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Best Car Camping Mattress for the Money

Best car camping mattress

It seems you’re about to start outfitting your car for camping. Well, then you need the best car camping mattress since setting up a tent in the dark can be tough.

A vehicle camping mattress is now a camping essential ideal for any overland and camping trips. You’d get the needed comfortable rest space in the rear seat, and sometimes including the trunk.

Best car camping mattress

Best car camping mattress

As a norm on this website, we’ve made the picks based on top quality and reliability. Of course, none of these picks are influenced by any manufacturer as you find on other websites. That said, below are the best car camping mattresses:

1. Car Air Mattress Backseat HIRALIY Inflatable Car Mattress

We used this camping mattress for car over one of the weekend trips for two nights in a Chevy Silverado crew cab. Honestly, this stayed inflated much of the time, and it’s even easy to inflate and deflate. It won’t lose air when you stop inflating it with the pump.


a. Dimensions

The inflating dimensions measure around 53.94 x 34.25 x 17.72 inches or 137 x 87 x 45 cm. If your car backseat won’t be sizable for these dimensions, don’t buy!

Also, the maximum load we’ve noticed is 440 pounds.

b. Reliable material

The material used for this camping mattress is quite reliable and not too susceptible to leakage. We’ve noticed up to 3 layers of tough resistant material. When cleaning, only use a damp cloth.

c. Portable electric air pump

It arrives with an electric air pump you use for inflation and deflation—these processes complete within 2 minutes. Just make sure to inflate the 2-layer valve caps one by one and screw them tightly after inflating.


Well, no big downside. However, after 24 hours of inflation, you’ll notice a slight natural leak. This is normal, nonetheless. Make sure you inflate your camping mattress again according to your desired firmness.

  • Car Air Mattress : This truck air mattress after inflating dimensions about 53.94 x 34.25 x 17.72 inches (137 x 87 x 45 cm), Please allow manual measurement error, compatible with 99% of car back seat models. [ Before buying, please measure the size of the your car backseat, in case of unnecessary returning] ; This inflatable car mattress maximum load about 440 pounds
  • Durable and Anti-leakage Material: Made of 3 layers of sturdy wear-resistant material (0.6mm comfortable flocking top+ 0.4mm thicker PVC+ 0.4mm duarable oxford cloth material), ensures this backseat air mattress for truck completely air tight with no leaking ; Easy to clean with only a damp cloth
  • Easy To Use: Come with portable electric air pump for quickly inflate or deflate airbed to desired firmness within 2 minutes. Please do inflate the 2 layer anti-leak valve caps one by one, and be sure both valves are screwed tightly after inflating. Carrying bag included for easy transport in your car, and easy to store in your house for your next trip;
  • Multifunctional Car Bed Mattress : Ideal for indoor and outdoor use such as long-road trips, camping, hiking; NOTE: After 24 hours of inflation, a slight natural leak is a normal phenomenon; Please inflate this backseat bed for truck again depending on your desired firmness for optimal use.
  • Complete Package Contents: Includes 1x backseat air mattress for car, 2x inflatable air pillows, 1x children safety baffle, 1x electric air pump, 1x repair patch , 1x storage bag

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2. SUV Air Mattress, Berocia Thickened Car Bed Inflatable Home Air Mattress

Our tester and the wife camped out with this car camping mattress on a Toyota Prius for 7 days. It stays inflated for days, only that you have to top off the main area, especially if you’re a guy at 265lbs.


a. Quite comfy

It has a flocking surface and a thickened design with environment-friendly PVC material certified with CE RoHS.

b. Quick inflation and deflation

Inflation and deflation are quite speedy, you’d complete the process within just 90 seconds. The super bearing capacity reaches 300kg (i.e., 661 pounds) weight and is comfortable for up to 3 adults.

c. 3 airbags

Comes with 3 separate airbags. Just fold the last bag for your rear seat bed. It’s cold-resistant too.


No major negatives. However, after a few hours of sleep on this camping mattress, there’s a slight separation of the sections. The dip between the top and lower sections will be felt around your hip area. The solution is to put foam padding on the top to even things out. Alternatively, just roll a blanket or towel there for added comfy.

Overall: a good car camping mattress—works as advertised in most cars and can be used as a regular air mattress in the tent.

