11 Ways to Make Money with My Car

Howdy, Driver? Do you mind asking, “what are the ways to make money with my car?” Sincerely, we have several flexible ways to earn just to drive in the neighborhood.

ways to make money with my car


To make money with your car, you should first figure out that one thing that is lacking in your neighborhood. Of course, you wouldn’t just delve into an idea that could ruin your vehicle like landing it at an Impound, getting towed, or losing your car to theft.

In this article, I disclose the ways I make money in my car daily. Interestingly enough, you don’t have to spend, except on refilling gas and hitting the roads.

Instead of leaving that engine idle for too long, let me show you what to do to earn while on steering.

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11 Ways I Make Money with My Car

In this section, I’ll disclose the various ways I make money with my car.

Of course, I love to share ideas, so below are the ways I make money with my car:

  1. Selling with My Car

How to use my car to make money

That car of yours is primarily useful for getting you around town. Nonetheless, you can make it an exceptional trade vehicle for the money. Wouldn’t you love to become a popular ice cream man in your neighborhood? How about becoming the first sandwich man in town? Lest I forget, the kids love homemade burgers and these are cool ways to make money with your car.

I use my 2018 sedan Honda for about 20% of the time to hit the road for money.

You could sell the following with your car:

  • Stationery
  • Sneakers
  • Jewelry
  • Tissues
  • Jumpsuits
  • Belts
  • Caps

The nature of your area should determine what you have to sell with the car. I mostly prefer busy areas where I park and line up products for sale on the roof of the vehicle. Depending on the hours I hit the road, I return home with roughly US$200. Other ways to make money with my car extend to edible products as earlier mentioned. However, non-edible products sell faster.

  1. Making My Car a Delivery Vehicle

how to make money with your car

You normally hear of delivery vans, right? My sedan car is also a delivery ‘van’. Maybe I should address it as a ‘delivery sedan’. There are various things you could deliver in your car. Like I keep emphasizing, the environment is a major determinant of what you deliver with your delivery.

In my neighborhood, for instance, I’ve been able to make contacts with nearly four stores with whom I aid with deliveries. Intriguingly, delivery times are quite flexible and not hectic at all. What you do is simply approach the store you prefer, rapport with the manager, and you’re good.

Some deliveries require journeying a few miles out of town which I don’t mind. I make calendars for these deliveries; such that I don’t interfere with my primary money-making activities.

You could do the same and see the result in a week or so. I sincerely believe this to be one of the few amicable ways to make money with your car without loss.

  1. Advertising Businesses

How can I use my car to make money

Advertising businesses is one of the major ways to make money with your car. If you look around, you will notice that advertisement evolves just like several other things.

Businesses need not visit magazines and newspaper houses to splash millions on adverts. The futuristic platforms are now social media, human skins in the form of a tattoo, and various human properties including your car.

Truthfully, I have quite a 4×6-sized business advert paper on my sedan car. Come what may, this shall remain a diamond regarding the ways to make money with my car. Why? It’s because I receive payments monthly just to paste a paper on my car.

I understand I’m doing the business a favor but the business is compensating my favor which makes it a 50/50 affair.

  1. Making Food Deliveries

How can I use my car to make money

I’m very certain of two ways this can work out.

  • Deliveries for an eatery.
  • Making deliveries of self-made foods.

Regarding the ways I make money with my car, I prefer delivering for an eatery. It isn’t something I do often; however, it pays. If you become serious, you could earn an average of US$120 per two days.

I have two friends who each own restaurants in different parts of the town. To earn money with my car from their business, I create a Facebook page describing their business. I pay a few dollars to run advertisements for their food services, and hungry people start contacting me via the page. My contact details are right there on the page making it easy for people to contact me.

I receive at least nine orders per day. If I’m willing to make money with my car at that moment, I’ll drive down to the closest eatery, get the meal, and deliver. If it’s tight for me at that moment, I contact any of the eateries to service the client.

  1. Earning from Driving Tutorials

ways to make money with my car

It is one of the ways to earn with your car that arrives occasionally. I mean, it is not a consistent way of making money with your car in that driving students aren’t rampant. That not notwithstanding, it’s still in the league of adorable ways to make money with my car.

How Do I Achieve This?

