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7 Best Window Visors for Ford F150 2023 [Product Review]

Perhaps, your recently purchased tape-on or in-channel deflectors failed, even after following instructions. The obvious problem is that you didn’t get the best window visors for Ford F150. And if you like leaving the windows open a crack, we have compiled the most reliable for you.

Also called sun or rain guards, window visors are essential for many reasons, including:

  • protection against UV rays, wind, grime, dust, and dirt—;
  • fresh air circulation to remove odours and stale air;
  • wind noise reduction;
  • window fogging prevention; and
  • the improved exterior appearance of a car.

Best window visors for Ford F150

We understand the internet usually praises every undeserving product. But we know every item we review—thanks to other consumers and our thoroughness when making our picks. Below are our selected best window visors for Ford F150.

1. Window Visor

This window Visor is one of the best window visors for Ford F150. A good set of rain guards for a Ford F150. Just ensure your vehicle surface is clean and dry before beginning the installation. We did ours on a sunny day and let them stay dry after the installation.


a. Scratch resistant

One feature that makes these the best window visors for your F150 is scratch resistance. They’re hardy as well since they’re made with reinforced material composition.

b. Design

Comes in a smoke finish design with UV protection.

c. Easy installation

We received our IKON Motorsports window visors with double-sided tape, adhesion promoter, and alcohol pad.


None so far. Just check the Compatibility to be sure visors fit your Ford model and year.

  • Fitment: Compatible with 2004-2008 Ford F150 Supercrew Cab Models With 4 Full Size Doors That Open In The Same Direction; 2006-2008 Lincoln Mark LT; Will Not Fit Regular ( Standard ) Cab Models With 2 Full Size Front Doors & No Rear Seat; Will Not Fit Extended ( Super ) Cab Models With 2 Full Size Front Doors & 2 Half Size Rear Seat
  • Specification: Material: High Quality Acrylic | Style: Slim Style | Type:Tape On/External | Color: Black
  • Package includes: 1x Set of Window Visors (4pcs)
  • Instructions NOT included, Professional Installation is Highly Recommended.
  • 30 Days Limited Warranty

2. 2pcs Tape-On Window Visor

Another of the best window visors for Ford F150 is the 2pcs tape-on winder visor. We had these rain guards applied on a 2003 F-150 and they look great. The installation was done in a heated garage. Make sure to wipe down the surface with alcohol pads before installation for a clean application.

Read also: F-250: dome light not coming on.

You should use a heat source (heat gun or hair dryer) to apply these F150 window deflectors. Just follow the instructions, and the 3M sticky adhesive will take to the body of your truck firmly.


a. Easy installation

The installation is easier with the tape liner. Also included is an automotive-grade 3M tape.

b. No window contact

No window contact, so there is no risk of scratching the glass or interfering with your window operation.

c. Water Protection

This offers improved water protection while raining.


It stays strong on the truck and worth your money—no downside to write about.

  • Vehicle Compatibility - These window visors are compatible with Ford F-150 1997-2003, Ford F-150 Heritage 2004, Ford F-250 1997-1999.
  • Brilliant Performance - Come with set of [2] side window visors with smoked lens, can reduce glare and wind noise while driving with windows open for fresh air, to allow car to be parked with windows vented.
  • Extraordinary Quality - It is constructed of high quality acrylic material to ensure an extremely long lasting operate life in outdoor conditions.
  • Great Protection - It allows window to be opened a bit, and not have rain water enter through the opening.
  • Simple Installation - Easy to install with included automotive-grade tape(Non-In-Channel Visor).


THis is also one of the best window visors for Ford F150. Provided good ventilation and keeps the rain out.


a. Easy installation

You get a double-sided Tape, adhesion promoter, and alcohol pad for your installation. Make sure to wipe the surface dry.

b. Scratch resistant

These visors are scratch resistant and hardy. Won’t break easily during installation, but don’t press them too hard.

c. Design

Comes in a smoke finish design with UV protection. Quite semi-transparent as well.


Don’t put these Ford F150 visors on during cold weather. If you don’t use these on the right truck, they get into the right shape around the window’s edge. Otherwise, no negatives to discuss.

  • Fitment: Compatible with 2001-2003 Ford F-150 Crew Cab; 2002-2003 Lincoln Blackwood (Not Fit Lighting And Xl Trim)
  • Specification: Style: Slim Style | Color: Smoke/Tinted | Type: Tape On/External | Material: Acrylic
  • Package Includes: 4 Piece Set of Window Visors
  • Instruction is NOT included, Professional Installation is Highly Recommended.
  • 30 Days Limited Warranty

4. Auto Ventshade AVS 12068 Ventshade

If you need a rugged, retro look, these are the visors to install on your Ford F150. They’re so different from plastic ones, which tend to look ricey for a truck.

