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5 Best Front and Rear Dash Cam with Parking Mode [Review]

Best front and rear dash cam with parking mode

You need the best front and rear dash cam with parking mode. The parking mode can be an added feature and linkable to your phone. You don’t have to be an Uber, Lyft, or rideshare driver to need this type of camera—it just gives you that mental security wherever you go.

A typical front and rear dash cam with parking mode should have a clear resolution, super night vision, and be easy to install and operate. The parking monitoring should be active 24 hours.

With a rear cam, you can back your insurance claims to get settled for accidents you’re not responsible for. The parking feature also means you’d have visual evidence of activities in your absence while the car is parked. Dash cam is generally useful, for instance, a dash cam video shows a Florida trooper driving into a speeding DUI suspect’s path to protect Skyway 10K runners.

Best front and rear dash cam with parking mode

Best front and rear dash cam with parking mode

One thing you need to know about this review is that it is not one of that cheerleader reviews by people who have never tested the product. We’ve done due diligence, such as pointing out negatives.

Of course, every dash cam comes with minor quirks/flaws. You need to know about the flaws and decide which flaws are essential to you. That said, below are the best front and rear dash cams with parking mode we’ve tested and reviewed:

1. Rove R2-4K Dash Cam Built in WiFi GPS Car Dashboard Camera Recorder with UHD 2160P, 2.4″ LCD, 150° Wide Angle, WDR, Night Vision

Rove R2-4K is “good” for your overland expedition. It has a clear camera and is easy to use when you know the functions of each button—just go through the user manual.

The video quality defaults, so you must change it to 4K for a clearer experience. And when getting extended memory, we recommend the “128 GB Samsung 10 class u3 SD card”—it records without freezing and supports up to 512 GB micro SD card.


Some of the pros we can talk about:

a. 4K support

This product hardware can crystal-clear 4K video at night and during the day. Its night vision is inspired by an ultra-low light Sony STARVIS sensor with super night cam technology.

b. Has WiFi support

It has built-in WiFi and GPS. Just go ahead and download the Rove app for your Android or iOS to improve your dash cam experience.

c. Parking mode

Yes, it has a parking mode. We’ve seen that this mode runs for 24 hours. It also has motion detection and time-lapse.

d. Dual mount

Comes with dual sticky mounts with a 360° rotating suction mount.


This unit has its downside. First, no memory card is included in the packaging.

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Secondly, the screen size looks small—this is no big problem, and you probably won’t even notice it.

  • 4K ULTRA HD RECORDING – The ROVE R2-4K dash camera can record videos up to a resolution of 2160P. The Ultra HD video recording quality is so good that you will notice so much more clarity and quality difference than all other car dash cams. Revolutionary Super Night Vision Technology (6 Glass Lens + F1.5 Aperture + SONY IMX335) helps to get comparatively clearer footage and images from the recording in low light conditions.
  • BUILT-IN WiFi 6 – Use the ROVE App to view and manage dash cam recordings instantly on your iOS and Android devices. By using the app you can download your recorded 4k videos directly to your smartphone at a speed of up to 6MBps, and then easily share these on social media with friends and family.
  • DASH CAM WITH GPS – Built-in GPS accurately records your driving location and speed. You can view your driving route and tracker on Google Maps via Wi-Fi using the app or with our GPS Player. We provide FREE firmware upgrades for this car camera, allowing you to enjoy hassle-free over-the-air updates via the ROVE App.
  • FEATURES WITH STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY INCLUDED – The car dashboard camera comes with a built-in Supercapacitor, f1.5 apertures (the largest in the industry), parking mode, motion detection, 150° A+ wide angle lens, G-sensor, loop cycle recording, emergency video lock, time-lapse video, supports up to 512GB class 10 - U3 speed micro SD card (NOTE: MEMORY CARD NOT INCLUDED - We recommend ROVE Ultimate Micro SD Cards)
  • 100% USA-CHICAGO BASED CUSTOMER-CENTRIC COMPANY & CUSTOMER CARE – This dash camera for cars is backed by a full 1-YEAR WARRANTY. You can text us for (Faster Response) or Email our customer care and we will answer any of your questions and resolve arising issues fast. If you’re having any doubts, it comes with a FULL REFUND within 30 DAYS.

