, making it super-easier for you to clean.

Just pour seltzer or club soda directly on the bird poop and wait for about 30 seconds before wiping it with a damp, clean cloth or paper towel.

Finally, rinse the area with a hose. Be careful what carbonated drink you use in your car though. High sugar like Colas can cause damage, especially when they drip on the car paint and rubber trims.

6. Let professionals handle the cleaning

If you are the busy type or irritated by the dropping, let an auto body shop assist with the poop cleaning.

Whether the poop is still fresh on dried on the window, a certified body shop will easily restore the beauty of your car and paint the spot if it’s damaged by the poop.

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