However, installation is required using an auto-punch. We used a 5/64 drill bit, a cordless drill/driver, clear silicone, and a Phillips-head driver tip.


a. Wind noise and fogging reduction

Capable of reducing mirror fogging and interior wind noise.

b. Modern design

Quite stylish. The visors mount externally on your truck window with their modern, curved design for the F150 contours.

c. Tough material

Made of impact-resistant acrylic material for UV and scratch resistance. Doesn’t turn opaque in prolonged sun exposure.

d. Easy to install

Also easy to install within a few minutes in your garage. Just hold up to make your drill bit drill flat and not at an angle. Drill slow and steady and allow the bit to do the work. Allow a full 30 seconds to make the hole—you need 3 screws per side.


These visors require drilling. Nonetheless, it does its job of removing stale odor and keeping the rain out. The instructions contain a few typos, but you’ll still understand what the manufacturer means.

5. Tuningpros Window Visor

These window visors do exactly what the description says. The adhesive on the visors seems durable.


a. Hard material and design

Uses reinforced acrylic. This is an outside mount (not in channel) that comes in dark smoke color.

b. Does its job

It can keep the rain, grime, and dust out for fresh air in your truck. Reduces heat buildup when you park and leave your F150 window partially open.

c. Installation

Easy to install. It comes with approved tape and no drilling is required. Just make sure that the surface is dry before application.


No negatives. However, this is a tape-on.

  • Reinforced acrylic in dark smoke color; Outside Mount Visor(not In-Channel)
  • keeping rain out, letting fresh air in and reduce heat buildup in parked vehicles when partially open
  • 100% color fade resistant guarantee; Easy no-drill application
  • Installation with included approved tape; Just clean and apply; Pictures show actual product
  • Custom fit for your vehicle; This part is guaranteed to fit: Ford F-150 2004-2014 Super Cab or Extended Cab Only

6. Goodyear Shatterproof Window Deflectors

You probably know Goodyear for tire making. Well, they are a rubber company into window visors too. These come easy to install; no special tools are required—you just have to peel and stick. Make sure to use the degreasing wipes in the package to make installation even faster.


a. Good for different weathers

With these visors on, you can partially roll down your window in ice, snow, rain, and winds for ventilation.

b. Make of reliable material

Goodyear uses a durable, shatterproof material that keeps these deflectors from cracking, breaking, or chipping.

c. Easy installation

These are tape-on visors you can attach in minutes without special tools. It comes with 3M VHB tape for installation.


Great value for the cost. Just read and follow instructions. However, the downside is a little road wind noise, but these are okay if you’re not picky. Otherwise, no negatives.

7. SONTIAN Window Visor Wind Deflector

Check the fitment filter and description to know if these will work well on your truck model year.


a. Hard material used

These vent deflectors are made of premium-quality, reinforced acrylic. They do not bend, break or crack easily.

b. Easy to install

Anyone can install these in minutes. Just attach them with the included 3M automotive-grade adhesive. No special hardware or drilling is required. You’ll have to keep your windows closed for 72 hours after installation.

c. Enhances truck interior ventilation

When parking your truck, you can crack the window open to reduce heat build-up by allowing in fresh air circulation, while keeping the rain out, preventing mirror fogging, and shading your cab from the sun.


The rear visor is okay but the front one could be better. This is a tape-on and would be ok if there is a recess in the visor.

Also, the plastic mirror part sits a bit higher than the door trim, so this visor can’t be installed flush and the double-sided tape will not hold. Consider heating the visor with a dryer and bending it to fit properly.

How to install window visors in a Ford F150

a. Confirm compatibility

First, hold up each deflector on the appropriate window to check if you’re comfortable with the placement.

b. Wipe the surface dry

Now, wipe the surface with an automotive surface cleaner or alcohol pad to prep it for your application.

c. Apply window visor on your truck

Remove the backing strip to expose the adhesive about 2 inches and fold out any excess strip to make the tab easy to grip. Make sure not to touch the adhesive before application.

Place your Ford F150 window deflectors above your front window first, and use the slightly exposed adhesive to secure them temporarily in place. Repeat this step with your rear window and be sure that the visors line up with your truck’s contour.

d. Press in the visors

When you confirm that the visors are well-placed, press the corners firmly. Finally, gently remove the remaining backing strip and press along the visor to attach permanently.

Final Thought

In conclusion, window visors are a useful and popular addition to a Ford F150. They have many benefits, like better airflow, protection from the weather, and less wind noise. When choosing the best window visors for Ford F150, think about things like the quality of the materials, how easy they are to install, and how well they work with the make and model of your truck. Ultimately, your tastes and needs will determine the best window visors for Ford F150.


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