2. WOLFBOX 4K Dash Cam Built-in WiFi GPS Dashboard Camera Front 4K/2.5K and Rear 1080P Dual Car Recorder, Mini Security DashCam with 2.45″ LCD, 170° Wide Angle, Support 128GB Max

We’ve also tested the WOLFBOX dash cam, and confident it is the front and rear cam you need for your driving adventure.

The rear cam installation is pretty easy; you just have to stick it to the magnetic window mount—it takes 2 seconds only. If you don’t like cumbersome wiring, install the rear camera of this unit on your back windshield.


The things we like about the WOLFBOX D07:

a. Dual parking mode

WOLFBOX D07 comes with 2 different parking mode features. It operates 2 modes—G Sensor Trigger Record (captures when a collision is detected) and Time-Lapse Record (lets you record 24 hours in time-lapse while away).

b. Good cam quality

The front camera is 4K with an F1.4 large aperture, while the rear dash cam uses 1920x1080P with super night vision.

c. Night vision

The night vision is excellent. Our research shows this unit uses a WDR (Wide-Dynamic) technology for night image clarity, even in low-light environments.

The license plates of other cars we captured at night are easily seen.

d. WiFi and GPS support

It has a built-in GPS and records your route and speed information, which will be necessary evidence for any auto claims. You can manage the data on your Android or iOS; just install the provided app.


This cam also has its problems, and one annoying one is that it does not connect wirelessly, so you don’t get to hide the wires.

The front and rear camera qualities are quite good (4.5 stars for those). However, the company does not provide an SD card, so you must get one.

Another little problem with the rear cam is that when you enable time-lapse mode, the G sensor trigger record mode will not work.

  • Real 4K UHD+1080P Dual Dash Cam - The WOLFBOX D07 front camera provides top 4K(3840*2160P) image quality F1.4 Large Aperture. The rear camera adopts 1920*1080P that captures super night vision. Wide-angle front (170°) and rear (140°) cameras help eliminate the blind spots of your vision, increasing your security.
  • Super Night Vision - Equipped with WDR(Wide-Dynamic) technology, this dashboard recorder ensures the clarity of images at night, records clear details even in low-light environments, improving driving safety, and provides crystal-clear video quality in the daytime. Car license plates can be easily seen.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi & GPS - The dual dash cam includes built-in GPS, accurately recording your driving route and speed. Route and speed information that will become your important evidence can be managed on your iOS and Android devices via a provided app. Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to download your recorded videos directly to your smartphone for instant sharing on social media.
  • Dual Parking Monitoring - Unlike other dash cams, WOLFBOX D07 has two distinct parking mode features. By using the dedicated hardware kit, the mini recorder will have two modes of "G Sensor Trigger Record" and "Time-Lapse Record". G Sensor Trigger Record Mode allows you to record only when there is an impact detected. Time-Lapse Record allows you to record 24H in timelapse while you are away. TIPS, When using Time-Lapse Mode, G Sensor Trigger Record Mode will not work.
  • Easier Installation for Rear Camera - Dashcam installation only takes seconds with the magnetic window mount. Removing and attaching the camera to the mount is fast and easy. At the same time we designed the rear camera to be installed inside and outside the car, if you hate cumbersome wiring, you can install the rear camera on the rear windshield.
  • TYPE-C Power Port - Compared with the traditional mini-USB interface and micro-USB, it avoids the problems that are likely to occur when in use, including restart, black screen of death, and deformation caused by high temperature, which can ensure smooth and high-definition video recording.
  • Super After-sales - We uphold the principle of customer first. The D07 portable dash cam comes with a full 12-months warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions, please tell us via Amazon and we will answer any questions/concerns you may have. We provide 7*24 hours of technical support. Note, Memory card is not included.

3. REDTIGER F7N 4K Dual Dash Cam Built-in WiFi GPS Front 4K/2.5K and Rear 1080P Dual Dash Camera for Cars,3.16″ Display,170° Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder,Support 256GB Max

If nothing, the REDTIGER F7N 4K dual dash cam’s wide-angle dual cameras can capture every vehicle and pedestrian hanging around your car for potential rear or front-end collision or even car keying evidence by vandals.