  • Super comfortable: exquisit flocking surface, THICKENED desgin, 6P pure environment-friendly PVC material with CE RoHs certificated (though the pictures are photoshoped and look like same, some car air mattress use bad PVC material, it smells very stinky and bad for your health; others use recycled material to make PVC mattress and add essence, they smell good but when you burn it, you can see black smoke and smell badly), inflation space is adjustable, durable tight sealing
  • Fast inflation and deflation & 300kg(661 pounds) Capaciy: this car air mattress is with newest special air tap, exra-speeded inflation and deflation, Only less than 90 Seconds, you can Finish Charging air or deflating air. Super bearing capacity up to 300kg(661 pounds) weight, allows 2-3 adults to use. The air pump is made of pure copper core, even after 15 mimutes, it will not get hot usually, unless some other air pump which gets hot very soon when you start to air.
  • It has 3 seperate air bags, fold the last bag, it becomes a rear seat air bed. Also it is 25 Below Zero cold-resistant outdoor mattress
  • Car Charger and Home Charger both included in Berocia brand packaging box, for your home use and car travel outdoor use. Pure copper core 2 meters long line air pump. Full size: 70.86*50.4*4.7 inch. Folded size: 11.8*9.84*4.7 inch
  • This car bedding set is foldable, suitable for almost all cars, SUVs. Our designer team nearly goes to all 4S shops in the city to make sure it suits all car models, to give the best customer experience, it takes 2 years to finish this product

3. ABE Non-Inflatable Car Mattress

If you take your pets and kids for a long road trip, this non-inflatable car mattress is your best bet. Super comfortable for sleeping and decent for keeping your rear seat level. It’s designed to protect your leather upholstery from scratches and spills.


a. non-inflatable

You don’t have to inflate this vehicle camping mattress, making it quicker to use.

b. Double-sided design

Its double-sided design means you can use both sides for your SUV. One of the sides is a black premium PU leather while the other is a cartoon Oxford cloth.

c. Foldable

Easy to fold for storage. You can store it in your truck or rear seat without taking up space.

d. Easy to install

Unlike traditional tenting, this doesn’t take any time. A few seconds and you’re done. All you have to do is buckle up and hang the strap on the headrest pole of your car seat.


No major negatives. However, the mat halfway tends to block the back center AC vents, which restricts airflow. This camping mattress is not designed for such a large rear cabin area apparently. The solution is to point the vents upward. Overall: highly recommended.

  • 【Non-Inflatable Design】ABE non-inflatable car mattress do not need to be inflated.Easier and faster to use.No more worries about air leaks in the mattress.
  • 【Double-Sided Design】Both sides of the ABE double-sided SUV Mattress can be used.One side is black premium PU leather, the other side is cartoon Oxford cloth.Adults and kids love it.
  • 【Foldable】ABE car bed mattress can be folded, simple storage when not in use.Camping mattress can be stored directly in the seat back or trunk.It does not take up space.
  • 【Easy to install】Open the car travel camping bed and spread it to the back seat of the car.Buckle up the buckle and hang the strap on the car seat headrest pole.
  • 【Universal Fitment】The size of the Car Mattress is 51.96*30.71 .First of all, the car seat should have a headrest bar.Cars and SUV basically universal. You can first measure the size of the space in the back of your car, if greater than or equal to the size of our mattress can basically be installed.

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4. QDH SUV Air Mattress-Thickened Car Bed Back Seat Mattress

Just don’t fill this fully and you’ll be okay. Also, heat from sitting in sun can expand the air too much, resulting in some air loss. And cooling at night will make this car camping mattress too soft. Observation: keep it out of the sun!


a Universal dimensions

It measures about 72.8 x 51.2 inches. Depending on your SUV, this air mattress may have an error of just 1-3 inches. Nevertheless, it’s large enough to cover the entire trunk. Just put down the backrest and you’re good to go.

b. Waterproof material

This air mattress uses waterproof scrubbing fabrics, making it even easier to clean. You can remove water stains using a dry rag. To wipe the surface, get a damp cloth for the best results.

c. 12V air pump

It comes with a reliable 12V air pump connected to the auxiliary outlet within your car. This pump is lightweight and inflates the mattress within 2 minutes. Thus, you should be able to set up your camping mattress in the car within 5 minutes—way quicker than setting up a traditional tent.


No downsides to talk about. However, like any air mattress, it loses air over time. Just prepare to top it off before bed. Also, try to inflate it mostly (but not fully) before you reach the place you would be sleeping.

