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Pro Detailer Says How Often to Polish Car

How often to polish car

This publication explains how often to polish car to keep it beautiful as possible for a long time. Polishing generally gives your car a factory look in many cases.

Nevertheless, car polishing comes with lots of misconceptions including the frequency of polishing. To get rid of the misconceptions and help you make good decisions, this article covers the basic information you need to know.

How often to polish car

What car polishing means

Car polishing involves applying a car polish product to your car to get rid of imperfections and scratches. The process works by gently getting rid of the top layer of vehicle paint protection alongside any impurity. It comes with oil to ensure that shiny look after the polish job.

Depends layer being removed is thin, so much that you barely noticed the paint removed from the car. You’ll however notice that this procedure removes blemishes and scratches present on the top layer of the car paint.

Note that can wax is different from car polish. Car wax is a protective layer applied to your car to reduce blemishes or scratches—it’s never an abrasive material.

Car polish needs to be done with care since it involves paint oxidation removal and flaws by shaving the exterior of depends with an abrasive liquid or paste whenever you make the coating thinner.

You’d also have to refinish the surface with a coating of wax. Unfortunately, some people over-polish the car to a point that the paint is so thin to a point of having a shiny primer.

How often to polish car?

There is no one-fit-all timeframe regarding how often to polish a car. The sun goes down to frequency and other factors such as the age of the car and what you want your car to look like. However, the rule of thumb is to polish your car about 2 to 3 times per year.

Below are two major factors that determine how often you have to polish your car:

a. Age

For a new car, you want to polish it about two to three times per year to keep it looking like it’s just coming out of the factory.

To prevent unnecessarily stressing the car, ensure that you use a polish with as less abrasive as possible.

2. Where you park

Your car is exposed to UV rays from the Sun if you don’t park it in the garage. Apart from the sun, other climate-related elements can also be the reason you need to polish your car times every year.

Also, note that it is important to wash your vehicle before you apply polish to easily clean up debris and dead bugs.

Generally, however, if you take care of your car, you can polish it once or twice a year to remove minor scratches or wear. But if you frequently find sports or scrapes, your car needs to be polished more often.

How long does polish last on a car?

How long polish lasts on a car depends on what protective coating is being used—Evo UK. For some, you’re looking at 2 to 3 months, depending on your local environmental conditions, your management culture, and wash routines. If you invest in a ceramic sealant, this should significantly increase the time frame.

Thus, there is no one-fit-all time regarding how long car polish will last on your car. If you applied the solution poorly, this can last a couple of weeks only, compared to a professional application which will take some months.

As mentioned above, poor weather condition does not only mean you need more protection but also wears down your polish faster. Even bird poop can etch the polish and also cleaning them all breakdown the polish job more quickly.

In essence, you should stick to fortnightly cleaning. Park your car in the garage or have it covered when parking in any vulnerable location to reduce how often you need to polish it.

Let professionals do the polishing

Auto body shops offer car polish services in the form of car detailing. Car detailing involves making sure that your car returns to its original or factory look, this means that it looks almost similar to when you found it in the dealership lot.

Car detailing typically involves washing, general interior cleaning, waxing window cleaning, and car polishing. In most cases, you’ll be able to request polishing as a standalone detailing service from your local auto body shop. An auto body shop will also specialize in car painting such that they remove scratches and dents as well as fix any kind of collision.

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