Has its pros like any other good front and rear dash cam with parking mode.

a. 24-hour parking monitor

This unit is built with a dedicated hardware kit to monitor where you park the car automatically. It also comes with a built-in G-sensor for detecting collision or a sudden shock—very useful for insurance claims.

b. UHD 4K and FHD resolution

The front cam quality is 4K (3840 x 2160P) while the rear cam quality is 1920 x 1080P (FHD), an excellent way to capture license plates and street signs.

c. Built-in WiFi and GPS

It has a 4K backup car camera with built-in WiFi, so you can connect it to your iOS or Android smartphone. With the Ucam app, you can operate playback, live preview, download/share recorded videos, and more.

The GPS function records your driving route, driving speed, and other information for your evidence.

d. Clearer night vision

If you travel a lot at night, we highly recommend this F7N front and rear dash cam with parking mode. Its sensor is good enough in low light sensitivity, so the imaging does well in low-light areas.

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At night, we can clearly see other cars’ license plates, even with their headlights on.


You should know a couple of problems (not big issues anyway). The mount does not swivel, so you can’t record the driver- or passenger-side windows.

The WiFi signal seems a little weaker when you’re outside the car, but it works pretty fine when inside. Also, you have to enable WiFi when you restart whenever you get in the car—not a problem, is it?

Lastly, the Ucam app is a little wonky and lacklustre. For instance, not all menu options from the cam are available on the App. This may even get fixed even before you place your order through. Overall, none of the observations here keeps this cam from doing its job—record front and rear.

  • [Ultra HD 4K+1080P Dual Dash Cam] Featuring top quality 4K front camera and 1080p rear cam, the REDTIGER dashcam captures more detailed images, including street signs and license plates. Additionally, with wide-angel camera, the 4k dash cam brings extended views and less blind spots.
  • [Built-in GPS & Wi-Fi Connection] The built-in GPS module enables the front and rear dash cam to precisely pinpoint the vehicle’s location, routes and speed in the recordings via the "Redtiger" app and GPS player on your smart device. Connecting to your mobile devices through F7N dashcam's built-in Wi-Fi, enjoy wireless data transfer, change settings, easily control the cam, view, download and share the videos.
  • [Super Clear Night Vision] The equipped high-spec Starvis Sensor significantly improves light sensitivity of the camera. With the combination of f/1.5 large aperture, 6-glass lens and WDR & HDR technology, the car cmaera is able to capture clear images at night or in any low-light environment.
  • [24H Non-Stop Parking Monitor] When the F7N dash camera detects a collision, the built-in G sensor will be tiggered to record a video for 15s and lock the video footage. The camera also keeps monitoring the surrounding environment under time lapse mode to ensure the safety of your vehicle (dedicated hardware kit plugged is needed).
  • [Warranty & Customer Service] The REDTIGER dash cam front and rear comes with 1-year warranty. Any problem in using the products, please reach out to our 24/7 technical support will be happy to help you out at any time.

4. THINKWARE U1000 Dual Dash Cam 4K UHD 3840X2160 Front Cam, 2K 2560X1440 Rear Cam, 150° Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder with G-Sensor, w/Sony Sensor, Parking Mode, WiFi, GPS, Cloud Enabled

THINKWARE U1000 is a dual dash cam capable of sharp, detailed footage in 4K or 2K QHD (at 60fps). It easily captures license plates on other vehicles and features an 8.42MP Sony STARVIS image sensor.


Has its upsides, which are the major selling points.

a. Parking surveillance mode

It has the parking mode in front and rear dash cam. The parking mode also works when there’s an impact to serve as your evidence.

b. Driver assistance system

THINKWARE has included a unique Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) that alerts you of potential forward collisions. The system also detects lane and front vehicle departures to enhance your driving experience.

c. Night vision technology

Built for low-light conditions and capable of reducing noise. We quite love the enhanced image quality, which is rendered even better than you would expect.


THINKWARE U1000 is good at its job but has its downsides you should consider if it’s any problem.