People do not become pros immediately the graduate from a driving school. Doesn’t this mean they require more training? Of course, that’s the insinuation. With US$50, I train them for a few hours more and maybe another day(s) for additional money.

The best way to attract clients is by hanging around the driving school near me. If there isn’t a driving school close by, you may have difficulties finding clients.

  1. Run Errands

make money with your car advertising

Running errands with your car for money is a cool money-making idea. It’s one of the coolest ways to make money with my car that is fairly flexible and easy to cope with. However, people have trust issues considering the presence of the bad guys in town.

To gain trust, I register a unique business name, obtain a certificate, and share it with clients. If for no other reason, clients will consider me legit because of the business certification.

There are lots of errands you could run in your car for money. You could pick up the child, buy groceries, shop for clients, deliver a package for a client, etc. It is quite a cool way to make money with your car that you shouldn’t hesitate. Simply, form a brand, advertise the brand, and target the residents in your neighborhood. Besides, the task will determine your service charges.

  1. Delivering Drinks/Liquid Consumables

ways to make money with my car

Being one of the lazy ways to make money with my car, I don’t strain much to earn. All I do is link up with the bars around. You certainly have collections of assorted bars in your neighborhood. So, why not get rich with your car already?

Unlike a few years ago, connecting with people today is no longer tough. You don’t have to walk from house to house in search of clients. Modern methods of advertisements via social media, flyers, banners, and lots more make things far seamless.

I, however, prefer social media adverts though; people spend more of their time keeping up with trends. Simply, pay for the placement of an engaging advert on their feeds and the calls for beer will rain in.

  1. Driving for Ride-Sharing Companies

Make money with your car advertising

“Make at least US$800 weekly using ride-sharing companies”. Yes, you read that right. However, this requires some level of commitment and strategies.

I do not dedicate much of my time to any of the drive-sharing companies. Weekly, I hit the road during the evenings or twice a week. But, when the week is eventful, I could go drive-sharing for three days.

Earnestly, it is one of the favorite ways to make money with my car seamlessly. How do I earn? During the early hours of the day, millions wake up for work which means more clients to shuttle.

During the early hours, I can gather up to US$150 with Uber. The next time I hit the road again is during the evening and I position my car in the central area. It often works because a high percentage of the people hanging around have plans to order rides home.

  1. Carpooling

How to make money driving my own car

I don’t have a white-collar job, but I do own an office where I render my hourly services. And, carpooling is a great one for me. I do earn parking vouchers, cash, and even free gas.

If you reside in the countryside, you may not get the best from carpooling but suburbs pay high. On certain days, I make about US$3 and I save the money for the next 60 days which translates to some cool cash.

  1. Selling Worn-out Parts for Scrap

ways to make money with your car

It’s needless to hoard old car parts instead of selling them off for money at pawnshops. Being one of the ways to make money with my car, I do ensure a lively communication with the scrap yard. I further help others sell off old car parts for money instead of dumping them without earning a dime.

I sell out the least car part like faulty hoses, gas cap, damaged headlight, faulty screen wipe, etc. Sincerely, I spare nothing from the list because these car parts accumulate a surprising amount of money over time.

If you find a rickety vehicle that wouldn’t drive, offer to sell for the owner and share the earning.

Note: If you have no idea what to value the car part, you may contact us for support.

Meanwhile, understand that damaged car parts won’t sell even for half the actual price.

  1. Renting My Car

Is there an app that pays you to drive

I rent out my VW Passat car for US$10 per hour depending on the occasion.

Think of it, if the renter keeps the car for 10 hours, that translates to US$100. Interestingly, I do not have to pay for gas, and I’m not responsible for damages to the car.

When the rent duration expires, I receive my payment and invest in some other thing. Besides, I don’t drive around all the time. I figured out that making use of public transport saves some gas expenses and potential damages.

Final Thought

The above are the ways I make money with my car that you may employ to earn in your car. These ideas are less hassling, and you may set up a calendar to make things seamless.

Moreover, I do not have to perform all these tasks to earn with your car. Pick the most flexible and time-friendly ideas and start making money with that vehicle of yours.

You know you have to save fuel while driving around. I recommend these Toyota cars for saving gas while earning.

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