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Best Car Tint for Night Driving

Best car tint for night driving

You want the best car tint for night driving if you’re after privacy but also want to ensure no problems with visibility at night, especially as a new driver.

Generally, experts recommend getting 35% for your night driving. You can always make a combination by using 35% on the front and 20% on the side and rear windows. You won’t have problems switching lanes, parking, backing out, or driving on pitch black roads at night with this combination.

Best car tint for night driving

Factors to consider when choosing window tint for night

Below are key factors before you invest the money for the best results:

1. Visible light transmission (VLT%)

VLT% is the measurement for automotive window tints. It is the visible light percentage that passes through the film (film VLT%) or window plus film net VLT% into the car. When the VLT% is lower, the tint is darker and vice versa.

2. Tint combinations

If you plan to use different VLT% for the front, sides, and rear, then this will affect your choice of VLT% for each car tint. For the front window, you can pick 50% and 35% for the sides, then 20% for the rear—enough to reduce the transition from rear to front cosmetically. If you go for 5% at the back, you might not be able to see anything behind the car when backing up.

3. Car paint

Experts believe that lighter paints can handle deep tint well enough while dark paints will require a bit more VLT%. On a black vehicle, 30% should look good and okay for night driving.

4. Local regulations

Look out for regulations in your local area about tinting before you buy a night-vision-themed car tint. Make sure not to go beyond the percentage of tint allowed in your state to avoid facing a fine down the road.

5. Your vision

Your vision also plays a role and will affect how well you can cope with the window tint at night. While some people can see better at night, others have difficulties. If you have bad night vision, you want a lower tint level like 50% on the windshield and, at least 35% all around to avoid problems.

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6. Tint quality

The quality of tint matters too. Go for a higher quality tint designed to provide HD night vision for a better driving experience.

7. Tint type

The type of tint you use determines if it’s good for night vision. There are various tint types, including:

  • Carbon tint
  • Ceramic tint
  • Crystalline tint
  • Hybrid tint
  • Dyed tint
  • Metalized

Consider carbon tints or ceramic tints. For ceramic tint, you can go much darker while retaining visibility. At 35% ceramic, you can still get that HD night vision. Your passengers won’t even know you have a tint when they get in the car. You can even go down to  20% ceramic if you don’t have bad vision.

One problem you should know about the metallic tint type is that the metallic layers interfere with cell signals or other electronic devices—Team Acme.

Best car tint for night driving

As with the usual tradition of this user-friendly website, we have picked the most suitable, high-quality window tint for your night driving without external influence from manufacturers. So, you can trust the picks to serve you excellently as it has served thousands of other consumers.

That said, below are the best car tints for night driving:

1. MKBROTHER 35% VLT Heat & UV Block Professional Window Tint

We tested the MKBROTHER 35% on all windows—front, rear, and sides—turned out great and maintained HD visibility at night.

It’s not super-easy but easy to apply if you have the tint kit and follow directions. If yours falls off, then you didn’t remove the clear film on the film before applying it to the glass.


a. VLT%

Made of 35% VLT, the perfect, best car tint for night driving.

b. Heat reduction and safety

This also reduces heat during the day. It also blocks 96 to 99 percent of UVA and UVB rays from entering the interior.

c. No signal interference

This is a non-metalized tint, so it doesn’t interfere with signals from your radio and other electronic devices.

d. No glares

While driving, no glares from other vehicles will momentarily blind your vision.


This works nice and it’s easy to use, with no negatives. Just get yours ordered now before it runs out of stock.

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2. Mkbrother 20% Heat & UV Block Professional Window Tint

This particular car tint is a little dark for night vision though, especially if you have bad vision. Not recommended for people with bad night vision. Otherwise, it’s decent for heat reduction.


a. VLT%

It has only 20% VLT, best for drivers with good vision. Make sure to use up to 50% for your front windows for HD night visibility.

b. No signal interference

This does not cause metal interference for your electronic devices such as radio since it’s not a metalized car tint.

c. Heat and rays prevention

An excellent heat reducer that blocks up to 96 to 99 percent UVA and UVB rays that can damage your car interior.

d. Glare reduction

Good for glare reduction from oncoming vehicles when driving at night.


Quite easy to apply but making it fit professionally to conform with your window edges without bubbles can be difficult if you don’t have the experience. Just make sure to the right tools and follow directions.

3. 80% VLT Nano Ceramic Car Front Window Film

This tint works as described as is excellent at night, even for people with poor night vision.


a. VLT%

80% VLT

b. Heat reduction and rays blocking

Blocks up to 99% of UV rays, keeping your vehicle interior surfaces from fading or cracking rok quickly.

c. Material

This car tint is made of nano-ceramic film technology, so it doesn’t interfere with your radio signal and other electronics.

d. Shatter-proof and glare block

Does a great job at adding strength to your window glass. It also prevents scratches, keeping your windshield, side, and rear windows clear.