First, the 4K video files are huge. 1 minute of 4K video is more than 200MB and about 100MB for the rear cam. However, the SD card provided is just 32GB mini SD—not enough storage capacity. Thus, a standard 128GB storage option would be better. We recommend getting the 128 GB Samsung 10 class u3 SD card to record the dual (4K front + 2K rear) dash cams without freezing.

Another quick observation is that the front cam mount does not rotate to record inside the vehicle (for police traffic stops). Perhaps, a third-party mount could be purchased for the rotation. Otherwise, the camera is one of the best front and rear dash cam with parking mode out there for your money.

  • 4K Ultra HD resolution: 2x more vivid than Full HD (1080p) resolution 2160p 4K captures every little detail you may have missed before at 30 FPS. Prefer a higher frame rate? New in the U1000 is the option to toggle video settings -- choose 4K at 30 FPS or 2K at 60 FPS.|2K Quad HD rear cam resolution: The best video quality in a rear-facing camera. Choose 2K at 30 FPS or Full HD at 60 FPS.|Wider viewing angle: There is a slight increase from the Q800Pro. The U1000 provides a 150-degree viewing angle for the best coverage on the road.|Compatible with RADAR sensor accessory: Sold separately the new RADAR sensor accessory helps capture extended pre-event footage when in parking surveillance mode while saving more energy.|Super Night Vision 2.0 with Sony STARVIS: Reduces noise and enhances image quality in low-light conditions.|Wide dynamic range: Video is always in the right exposure and contrast in any environment.|Thinkware Cloud: Monitor your vehicles’ activity and video upload remotely at no additional cost through the Thinkware app.|Built-in GPS: Locate your vehicle and set geo-fence warnings if your vehicle leaves a geographic boundary. Receive alerts for red light and speed light cameras and embed speed time and location data in recorded videos.|Deep Impact emergency notification: Automatically notify parties identified in your Thinkware Cloud when your vehicle experiences a G-force level greater than 3g's or 4'gs.|Integrated thermal protection: Super Capacitors and Thermal Sensor provide safety and reliability in extreme temperatures.|Anti-file corruption: Proprietary technology improves reliability by protecting your memory card from data corruption and lost footage.|Built-in WiFi: Review recorded videos and update firmware using a WiFi connection to your smartphone.|Parking surveillance mode (requires hardwire or OBD2 installation): Monitors your vehicle when parked. Includes features like time-lapse energy-saving mode impact detection and motion detection. |Advanced driver assistance: Includes features like lane departure warning front collision warning front vehicle departure warning and red light or speed camera warnings.|U1000 4K UHD forward-facing dash cam|2K QHD rear-facing camera|Rear camera connection cable|CPL filter|Hardwire kit|12V power cable|32GB microSD card|USB microSD card reader|Adhesive clips|Windshield mount|Spare 3M adhesive|Installation Guide

5. Vantrue N4 3 Channel 4K Dash Cam, 4K+1080P Front and Rear, 4K+1080P Front and Inside, 1440P+1080P+1080P Three Way Triple Car Camera, IR Night Vision, 24 Hour Parking Mode, Capacitor, Support 256GB Max

Vantrue N4 is a 3-channel 4K front and back dash cam with parking mode. Connect it to hardwire kit or an external battery to keep it running.


a. 24H parking mode

Features a 24-hour parking mode with low bitrate recording. To record for a longer time, the camera decreases the video quality to increase the quantity.

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Vantrue N4 also has motion detection or collision detection. So, once there’s an impact or motion while your car is parked, the camera automatically initiates recording. It supports up to 256GB of external memory.

b. 3 channel dash cam: front, inside, and rear

Unlike other units mentioned in this compilation, this dash cash does record not only the front and rear but also the interior of your car.

The N4 is a triple channel dash cam that offers a 155° front camera, 165° inside the camera, and 160° rear camera; it can simultaneously monitor the front, rear, and interior of your vehicle while providing audio at 1440P + 1080P + 1080P, protecting you from potential accidents and liability issues.

c. 360° 4K and 1080P front and rear cams

You get a 4K front resolution and 1080P rear resolution when you set your camera to the front and rear dual recording mode. Both positions clearly record license plates and street signs.

