What to Do with Old Car that Doesn’t Run

Howdy, Sane Driver? Instead of that car to fill space and attract dangerous animals like snakes, there is something you could do. Knowing what to do with old car parked either at the backyard or frontage guarantees peace of mind. Therefore, you should be aware of what to do with a car that is not worth fixing.

what to do with old car

Everyone dislikes having an old car parked at some corner around the apartment. This is specifically the case when there is a new car to replace the old car. It is for this reason that people rampantly say “I want to salvage my car”.

Because it calls for concern, this article exposes how to get rid of car that doesn’t run. Interestingly, whether the car is a truck, hatchback, sedan, SUV, minivan, etc. you can easily get rid of it.

Moreover, you may decide to ditch the old car for money or nothing. Being that you find our article interesting, there is a further secret guide exposing how to scrap a car for the most money.

What to Do with Old Car that is Difficult to Repair

There are a number of what to do with old car. This section contains a broad list of what to do with a car that is not worth fixing.

Settle down and see how to get rid of car that doesn’t run.

1.      Recycle the Car Personally

how to get rid of car that doesn’t runThis should be listed under car scraping but for the purpose of this article, it stands out alone. The very first “what to do with old car” that comes to people’s minds is recycling. As cool that it seems, we actually have a number of ways to do so. For instance, recycling may involve personal use like converting the old car into something artistic. In countries with high value for art, your creativity might become sensational.

The parts to target should be the tires and the car seats. Paint the tires and turn them into something artful. Avoid making worn-out tires into playthings. Children may get hurt by the protruding wires.

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Know the following:

What to do to an old car seat

It is either you make it into one of the seats a home or recycle it away from home.

What to do to an old car battery

If you are not skilled at handling car batteries, hand it over to an auto shop and get something in return. It could be cash or non-cash. You may earn up to $30 dollars for the battery.

2.      Donate the Old Car

In some cases, depending on the sorts of organizations present in your region, you may be rewarded with cash. In some other cases, no money reward may be issued since it is a mere donation.old car for money

Moreover, some organizations limit the sorts of cars that qualify for a donation. Some prefer mainly sedan cars, hatchbacks, and a few more to mention while some others do not specify. Whatever the case, know that donating old cars come with the advantage of tax reduction.

So, where is your country? Would you love to donate? Here, check out the following avenues for your car donation.

Note: You may have to do a simple internet search to discover a closer donation organization.

There are a few more to mention that help on how to get rid of car that doesn’t run.

3.      Sell Old Car Parts

This is like a norm of what to do with old car. However, the only limitation here is that when the car model is few, the worth becomes less. Also, before ditching out the entire car parts, confirm whether your country presses a strong law regarding old cars.

what to do with old car that doesn't run

Some of the best things to sell in your old car include the following:

  • Windscreen
  • Tires and wheel cover
  • Passenger and driver seats
  • Headlights and tail lights
  • Engine oil
  • carpets
  • Car batteries

These are the basic and the recommended first things to sell out from the old car.

4.      Make it a Business Hub

Turning an old ride into a business hub is an example of what to do with a car that is not worth fixing. This is more like making the old car become an avenue for business. Since the car is not running any longer, it is time to take advantage of its inability to run. Below is a tip on how to get rid of car that doesn’t run anymore.

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how to get rid of an old car

  • Hire a panel beater to beat the old car into the desired shape.
  • Clear the engine room as much as possible.
  • Remove the bonnet (optional).
  • Take off the roof.
  • Display your products for sale.

You can make this into any design that pleases you or hire an expert to provide a better setup.

5.      Exchange for Something Valuable

You can always trade your old car for something old or new. This is a sort of trade by barter. Howe

how to get rid of car that doesn’t run

ver, you may be unable to value the old car. If you’re bartering

with an agent or agency, you may be cheated for the worth of that old car.

If it’s difficult to value the car yourself, hire someone to do so. Depending on your region, a car valuation may cost between $30 to $100. For an old rusty car, you would pay less.

6.      Recycle Car as Scrap to a Scrap Yard

Some years ago, one would lose money before scraping an old car. This has changed today as people even make a living off selling scrapped cars. You should see how to properly scrap a car in order not to make a mistake.

what to do with old car

Meanwhile, recycling processes differ by country. While some countries have strict rules regarding the process, others do not. Most African countries have no strict rules governing car recycling and as such, it is super easy to do so. In most countries in Europe, for example, recycling a car requires due procedures.

Every intending old car owner who wishes to see off the car would be expected to follow these procedures correctly. Also, as a car owner, you certainly would be rewarded.

Before you scrap a car, do the following:

  • Contact a licenses scrapyard
  • Report to DVLA
  • Ready your V5C form
  • Obtain a Certificate of Destruction (CoD)

What to Do Before Getting Rid of an Old Car

Nowadays, you don’t just dispose of cars. You may either get fined or lose a potential earning you could have made off the car. Be attentive to this section of how to get rid of car that doesn’t run before you make mistakes. Funny enough, these mistakes are often costly and often hit the emotions.

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Is it Repairable?

Some old cars could be very well repairable if you decide to value the car better. Some actually appear useless but not until a need arises. A Mini Cooper would be seen as old, but still very valuable. Simply, find a time, and thoroughly examine the condition of the car. You never know, it could be helpful or valuable than the current value you attach to it.

Remove Your Properties

There could be important paperwork lying somewhere in the car. It could lie under the seats, in the cargo room, the save box on the airbag, or any other place in the car. We recommend searching under the front seats, passenger and driver seats.

Remove the Car Plates

The old car may be sent to another country which means that the number plate would be useless there. So, what to do with old car extends to removing the number plate. You may have to run some paperwork with that number plate in order to render it invalid. The reason is that you can’t use it on a different car.

Terminate Active Insurance

Terminating active insurance is a brilliant idea of what to do with a car that is not worth fixing. Instead of being continuously charged for a car that is inactive, alert the insurance company to cut off the insurance. This is not what to do with old car for the money but what will cut off irrelevant expenses.

Final Thought

In this article, you have been drilled with what to do with an old car that is not worth repairing. Moreover, what to do with an old car that is irreparable is not lacking. It is all about making the move on time.

Don’t watch the car stay in one place to breed insects and animals. Do not also dump the car at a waste station. If you dispose of an old car just anyhow, you may be fined heftily depending on your jurisdiction. Instead of dumping it that way, trade it for money.

Are you planning to get a new car for a replacement? If you are new, kindly see how to buy a car as a new timer.


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