Honestly, no downsides. And if you prefer to give your car a less tinted look, this is the car tint to buy.

  • ⭐99% ANTI-UV - Car window tint film effectively blocks out 99% of UV rays, which can protect your skin and prevent your car seat from aging and fading. And can effectively block the sun heat, creat a comfortable interior environment. Non-metallized auto window tint film ensures the undisrupted use of radio and cell phones in the vehicle.
  • ⭐NANO-CERAMIC PRINCIPLE - Adopting nano-ceramic film technology that absorbs sputtering sunlight, absorbs and exchanges heat, so when the vehicle moves, it has a more advantageous heat dissipation effect. Therefore, some customers think that the higher the temperature of the film is the quality of the film itself. In fact, this is the principle of the nano-ceramic film, which absorbs heat first and then dissipates it.
  • ⭐2 PLY DESIGN - 2 ply design with a scratch resistant coating, which results in no chances of fading, no bubbling and peeling off even after years of use.
  • ⭐SHATTER-PROOF & ANTI GLARE - Strengthen glass, Effectively prevent accidents caused by glass splash. And can effectively block the sun or the car headlamps strong glare light.
  • ⭐NOTE - In order to easily remove the liner protecting the film, simply use 2 pieces of tape to apply to both sides of the corners and pull. And please spray as much soapy water as possible on the glue side and glass before putting it on the window, which will reduce the bubbles. And two people work together will be better.

4. SOLARCONTROL Window Tint Car Film

Application is easy, no air bubbles when you follow instructions. You just apply it with a 2-ply, 1.5 mil black layer.


a. VLT%

This car tint is available in different VLT varieties, including 15% (darkest shade), 20% (dark shade), and 35% (medium shade). Go for the 35% shade for night driving.

b. Heat reduction and UV block

Good at blocking the heat and harmful sun rays. The interior of the car feels cool on sunny days—you no longer experience the heat when you enter your car after parking in the sun for a long time.

c. Privacy design

Apart from night driving, these tints keep your car interior protected from prying eyes but do not affect visibility from the inside at all.


No downsides recorded. Overall, highly recommended if you’re concerned about your night driving.

  • EASY TO APPLY: Keep Air Bubbles Out. Don't Waste Your Time Our Window Film is Easy to Apply With a 2-ply 1.5 mil Black Layer
  • HEAT AND UV BLOCK: Save Fuel by Reducing the Use of Air Conditioning and Keep your Car Fresh by Avoiding the Heat
  • PRIVACY PROTECTION: Keep Your Car Interior Safe and Private with our Window Tint Film. It Will Not Affect your Visibility Outside the Car.
  • AVAILABLE: 15% Darkest Shade, 20% Dark Shade, 35% Medium Shade
  • GOOD QUALITY: Optical Clarity, No foggy effects to interfere with visibility.

5. Auto Expressions Black Magic 5044831 Select Scratch Resistant Tint Film

Even a beginner can install this window tint quickly. Just make sure to spray plenty of water on the glass before putting the film on. Also, spray water on the outside of the film before squeegeeing to adhere beautifully and crystal clear.

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Note that this can fall off if your work surface is filled with debris or dust.


a. VLT%

This tint has 20% VLT (Visible Light Transmission), a little dark for night vision but okay if you have good vision.

b. Fade and scratch resistant

It blocks UV rays well enough and won’t scratch. However, it uses metalized layer for heat reflection, which can also interfere with radio signals.


No negative or product problems found apart from the use of metalized layer. It’s consumer-grade overall.

  • Popular high quality line with metalized layer to reflect heat
  • Fade and scratch-resistant
  • 20% VLT - Visible Light Transmission. Protects vehicles from damaging effects of UV rays
  • Tested for endurance, clarity, quality, fade and bubble factors
  • Cools and protects interior - designed for cars, trucks, vans and home use
  • Higher-quality tint is made with a metalized layer to reflect heat
  • Window tint is designed for cars, trucks, vans and home use

How to safely install the car tint

To apply your car tint, do the following:

  • Wipe the glass areas thoroughly.
  • Cut the tint to conform with the shape and size of the window.
  • Apply adhesive tape to each side of the tint corner and separate the film from the clear liner backing.
  • When the tint is separated, spray solution to the adhesive side as well as all over the window.
  • Place the tint on the interior of the car window while the adhesive side and window are wet and fit the tint into position. If you find bubbles, try squeezing water and air bubbles out.
  • Finally, trim the film edge to the correct size using a knife.

Note that this is a general step, so you may have to refer to the product directions for specific steps to follow.

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