The back cam is 360° adjustable with a 20ft extension cable.

d. 4K and 1080P front and inside dual cam

You can record either the front, back, or interior of your car in 4K + 1080P high resolution. The inside cam is adjustable for more flexibility and enhanced viewing—the perfect fit for Uber and Lyft drivers to record activities in the car.

e. Night vision

The night vision is good to go, it uses the Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor, a big F1.4 aperture 6-glass lens for the front, F1.8 6-glass lens for the rear. Its exposure to a dark environment and a low-light environment is plausible.

It also has 4 IR LED lights facing the cabin, perfect for rideshare drivers like Uber, Lyft, and Taxi.


Not many complaints here apart from the absence of an SD card (most brands don’t include it anyway). This unit supports up to 256GB of external memory but is not provided in the box, so you must get it separately. The recommended external storage is the Vantrue sd card.

  • 【Three Channel Front Inside Rear Dash Cam】The N4 is a triple channel dash cam which offers 155° front camera, 165° inside camera and 160° rear camera, it can simultaneously monitor the front, rear, and interior of your vehicle while providing audio at 1440P + 1440P + 1080P, protecting you from potential accidents and liability issues. Free GPS player with a zoom-in function offers high-resolution images that effectively capture license plate details.
  • 【4K & 1080P Front and Rear Dual Dash Cam】When set to front and rear dual recording mode, the cam provides a 4K 2160P resolution front camera and a 1080P rear camera. The rear camera can be effortlessly adjusted up to a full 360° angle with its convenient 20ft extension cable, making it suitable for various vehicles such as cars, SUVs, jeeps, and trucks. The front camera can seamlessly record up to 4K when used alone, ensuring crystal-clear visibility of license plates and road signs.
  • 【1440P & 1440P Front and Inside Dual Dash Cam】You can configure the settings to record the front and interior of your whole cabin in 1440P + 1440P high resolution. The adjustable inside camera ensures more flexibility and better viewing, ideal for rideshare drivers that may need to present proof of activities within the vehicle.
  • 【Infrared Night Vision Car Camera for Drivers】With high-performance STARVIS CMOS sensor, a big F1.4 aperture 6-glass lens observing road front, F1.8 6-glass lens observing rear, this car camera is able to increase exposure automatically in dark situations for capture clear videos footage; 4 IR LED lights facing the car cabin, which can accurately capture the driver and passengers even when the cabin is completely dark, perfect for rideshare drivers such as Uber, Lyft and Taxi.
  • 【24 Hours Parking Mode】With low bitrate recording parking mode, the dash cam will keeps recording continuously and decreases the quality of the video to maximize the recording quantity. While the motion detection or collision detection parking mode allows the camera to automatically initiate recording when triggered by a motion or collision event. The 3 channel dash cam should be connected to the hardwire kit at all times (buy extra ASIN B083XB8T7T) or an external battery.
  • 【Heat Resistant with Super Capacitor】This camera is powered by a super capacitor built to survive extreme weather conditions from 14°F to 158°F, making it ideal for extreme hot-weather or cold-weather areas. The super capacitor also extends the lifespan of the batteries further than lithium-ion batteries.
  • 【Reliable Witness for Accident】Variable sensitivity G-sensor auto detects sudden shake/collision and emergency locks the footage to event folder following impact. Loop recording auto overwrite the oldest file when card is full. Auto LCD off avoid distracting. Optional GPS (buy separately B083XBS88L) to track route, location and speed in KM/H or MP/H. Capable of housing up to 512GB of external memory (not in the box, recommend Vantrue sd card).
  • 【Easy to Install and Use & 18m Warranty】This camera comes with an extendable 18-month warranty, costumer support through email within 24 hours, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Also, the product will receive firmware updates for continuous improvements and new features. 20ft rear camera cable, fits for most cars. 30ft extension cable(Buy separately, the package only includes the 20ft rear camera cable) available for big suvs. Note: It DOESN’T support WiFi or Bluetooth.


Above are our recommended picks to serve you the cost and time of researching and spending money on the wrong products. Do not also have too high expectations.

Also, the units in this compilation are low-priced and reliable. You’d be paying less for more.




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