  • SKIN-FRIENDLY and ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION - This QDH Car Air Mattress is made of thick Flocking and high-quality PVC making it skin-friendly and improved comfort. Provide you with comfortable sleep and reduce stress on the go
  • INTIMATE PROTECTION - If you’re bringing your dogs and kids along on a long road trip, an air mattress is a great idea to give them ample comfort to sleep. Ordinarily, this Air Mattress has a head’s anti-collision design that will protect your head. Other than that, it has an anti-drop design preventing your kid from falling while you are driving
  • RESISTANT TEAR AND WEAR - The fashionable wavy design provides a better-fixed effect, ensures the inflatable bed more stable and durable. Super bearing capacity up to 260kg weight, allows 2-3 adults to use. so don’t worry that your weight will get it deflated, just enjoy a happy time with your family.
  • MEET MULTIPLE NEEDS - The size of QDH SUV Air Mattress is 72.8 x 51.2x 4.7 Inches, fit most car such as MPV, SUV, Saloon car and more.The mattress has three independent inflatable compartments. When used in the back seat, only need to fill two of these ; when used in the trunk, just fill the mattress completely. The thick PVC at the bottom of the mattress is moisture-proof and warm, It can be used in tents and grass when camping outdoors. (Please avoid sharp objects such as stones around.)
  • EASY to USE AND CARRY - A car air pump is provided, which can be connected to the cigarette lighter to inflate quickly when outdoors, and it can be fully charged within 3 minutes. When no longer in use, it can be quickly deflated through the three widened vents. After being folded, it will be put into the gift storage bag, which is convenient to carry and does not take up space.

5. Rightline Gear SUV Air Mattress

We had this inflated for 24 hours before using it to stretch it out—it did not lose air overnight. Honestly, it’s well-built. The pump inflates really quickly and the deflate option pulls the air out optimally. When not in use, you can store your mattress under the cargo area, so it’s always ready to use.


a. Universal

Not only is this camping air mattress tough, but it’s also universal for most SUVs, crossovers, minivans, and Jeep Wranglers.

b. 1-year warranty

Up to 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. You’d also get help for your questions or concerns.

c. Measurements

73” L x 54” W x 7” H and has a T-shaped design that fits the wheel wells.

d. Comfy

Offers the needed comfort when sleeping.

c. Easy to install

It comes with a 12V air pump that makes inflation really convenient. Just use the valve to inflate your mattress within seconds. There’s also a patch kit, stuff sack, and set-up guide in the package.


This car camping mattress does not use a Boston valve for inflation. It instead uses a large flapper valve and one small arrangement. Perhaps, the smaller one makes slight adjustments to the mattress pressure—it seems cheap though, and also tends to introduce another point where leakage can possibly take place.

Overall: a good air mattress. Easy to inflate and deflate with its 12-volt inflator which arrives with a long cord.

  • Car Air Mattress: Up your camping game with a backseat air mattress for SUVs that allows you to sleep in complete comfort, off the ground, completely dry, and in your own vehicle
  • Intuitive Design: Our inflatable mattress features a T-shaped design that hugs the vehicle’s wheel wells and ensures that your air bed fits well within the rear cargo area
  • Quality Construction: Made of heavy-duty PVC and equipped with a flocked-top surface and O-beam support, our blow-up mattress is not only comfortable, but also tough enough for your SUV
  • Sleeps 2: Our camping air mattress comfortably sleeps 2 adults; Inflatable bed, air pump, patch kit, stuff sack, and setup guide are included
  • Simple Setup: The perfect camping mattress, our self-inflating air mattress inflates and deflates in seconds via a 12V air pump; Blow-up bed also includes a mouth valve for manual inflation

Things to look for in a car camping mattress

From our picks above, you don’t have to worry about any features to look for. But if you’re curious, below are things to consider when getting one for your camping or expedition:

a. Padding

The padding type of your car mattress matters—it could be:

  • air
  • closed-cell foam pads
  • open-cell foam

This pick depends on your need for a comfortable night’s sleep. Our selections use a decent built-in sleeping pad for comfy, so you don’t need additional padding.

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b. Dimensions

Your vehicle dimensions need to be considered when picking your preferred car camping mattress. Take the measurements and see if it matches or is anything close to what the camping mattress description says.

You need a mattress that fits snuggly enough so you can move around while sleeping without fear of falling off the rear seat or trunk. If your vehicle’s measurements do not go any closer to the product description, don’t buy! Not even if the description says “universal”.

c. R-value

Consider whether you would be using the mattress in your car only or outside as well, for instance, in a tent. If so, you want a mattress design with this flexibility in mind. The R-value discloses the potential warmness of the mattress or pad. In the summer, for instance, you’re looking at an R-value of about 0.1 to 2.0 while an R-value of 4.5+ would be better for winter temperatures around 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

d. Sleeping pads

You may need a sleeping pad to protect your inflatable mattress from dirt or debris such as sticks, pebbles, and stones. The pads should be able to roll up and pack away for convenient storage.

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